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Sunday, 27 September 2009 01:02 Geoff Dickson
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The BestThe world is perhaps not far off from solving one of the great mysteries in revealing the true identity of the promised AntiChrist that was predicted in the Bible in the Book of Revelation around 100AD and which can be shown to be entwined with Islamic prophecy. Islam is awaiting the rise of the Caliphate which was killed off in 1924 by Mustafa Ataturk. There is no doubt that Islamic militancy is on the rise as muslims grow in numbers now to around 1.5 billion, and they sense that the West is weakening. Free world leaders such as Obama in the US and Gordon Brown in the UK do NOT understand the real threat that Islam poses, and continually claim that Islam has been hijacked by militants and throw money at what they believe are “moderate” muslims in the hope that terror events will cease. However a careful study of both the Quran and the Bible reveals that Islam is on a collision course with Christianity and believes it is destined to destroy it.

Christians understand from the Book of Revelation chapter 13 that when this final conflict arises, people will receive a mark to show they follow the AntiChrist or they will be killed. For hundreds of years the interpretation of this mark as the number “666” has provided a vast array of theories and even people to fit the role. The Roman Emperor Nero to Hitler, to the Pope and even Bill Clinton and George Bush, have all made the list of candidates. But how many people know that Islam holds a similar concept of its followers receiving a mark which is the badge of submission to Allah? In the Greek version of the New Testament, the mark of the beast is written as χξϚ chi-xi-stigma which translates as the number “666”.

In this article we will explore the possibility that the mark of the beast from Revelation 13 is the same as the Bismillah of Islam with crossed swords, and that Islam represents the armies of Satan that will overrun Israel and destroy the Christian church. If so, this would make the promised leader of the revised Caliphate, the Mahdi, the AntiChrist of the Bible.


Rev 13Background to Revelation 13

The Book of Revelation was revealed to the apostle John on the island of Patmos circa 100AD and of course was written in Greek. However we start by looking at the English translation of the text.

In Revelation 13 a beast arises from humanity which is evil and causes those who follow Satan to receive a mark, interpreted as the number 666. All those who receive the mark will\ perish.

Extract from Revelation 13...

“here is wisdom. Let him that understand count the number of the beast for it is the number of a man and his number is 666”.

Remember that the Greek has been translated into English here.

Many people through the ages have used a mystical form of numerology called Gematria to solve the puzzle.This involves assigning numbers to the letters of the person. The Greek word for mark is “charagma” and not only means a stamp but in John’s days it meant a badge of servitude. This is consistent with Islam as we will see soon.

Mohammed fits the bill

Some researchers have reportedly found the number of the Beast in the Greek word "Maometis". Maometis literally translates as "the number of the beast", and was a name by which Muhammad was known in the Middle Ages. Christians in the Middle Ages believed that Muhammad was the Anti-Christ and that 666 fits his name.  Maometis in Greek Gematria totals 666. It is interesting also that the number of verses in the Quran is 6616, incorporating the number of the beast  “666”.

 40 1 70 40 5 300 10 200 666


The Pope also fits. Is this man the AntiChrist?   Benedict 16th

The letters of an alleged title of the Pope, Vicarius Filii Dei (Vicar of The Son of God), are summed to total 666 in Roman numerals. 

 5 1 100 0 0 1 5 0 0 1 501
 1 5000
 1 666

The Roman emperor Nero also fits.

The Greek spelling, “Nerōn Kaisar,” transliterates into Hebrew as “נרון קסר” or “nrvn qsr”. Adding the corresponding Nerovalues yields 666, as shown:

Resh (ר)
 Samech (ס)Qof (ק)
 Noon (נ)Vav (ו)
 Resh (ר) Noon (נ) TOTAL
 200 60 100 50 6 200 50 666

Hence it can be seen that there is no obvious identity to the person of the AntiChrist using numerology.


Islam also has a Mark of the Beast

How many people know that Islam has an identical but opposite belief to Christianity?

According to Islamic tradition, the Beast of the Earth emerges in the “Last Days”.
Dabat Al-Ard is literally the beast out of the Earth.

“and when the word is fulfilled concerning them, We shall bring forth a Beast of the Earth to speak unto them because mankind had not faith in Our revelations”.  [Q 27:82]

And this...

“the task of the Beast will be to distinguish the believers from the non will draw a line on the forehead of every muslim believer whereby his face will become bright and luminous.”
[Abu Huraira / Tirmidhi, by Sheik Ahmed Ali in “Major Signs before the Day of Judgement”]

Hence Islamic belief is that the Beast is good and will mark the believers for protection.
This is the exact opposite to Christianity where the beast is evil and marks those destined for destruction.

Islamic Badge of ServitudeBismillah
In today’s world the common badge worn on the arm or on the head is the Bismillah with the crossed swords.
The Bismillah literally means “in the Name of Allah”. Many images on TV show muslim fighters with the badges on the head and the arm showing clearly the cross swords with the Bismillah. It is in every sense the badge of servitude to Allah today.

Islam is the polar opposite to Christianity

At this point it is necessary to expose how the Bible has foretold the rise of Islam and how the followers of Satan will attempt to destroy both Judaism and Christianity.

Crescent MoonSatan’s identity is Crescent Moon and Morning Star
The seventh century BC prophet Isaiah named Satan / Lucifer as “Hilal ben Sahar” in Isaiah 14:12 and it is translated in English as Lucifer, son of Dawn. However Hilal means “shining one” in Hebrew and “Moon crescent” in Ethopian.

Sahar is Hebrew for dawn or morning star.

Literally Satan is referred to as “Crescent moon and morning star” which is the symbol of Islam.
So, over 1000 years before Mohammed, the Bible identified Satan with Islam.

