An Open Letter to Reza Aslan the Savior of so called Moderate Muslims!

Friday, 08 October 2010 19:46 Syed Kamran Mirza Letters - Letters and Replies

[For Readers information: On Sunday October 3, 2010, Christiane Amanpour has moderated a live debate “Holy War: Should Americans Fear Islam?” broadcasted fromr ABC in New York City. Participants were: Reverend Franklin Graham, Robert Spencer, Peter Gaiel, Ayan Hirsi Ali, Gary Bauer, Brad Garret (who consider Islam is breeding ground of terrorists) VS. Daisy Khan, Reza Aslan, Imam Ossama Bahloul, Anjam Choudary (Islam4UK), Azar Nafisi, Donna Marsh O’connor (who consider Islam is peaceful and pluralistic religion). This open letter is all about this debate.]

Dear Mr. Reza Aslan:

I am a Bangladeshi-American ex-Muslim and Studying and exploring Islam for the last 20 years. I have never heard any conniving Islamist like you in my entire life. I heard many Islamic Mullahs, Muftis, Imams, Islamic scholars etc, who have been preaching non-existing tolerance & peacefulness of most violent religion Islam futile way, but I found nobody like you. You seems like an all-rounder “Islamic pundit” to me who can fool the whole world with myriad of unadulterated lies about Islam. Below are some vivid examples why I am saying this. Your big-mouth in this above debate was really astounding to me.

In this debate you Mr. Reza Aslan have scored lots of free goals in an empty foot-ball (soccer) field. Fortunately, there were no ex-muslim like me except Ayan Hirsi Ali who was not given chance to refute lots of nonsense and utter lies that you have continuously spewed to fool the western listeners. Among the unadulterated lies and propagandas you have shamelessly spewed are: (a) That, “there are not one type of Islam in the world, there are whole varieties of Islam! Some are more peaceful than the other” (b) Radical Islamists “hijacked” so called peaceful Islam; (c) Saudi Arabia and Iran is not pure Islamic nations and should not be taken as pure Sharia ruled Islamic nations; (d) There are no such thing—one Islam or one interpretation of Sharia, there are good and bad Sharia blah, blah blah! You also mercilessly attacked Reverend Franklin Graham, Dr. Robert Spencer, Ayan Hirsi Ali and others who tried to tell the ‘truth and nothing but the truth’ about Islam and portrayed Islam as the most dangerously intolerant religion western people should fear and be suspicious about. But you have desperately and deliberately tried to confuse all the listeners by your technique of well-known “Islamic deceptions” and utter lies about Islam and Islamic terrorists.

Now, let me ask you some highly relevant and prudent questions:

  1. Could you give me some good reasons and facts why Saudi Arabia and Iran should not be called true model of the pure Islamic Sharia-based countries?
  2. Could you tell me what are the so called wide varieties of Muslims in the world?
  3. Could you tell us how many different Qurans Muslims do follow? Where can we find so called “Pluralistic Islam and Quran” ?
  4. Could you please give me one example of so called “pure Islamic” country in the whole world?
  5. Name one Muslim country where the minorities and women are not suffering from severe persecutions, harassments, and disparity?
  6. Please give the list of various Islamic Sharias (some are good or some are bad!) if you really think they really do exists?
  7. Could you tell me why and how “Islam” has been hijacked by the radical Muslims? Is the Islam any kind of Ship or Plane or Train or single vehicle which can be hijacked? Why Billion Muslims could not protect that “Islamic Ship” from the hands of relatively very small numbers of radical jihadi Muslims?
  8. Finally, let me ask you this: will you debate with me on Islam? I would like to learn about “pure and peaceful” Islam from you!

Truth of the matter is these so called “Radical Muslims” are the only true Muslims who follow Quranic dictums and Sunnah of Prophet Muhamad. And, Saudi Arabia (the birth place of Islam and legal Custodian of two Islamic holy Mosques (Mecca and Madina) is the super pure Sharia-based country in the whole world. Iran also a pure Sharia country with minor deviation that they practice fake election only to bluff the western world. Both are totalitarian despotically ruled Islamic nations on earth, just the way Prophet Muhammad and his rightly guided four Caliphs ruled in 7th century dark days. On the other hand, so called moderate Muslims like you Reza Aslan, Daisy Khan, and Imam Rauf are talking about non-existing peaceful Islam having no support from Quran or Sunnah, or from Islamic Sharia at all. These charlatans have no courage to challenge those so called radical Islamic (hijackers?) jihadis, because if they do their vacuous claims in front of any pure Islamists, or in front of Saudi Kings, or Iranian Mullahs, or Osama Bin Laden—they will be instantly beheaded by the Islamic sword or will be stoned to death. Can you deny this Mr. Reza Aslan? Anjam choudary (Islam4UK) was the only sincere and true Muslim who definitely spoken the real mindset of Islam. I do honor him for his honesty and sincerity.

Now, I as an ex-Muslim who grew-up and lived in the Muslim country for at least 30 years experienced and know about quite different Islam than your imaginary peaceful Islam. To me there is one Islam, one Quran and one Sunnah (traditions left behind by the Prophet Muhammad) and one Sharia (draconian ancient law made out of one Quran and Sunnah) for all Muslims to follow, period. Islamic Sharia in short is: severely anti-women, anti-minorities, anti-people, anti-non-Muslims, and deadly anti-gay and lesbians.

