Mars (Muslim) attacks – “nice planet, we’ll take it”

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This is a brilliant video of the inept government response to an attack by martians who ‘come in peace’ --[now where have we heard that before?] The film is great because through the conversations of those in power and ordinary others we see a mirror of our own inability to face the reality, the truth about Islam and the Muslim invasion of our countries. I make absolutely no claim that Tim Burton who produced the film was referring to an Islamic invasion but I thank him for his insights into our constant efforts to blame ourselves, appease, grovel and completely fail to face the reality of the deadly intentions of others. No, everyone doesn’t want to be like us at all, others want to destroy us! I also thank Tim for his many entertaining films particularly those with the delectable Johnnie Depp.

If you haven’t seen the film, please borrow it and watch closely. 

 As the Martians zoom towards earth we have the usual questions -- Do we know they are hostile? Do we know they are war ships?

Academic/professor: ‘We know they are an extremely advanced technology which suggests peaceful. An advanced civilisation is by definition not barbaric. I and all my colleagues are extremely excited.’

[Well, no-one could call Islamic society advanced – even if Dubai looks like a bloated shopping mall, it’s all done by others from the high tech down to the slave labour. BUT we are guilty of applying our values and expectations to a completely alien society – Islam - which has completely different values and intentions. This can be seen in the lies we are told by our leftist media and the likes of Tariq Ramadan, grandson of a Muslim brotherhood founder, that tell us the riots in the ME are because those lovely Muslims just want freedom like us and share our values etc. Funny then that speakers in Australia talk of the uniting of the umma to take control of Islamic countries and make them all Islamic under sharia, then having secured these areas, they move on for their world-wide takeover.... Of course the media also missed the thousands screaming to be martyrs in Jerusalem because they cannot live in peace and equality with Jews or in fact with anyone. Don’t mention that the blond female reporter Lara Logan was stripped, raped, abused, beaten, viciously pinched and called a Jew/Israeli etc by those lovely freedom fighting tolerant Egyptians in their celebrations in Cairo (Yahoo: aunews 2011). And don’t mention the violence and deaths of Copts either!

And aren’t we all just so excited to have Muslims pouring into our country --- well, not me, not the exMuslims I know, not those who have fled the Islamic world, not those who have read Islam’s text and laws, not those who value freedom, equality, safety, open democracy etc]

President: ‘Extraterrestrial life, right Gerry, the people are going to love it. Momentous occasions ....I’ll wear my blue suit and Gerry I’ll need a good speech –statesman-like, historical and yet warm and neighbourly. Abraham Lincoln meets ‘leave it to Beaver’ –you know...

[Let’s not even mention (Muslim) B. Hussein Obama’s endless pro-Islamic lies and denigration of others as he tries to make the people love Islam. Note the endless subjugation, photo-ops and grovelling for the Islamic vote we see daily in Australia –Malcolm Turnbull showed them how with his pro-Islamic lies on Q and A, ABC 28/2/11]

President’s wife: ‘My husband’s the leader of the free world’    [yeah, and in the case of Obama, its greatest enemy]

Then we skip to Las Vegas to find some new characters ---Byron a casino worker with an estranged wife and 2 children in Washington – Cedric and Neville.

Also a hotel owner and crystal gazing wife/girlfriend -- “I’m not a crook, I’m ambitious”

Crystal gazer: “don’t you know you’re destroying the earth, all this greed, this money system, you’re destroying everything” and off she goes to play roulette. [Yep, know these people]

White house live: President: “Good evening fellow Americans , I apologise for interrupting your regular program but I have a very important announcement to make. Many important things have happened to me in my life ---my graduation from Princeton, the day that Marcia said that she would marry me, the birth of our daughter Cathy and then the news that I have heard today ranks right up there – a powerful memory is in the making, not just for me but for all mankind. Today an extraordinary discovery was made by the Hubble space telescope, the data from the Hubble was decoded then analysed by the most powerful computers. The images are undeniable, we are entering the dawn of a new era. From enlargements –fields of vehicles which can best be described as flying saucers..... we will have an opportunity to meet with them. I feel this is the perfect summation of the 20th century.”

[We recognise this too. The desire to believe the best, to welcome, to look forward to meeting different people ..]

Crystal gazer: “This is great! Please come to me..”    [Optimistic naivety at its best and we see it everywhere]

President continues his talk: “We’ve become one planet and soon we’ll become one solar system. These flying saucers have come from the planet Mars and at their current ....... It is profoundly moving to know there is intelligent life out there and our world will never feel quite the same again. Goodnight and god bless.”

