The latest fashion?

Sunday, 13 March 2011 18:48 Persephone Jihad - Dawah

Well, you have all heard the story of the Beauty and the Beast: how about Beauty and the Veil? Yes, you too can partake of the latest designs for a greater Islamic Australia. As part of Australian Dawa week, the latest attire for the modern Islamic woman will be veiled.

As the promoter says: 

 Beauty of the Veil is Australia’s largest Muslim women event where all of the big names of Islamic clothing come together under one banner in one large location. Beauty of the Veil is the most comprehensive Australian Islamic fashion event and provides a unique platform where Muslim women can view of the latest designs of 2011 (source)

Vogue, eat your heart out! If the dawa is successful, this is what future fashion shows for Australia could look like.

Of course, Australian Dawa week is an initiative of the Lebanese Muslim Association. Whilst dressing up its message in the guise of inclusion of the general Australian population, this Dawa initiative has only one aim, and that is to proselytize for Islam and make Australia that little bit more Islamic. But considering it is taking place in Lakemba, I can’t see how this is feasibly possible. (reference)

As for me personally, I just can’t wait to discuss my latest burkini, and am still not sure if my chador looks better in navy blue or black. If you have the answers, please enlighten me.

Yes Australia, you too could be just like Saudi Arabia, and if certain groups get their way, the possibility doesn’t seem so remote after all.