All Muslims (Sunni, Shiite and Ahmadyan) believe the same Quran and same Sunnah and same Sharia. Basically, all Muslims believe the same Quranic teachings and there is no exception at all. Good and pure Muslims (who follow Quran and Sunnah verbatim) can never respect any other religion when they believe that Allah only accept Islam (Quran-3:85) as the pure religion. And Allah also asked Muslims to hate all non-muslims indeed.

To my own experience as muslim, living in the muslim country, and studying about Islam for many years learned that—Islam is the most intolerant and inherently violent religion on Earth. Unlike all the world’s religions—Islam is inherently a pure political ideology only to expand Arab imperialism throughout the whole world. This is the biggest misunderstanding by the westerners in general and American in particular. Islam is way of life and solidly embedded in politics of the land. Truth is, Islam is not just an ordinary religion like Christianity, Judaism or Hinduism which are loaded with spiritual business only! Islam came with the whole package where jihad and politics were integral part.

Islam gets the divine mandate (Dictums of Quran and hadiths) to invite, force, subjugate, and even to fight to kill or convert all other people (Hindus, Boddist, Jews, Christians and un-believers) to bring them under the fold of Islam. This is exactly what is asked by the Islamic Allah. Only after that—Islam means peace! Mr. Graham was damn right about Islamic peace mania. Prudent question is: why prophet Muhammad had to fight 78 bloody offensive battles if Islam was so peaceful religion? You Mr. Aslan and the honorable readers please click here to learn about the real face of Islamic jihad: An Exegesis on 'Jihad in Islam'.

Radical Jihadi Muslims are the pure believers of Quran and Sunnah (Prophetic traditions) and they are Muslims by the book and more radicalized (read: purified) than those who are Muslims due to their birth in the Muslim parents only! Radical Muslims are engaged in “violent jihad” and innocent looking Muslims like you Reza Aslan, Daisy Khan, and Imam Feisal Rauf, and most practicing gullible muslims are engaged in “Stealth Jihad”. Both the radical jihadis and most practicing Muslims (with very little exceptions, of course) are deeply engaged in stealth Jihad. All so called moderate muslims have the same goal of bringing America and the entire West under the fold of Islam. Trully, moderate muslims do not exist; either good Muslims or ignorant Muslims. As the Turkish Prime Minister proudly said: “there is no such thing called “radical Islam” or “moderate Muslims”. Either pure Islam or ignorant bad muslims.” Please remember: all Muslims may not be the terrorist but all terrorists are of course pure Muslims as per the Quran.

For long, dishonest Islamists like you and Imam Rauf have been bluffing and lying to all Westerners who actually do not know that—Islam is way of life and solidly embedded in politics of the land. Separation of state and Mosque is an absurd dream in Islam. Political Islam (Sharia law—made from Koran and Sunnha) is the backbone of the religion of Islam and this draconian law called Shariaat is established firmly in many Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, etc, and many other Muslim nations are also practicing Sharia partially. Radical Islamists in those countries are continuously fighting jihad to establish this draconian Sharia—medieval supremacists evil ideology in full status.

Charlatans like you, Daisy Khan, and Imam Rauf and likes of you—are boastfully bragging USA is a Sharia compliant country. Why do you dream for Sharia (medieval draconian laws) in America? Do you think American laws are anyway inferior to Sharia law? Any so called Sufi and apolitical individual has no business in delving into Sharia business or about Mosque. Sufi-brand of Muslims does not need any Mosque, because Sufi Muslims never pray in the Mosque, they only need a Shrine. Imam Rauf is no Sufi-Muslim by any means! It is the political Islamists (Radical Islamists) who are always concerned about establishing a Mosque wherever they go and always cherish about the draconian Islamic law called: Islamic Sharia (Allah’s Law).

According to Dr. Ali Sina (an Iranian ex-muslim) who said: “Mr. Reza Aslan, so called flag bearer of moderate Islam is a snake oil salesman. He is an agent of the Islamic republic of Iran and a very deceitful Islamist. Iranian Mullahs perhaps implanted this deceiver only to fool American public so he is beating the drum of so called moderate Islam. But stealthily he is lobbying for the Islamists of Iran. Most Iranian-Americans do not like him. Americans should guard themselves from the stealth jihadists like Reza Aslan, Daisy Khan and Imam Rauf in order to save western democracy and western way of life.”

Both you and Christiane Amanpour desperately tried to suppress Reverend Frankilin Graham, Dr. Robert Spencer, Ayan Hirsi Ali and other opponents of Ground Zero Mosque (GZM) in order to white-wash Islam. Fortunately, you failed miserably in this dishonest plot and yet you could not save your so called “peaceful” face of Islam. Honest and sincere Muslim Anjam Choudary did the job for opponents of GZM and ‘Cat is out of the hat’ now. Most tolerant and compassionate Americans must have learned the real face of so called “peaceful Islam” by now! Hopefully, quest of white-washing the inherently violent religion of Islam was utterly failed!

Finally, my open invitation for you to debate in Islam with me is standing tall. I would highly appreciate if you join with me in this debate! Thanks for your patience!

 Sincerely yours,

Syed Kamran Mirza (Ex-Muslim)
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