[Again he ascribes to the aliens the same hopes and values he holds – a shared solar system.. Think again . The world will never be the same and the rate of entry and growth of the aliens is fast]

In a trailer Park mum, dad, granny and son Billy Glen who’s loading a rifle blindfolded and other son Richie listen to the news. Richie thinks the Martian thing is awesome and son Billy-Glen (in the army) volunteers for ‘Martian duty’ when he gets back to the base. The father threatens to kick their butts if they come around here.

TV presenter Natalie interviews the academic/professor:We’re speaking today with professor Donald Kessler, Chairman, American Academy of Astronautics. ... Professor, isn’t it weird that we send a space probe to Mars and we didn’t even find anyone? ....(Prof) ‘Well not really because we didn’t go into the canals ...some are 100 miles deep. Martian civilization has clearly developed under the surface of the planet. Their science and technology must be absolutelu mindboggling.’.... ‘ (Natalie) So what in your view are some of the things the matians can teach us..’   (Prof) quite a lot about mars...but seriously this is tremendously’s going to change everything and we must be open to it, maybe they can tell us about our universe, how it started, where it’s going, perhaps even its purpose. It’s tremendously exciting. This is the most important thing to happen since Jesus walked in Galilee.. (the TV picture goes all fuzzy and a martian appears on the screen...)

[Well, we again see ourselves here, our failure to look in depth as we only skim the surface; Of course Islam’s science is backward and it’s science in the Koran was laughable even for the 7th-8th century..but they will no-doubt tell us their purpose and ours –to make the entire world grovel to allah as his slaves]

President and wife : Wife –‘I’m not going to have that thing in my house.’ President- ‘Sweetie we may have to. The people expect me to meet with them’. Wife ‘Well they’re not going to eat off the Van Duran china’

Richie in trailer park: “look at that brain. Must be real smart.” Mum ‘It’s gross.’  Richie: ‘whoa, he made the international sign of the doughnut (Martian makes circle on TV screen)

Academic/professor: to TV reporter Natalie ‘we will look just as gross to him.’

[Yes, there’s nothing a Muslim hates, loathes or is physically revolted by more than the kuffar, the unbeliever]

---Proffessor to Washington leaders‘ Carbon based life form. Breathes nitrogen. Large cerebellum indicates telepathic potential.’

Gerry –President’s press secretary: ‘you mean they can read our thoughts?’
President: ‘What about their intentions; Are they a friendly people?’

Academic/professor: ‘Logic dictates that given their extremely high level of technical development that they are an advanced culture, therefore peaceful and enlightened. The human race on the other hand is an aggressively dangerous species –now I suspect they have more to fear from us than we from them.’

[Well we’ve all heard this ad nauseam -- poor harmless but enlightened, victimised Muslims and those evil westerners. Yes look how lovely it is in the Islamic world –they’re so nice to everyone and look at the nasty west –so why are Muslims flooding into the west while no-one wants to go to the Islamic world?]

Crystal gazer: In church –‘I haven’t had a drink for 3 months. We’re not alone in the universe. That it’s happening at the beginning of the new millennium when we’re suffering with the ozone and the rainforest and so many people are so unhappy in their lives and then the martians heard our global cosmic cry for help. People say they’re ugly but I think they’ve come to show us the way. I think they have come to save us.’

[Well actually the Muslims have come to ENSLAVE us which is not quite the same as save but no doubt Muslims regard their barbaric ideology as the solution to all the world’s ills when in fact it is the cause of incredible sadism, perversion, violence and repression. And jihad laws also allow destruction of buildings, cutting down trees, killing of animals etc so Muslims can take control, hardly good for the environment eg Reliance of the traveller Laws o9.8-9.15 p602-604. Look at Dubai etc, snow skiing in 45 degree heat --- environmentally friendly? Sharia is ‘the way’ and we all know what horrors that holds in store]

Trailer kid Richie taking grandma back to the old people’s home: ‘Say grandma, bet you never thought you’d live to see the martians coming to earth –it’s pretty far out.’

Press secretary Gerry: ‘Right now the president is talking to other world leaders ...there is a lot to discuss; there is a unilateral concerted diplomatic effort being made.’

Jason-reporter, TV presenter: ‘If the martians land will the press have access? Can we do interviews?’

[Well, I hate to ruin the story but Jason never got his interview – I guess the martians didn’t realise as Muslims certainly have, how useful the on-side press are at spreading Islamic propaganda to fool the gullible, trusting public. Maybe the martians were so numerous and so technologically advanced they could dispense with the useful idiots.]

