Murdered Christians in Iraq

Saturday, 20 November 2010 22:52 MXEW of Seoul Letters - Letters and Replies

Below is an email i sent to the PM, Bob Brown, Sarah Hanson Young, Tony Abbot, Julie Bishop, Scott Morrison and Bob Katter.
The subject heading was 'murdered Christians in Iraq'. My reasoning was that I've noticed there has been very little reaction from the press, public or the government, Pamela Geller over at Atlas Shrugged noted that as well.


Dear Prime Minister Julia Gillard

As you are aware, recently there have been two horrendous attacks on Christians in Iraq with a total of nearly 60 murdered and as many wounded. The attacks were carried out by Muslims who were following the orders of Imans who in turn were obeying the instructions of their 'Prophet' Mohommed, the Koran and Sharia law. The Koran instructs all Muslims to undertake Jihad (supported by Sharia law) against Kafirs by the use of terror and murder, the objective is the conquest, subjugation and enslavement of the existing host cultures. See K 9:29 and 163 other Jihad verses in the Koran.

Islamic Jihadists have up to date made over 16390 terrorist attacks on Kafirs and Muslims since 11 September, 2001, 46 attacks this last week with 332 innocents murdered. Not one other religion has made a terrorist attack on any other religion or person in this time, and it is doubtful such instructions to do so are in their doctrine.

My question is, is Australia undertaking an emergency evacuation of the remaining Assyrian/Chaldean Christians in Iraq? It would be to our advantage because these Christians would assimilate immediately into this Judeo/Christian culture with little cost and would be an immense benefit once they realized the burden of dhimminitude had been removed.

Conversely, Muslim immigrants are instructed not to integrate, but to wait for the opportunity to conquer the host society by ANY means possible. Muslims are taught not to take Kafirs as friends because Islam considers itself superior to all other religions and has abrogated ALL these religions and the 123 peace verses in the Koran.

As well, the 10 commandments and the Golden Rule do not exist in Islamic doctrine but similar rules are quite common in other religions.

Despite the Islamic controlled United Nations refugee selection committees instructions to Australia, why don't you, as the Prime Minister, insist on this emergency evacuation of long suffering Christians from Iraq, Syria and Jordan?

To conclude, is Sharia law legal in Australia? Sharia law is the backbone of Islam, it is the tool used to suppress conquered cultures and nations. Without Sharia law, Islam lacks the claws to maintain domination. Will you debate in Parliament if this ninth century brutal law system is legal in Australia and that it should be totally banned in this nation?

I have studied Islam for quite some time, from the first University course in Australia to this date. (XXX 1997,st no.XXXXXXX). I have yet to discover anything in Islam that is positive. It is a totalitarian theology of intolerance with an agenda of global conquest by any means possible. Did you listen to Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech in the UN September 2009?

Yours sincerely
MXEW of Seoul