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Tuesday, 27 May 2008 02:07 MB posted by Dan Zaremba

One of our readers sent the following letter to the Salem Cafe Team - it would be great to read their reply (if any):

Muslim Fun Dear Salam café,                         
I have got a distinct  suspicion that you guys are not really Muslims and are letting down  wonderful religion  of peace. A somewhat obscure  political message appears to be  coming through  Salam café of a very left wing slant. You do understand   Mohammad did not  think too highly of politics in general.
My last  letter also  suggested that you guys lighten up a little and perhaps act  less pretentiously. In other words stop trying so hard  to act like Aussies. It is very irritating . You see we Australians have learnt to question, to scrutinize and to analyze and we can usually  smell bullshit from at least 50 paces .


When I suggested  Salam cafe   announce just one invention or development for the betterment of mankind  produced from the  Islamic world  I was left sorely  disappointed. I at least expected the egg beater or mop ringer but no we get a pathetic  joke about a compass  that only ever  points towards the Kaabar. Ha Ha Ha.
You do understand, I hope  that compasses only ever point magnetic north. The Kaabar incidentally is a meteorite that Mohammad stole from the moon worshiping Arabian pagans. Muslims somehow enjoy pointing their backsides (or is that their heads) towards this rock.  Even the ritual of running around this useless  lump of rock and throwing stones was also stolen by Mohammad  from the pagans. I accept this foolish act is greatly appreciated by Allah.
The Camden Madrassah seams to be an on going political issue with Salam Cafe. Why reciting  the KCarland - Tilthoran off by heart  in Arabic, a language  most Muslims cannot  understand a word off is seen as education is beyond me . I have got a perfect  solution  to your problem. Suggest to the Camden  council  that a similar institution perhaps   representing Hinduism, Judaism or Christianity should  be build in Saudi Arabia, Yemen  or Iran and you guys could perhaps arrange the  approval from the correct Islamic  authorities.
Next episode on Salam cafe I would like to hear  more Koranic scripture spoken and acts of the prophet mentioned. So far you have not once spoken of the acts of the prophet   nor read from the Koran. Why is this? Australians would like to know what it is Islam has to offer. A word of warning: Australian sensibilities may be offended if you speak honestly of the acts of Mohammad. Australian values frown upon wife bashing, rape and pedophilia. I don,t even want to say what I think Mohammad was talking about when He said Koran sura 2:223 "Your women are your field - go unto them as you will ". We Australian men  like to ask our women first.
I did mention before that I find the hunt for Osama segment   extremely    distasteful. Are we all meant to laugh here? Why you think the mock hunt of  this pathetic Muslim   who probably doesn't even use a flush toilet with the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent people on his hands is funny is beyond me. Why not make a mockery of the Muslim Bali bombers and the hunt for Noradan  Top segment  instead. I think that would be more applicable for Australia.

Keep up the good work.

Salam MB

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