Martians begin landing in the Nevada desert: General Decker says he can have troops there ...

Academic/professor: ‘President, we must not send these people the wrong message. We need a welcome mat , not a row of tanks.’

General Decker: ‘What the hell are you talking about! You can’t have martians running all over Nevada.’ ‘They don’t know what the hell they’re talking about –liberalists, intellectuals, peace mongers, idiots.’    [Agreed!]

General Casey gets the job of greeting them and rings his wife:I get to greet the martian ambassador, isn’t that great! It’s a hell of an honour. Didn’t I just tell you honey if I just stayed in place and never spoke up things were bound to happen.’ [Oh yeah!]

Lots of Americans come to welcome the martians and hold a ‘WELCOME to EARTH’ sign.

General Casey: ‘I want martians to be treated like foreign dignitaries. I want snap, look good, the whole world is watching.’

[Yep, just like the Muslims treated as royalty who cannot share with others so they get their own toilets, washrooms, prayer rooms, school uniforms, privileges, laws, food...]

The space ships arrive. A martian comes out followed by others and steps onto the red carpet..a translation device translates..

Martian: ‘Greetings. I am the martian ambassador.’
General Casey: ‘Greetings I am General Casey commander of the military forced of the US of America...Welcome”
Martian: We come in peace .’        Crowd adulation!!!


[Islam –religion of peace --- we take a piece here, a piece there until all others are exterminated or utterly subjugated under sharia. Then there is Islam’s version of peace, meaning complete subjugation maintained by fear]

Martians open fire with powerful weapons that turn people to instant skeletons. Billy Glen the young army recruit who ran with the flag, reporter Jason, Colonel Casey and all others are killed. Reporter Natalie is abducted.

In the White House –President: ‘holy mother of god did you see that!’

General Decker: ‘We should hit these arseholes with everything we’ve got.’

Academic/professor:Let’s not be too rash.’           General ‘Nuke them now.’
Academic/professor: ‘We must establish a line of communication first.’
Press secretary Gerry: ‘A meeting at the town hall. We can get the public’s opinion.’

The president asks his wife Marcia what she thinks‘Hit the crap out of them.’

Academic/professor: ‘Ladies and gentlemen this could be a cultural misunderstanding.

[It certainly IS!!! We totally misunderstand Islam’s ideology/culture of conquest, racial/religious/gender apartheid and absolute totalitarianism and continue to pretend they share our values]

President’s daughter Cathy: ‘yeah maybe the dove/bird? Does mean war.’
Academic/professor: ‘We all saw how they reacted to that dove. It frightened them.’

[And of course the civilised response would be to blow everyone to pieces. Nicolai Sennels of Denmark, backed by daily evidence worldwide, clearly showed that Muslims respond to any perceived slight or anything they didn’t like with violence and threats –this was part of their mindset resulting from exposure to Islam’s ‘culture.’]

President: to martians ---‘This is the president of the United States. I’m speaking to you in the hope that what happened today in the Nevada desert was a cultural misunderstanding. There is no doubt that we two peoples have a great deal to offer each other. You must be as excited as we to find intelligent life in the solar system and let me make it clear, YOU have nothing to fear from us. Our customs may be strange to you but we mean no harm.’

[Oh yes, all our fault, our customs...but gee, let’s be friends.]

Martians in spaceship: They receive a transcript of the speech from a machine and laugh their huge heads off...

[but Muslims wouldn’t be laughing at our gullibility, our welcome speeches, or the lies endlessly told to promote Islam....]

Crystal gazer and her hotel owning husband/partner: wife ‘This was NO misunderstanding. I was there.’

Hotel owner‘Look you’re worried about yesterday, I’m worried about tomorrow. The martians land on earth they’re gonna need a place to stay just like everybody else.’       He’s arranging red carpet treatment for them...

[Oh and don’t we know these people/organisations who will pander to whomever they think is the most powerful or will pay the most money no matter how monstrous they are]

Crystal gazer: ‘Maybe we should all be destroyed. The human race doesn’t deserve to live.’

[Well we’re quite used to this unwarranted self- loathing and even hatred of whites/west/Jews/Israel/US/Christians etc but never against the real evil of Islam]

Hotel owner man: ‘Stuff limos with every kind of alcohol known to man..’

The academic/professor is at an autopsy on a martian. It’s Billy Glen’s funeral.

Press secretary Gerry with a message from the martians: ‘They’ve issued a formal apology.’