Isa breaks crosses; Jesus takes down Crescent Moons
Muslims believe that when Isa (Jesus) returns to Earth, he will “break crosses, kill swine and abolish the Jizyah. Allah will perish all religions except Islam”. The only choice will be to convert to Islam or die and this is what Revelation 13 tells Christians about the mark of the beast.
Isa will take down all crosses from high places to confirm he did not die on the cross.

“the time and the place for the poll tax is before the final descent of Jesus...for taking the poll tax is only effective until Jesus’ descent”.
[Ahmadibgn Naqib al-Misri (d.1368) from The Reliance of the Traveller”]

However, in the Bible in Psalm 82-83 the Messiah (Gideon) will fight the AntiChrist. Here Gideon is a War-like Messiah “type” for Jesus. Jesus is the Gideon of the Last Days.

“make their nobles like Oreb, and like Zeeb; yea all their princes like Zebah and Zalmunna”. [Psalm 83].

Then the story is taken up in the book of Judges.

“and Gideon arose and slew Zebah and Zalmunna; and he took the crescent ornaments from the necks of their camels”. [Judges 8:21]

So as in the OT the followers of the crescent moon were against God’s people and so it shall be forever.
Over 1000 years before Mohammed, we are told that Jesus will descend to fight the AntiChrist and will destroy all crescent images.
Once again, Islam is the opposite of Christianity (as Isa is also NOT Jesus).

Satan’s armies come from all Islamic countries
The sixth century BC prophet Ezekiel describes in detail the armies of Satan who will attack Israel in the Last Days.  These are countries are called Magog, Rosh, Persia, Meshech, Tubal, Ethiopa, Put, Gomer and Beth-Togarmath. Today these countries include Turkey, Iran, Syria, Libya and/or Eritrea, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Over 1000 years before Mohammed, the Bible identifies the armies of Satan as all from Islamic countries.
The Kaaba stone is Satan’s imageStanic Image
The Bible tells of the idol worship of Artemis.

“Ephesus is the official guardian of the temple of the great Artemis whose image fell down from heaven”. [Acts 19:35]

The similarity to the meteorite image in the Kaaba is striking.
John of Damascus (d.749) who served in the court of the Caliph wrote:

“these were idolaters who reverenced the morning star and Aphrodite, who they named Akbar in their own language”.

Aphrodite is actually Allat, the feminine root of the name Allah.
The black stone of Mecca is clearly an image of Satan/Allah.
In Islamic tradition authenticated by At-Tirmidi, Al-Abani notes:

“Allah will raise up the black stone on the Day of Judgement and it will have two eyes and a tongue which it talks with, and it will give witness to everyone who touched it in truth”.

Black StoneMohammed called it Yameen Allah which means “the right hand of Allah”.
During the Hajj pilgrimage muslims kiss, rub and caress the black rock. This is nothing short of idol worship!
Compare this to Revelation 13:15 where the image can speak and cause all who do not worship it to be killed.
Once again, Islamic belief is the opposite of Christianity.

More signs that Allah is NOT God
There are many other indicators to show Islam is the opposite of Christianity. For example, Allah changed his mind hundreds of times over 23 years (abrogations) while the God of the Bible was constant over 1400 years. Jesus taught to love thy enemy where Mohammed taught to be ruthless and fight the infidels till they submit until Islam is the only religion. Women are treated as equals in Christianity but as inferior to men in Islam. Jesus said that in Heaven people won’t marry and will be like angels whereas Mohammed promised men 72 virgins.
It is obvious that Allah is NOT the God of the Bible.

Is the Mark of the Beast the Islamic badge of Servitude?

We have shown that Islam is the complete opposite to Christianity and that they both believe in a Beast rising in the Last Days who will cause people to wear a mark of allegiance. In Christianity, this beast is evil but in Islam it is good.

Given all the parallels we have noted, we should ask the obvious question.
Could the mark of Revelation be the same as for Islam (Bismillah and crossed swords)?

 Arabic Arabic
Cross Swords; Allah; in the name of


Chi; xi; stigma      666

In the diagram above, we have presented on the top line the cross swords followed by the Arabic for Allah written horizontally and then the Arabic for “in the name of”.

On the line below, we have written the Greek symbols from Revelation 13, namely Chi, Xi and Stigma.
If we consider the bottom line, from right to left, and examine the symbol above.                        
Stigma resembles Bism in Arabic, and means “in the name of”.
Xi resembles Allah in Arabic, written vertically (this is common practise on badges)
Chi resembles the crossed swords of Islam.

So it is perfectly believable that the image that John saw, when recorded in the Greek language, could well have been the crossed swords and the Bismillah.

Let us reconsider the text of Revelation again in this light, and examine the Greek.
“Psephio” is translated as “count” but also means “decide”;
“Arithmos” is translated as “number” but also means “multitude”.
Now we have:

“here is wisdom. Let him that understand decide the multitude of the beast for it is the multitude of a man and his multitude is (known by) the cross swords in the name of Allah”.

Muhammad's Seal

We have shown that both Islam and Christianity believe in a beast arising in the Last Days and that it will force a mark on people. Islam however is the inverse of Christianity.
We have shown the many ways in which the Bible foretells the rise of Islam. Jesus in Islam is a very different figure to the Biblical figure and once again the Islamic belief is the inverse of the Bible.

We have deduced that a numeric interpretation of the mark of the beast in Revelation 13 is inconclusive.

However the Greek symbols recorded from John’s vision on the Island of Patmos in the first century bear an uncanny likeness to the Islamic badge of allegiance.

Given that Islam has inverted the  beliefs of the Bible, it is not a great leap of faith to see the mark of the Beast of Revelation as Islamic.

Islam is indeed the product of Satan and should be opposed by all free thinking people.


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