President: ‘Didn’t I tell you this would happen?’

Press secretary Gerry: ‘The martian ambassador feels terrible and asks permission to speak to congress... I mean that’s good isn’t it?’

President: ‘You bet! It’s a great victory for our administration.’ (In White house)

In front of Congress --- people are assembled -- somebody holds up a sign “NO BIRDS”

[Yep, blame the birds, not the martians –it’s just a misguided few anyway. And of course the martian response was perfectly understandable... Note the endless tolerance and excuses provided by the people]

Congress: ‘It’s a proud day for all of us....the martian ambassador is going to say a few words. Come on down Mr Ambassador..’

The martian speaks in congress then takes his weapon and fries everyone!

President’s daughter: ‘Guess it wasn’t the dove.’

The military then fires but too late. The martians take off with the academic /professor.

Donut/trailer kid (Richie) whose brother has been killed by the martians:What’d they do that for?’

Donut woman: Maybe they don’t like the human being

[Got it in one! Allah hates the infidel and Muslims must hate what allah hates so ordinary Muslims must hate infidels].

President's meeting with the generals:

President: ‘General Decker it seems I owe you an apology’

General Decker: ‘Everyone makes mistakes.’

President:Not any more, we’re going to take charge of this thing.’

General Decker: ‘I’ve prepared the order .....that authorises full use of our nuclear deterrents, sir.’

President: Laughs. ‘Are you out of your mind. I’m not going to start a war.’

General Decker: We are already at war Sir. We have to nuke em now.’

President: ‘General Decker, if you do not shut up I am going to relieve you of your command.’

General Decker: ‘We have to strike now, annihilate, kill..’

President: ‘Shut up! Shut up! Now I want the people to know that they still have 2 out of 3 branches of the Government working for them and that ain’t bad.
I want the people to know that the schools will still be open, OK, and I want the people to know that the garbage will still be carried out and I want a cop on every corner which incidentally we would have already if they had listened to me last election. Gerry how soon can we go on the air?’

President on air: ‘My fellow Americans, it is with a heavy heart.... as you know earlier today we invited the martian ambassador who attacked and killed many of your representatives on Capitol Hill. I will be conferring with other world leaders as time goes on and rest assured that by working together we will soon come out with a very real outcome. Thank you.’

Martians make ‘chicken-like’ movements on hearing this speech on their spaceship.

Martians like to cut off heads but unlike Muslims who just leave them off, the martians sometimes reattach the head to another body. Reporter Natalie has her head attached to her dog’s body and vice versa but the professor’s head just swings, suspended in space.

A martian female ‘robot’ made to look human is dropped on earth. She is picked up by curb crawling press secretary Gerry who picks up call girls. He offers her a tour of the White House. He shows her ‘the Kennedy Room.’ The robot bites off Gerry’s finger and goes on her own White House tour .... She shoots at the president and his wife in bed while the security guards shoot at the ‘robot’ female.

The martians stamp out many more martians for a full scale invasion. [Check muslim birth rates] They invade the White House killing the president’s wife. Two boys on a school tour (sons of Byron from Las Vegas) grab martian guns and begin killing martians.

Las Vegas hotel owner -- selling his ideas to ‘Arabs’ while the invasion takes place.... Martians destroy Las Vegas.

Crystal gazer woman loads up a private plane to go to Tahoe while Byron wants to go to Washington to find his wife and sons.

In the trailer park, Richie and family load rifles.

President: receives a call from the president of France saying ‘I have some good news for you, the martian ambassador is here and we have negotiated a settlement.’

[We negotiate, discuss, compromise .... and to Muslims this is weakness and capitulation as their text/laws say only to negotiate when you can’t win and wait till you can...]

President: ‘Get out of the room! Get out now!’       TOO LATE.

General Decker: ‘I need you to sign this.’

President: ‘What is it, my last will and testament.’

General Decker: ‘It is an order to deploy our nuclear capabilities Sir.’

The president finally signs but the weapons are useless against them. All over the world is destruction. Easter Island statues are destroyed.

[Muslims are forbidden statues unless they are headless – Reliance of the Traveller Law m9.2 (e) ‘re pictures and ‘decapitated’ living figures.. Islam bans all pictures/statues/representations of humans or other animals –Reliance of the Traveller, sharia law p44.0 p 683; law w50.0-50.10 p 958-964.     So NO art except endless repeat patterns or plants.

Islam has NO respect for the cultures of others which are regarded as ignorance and must be removed. Sheik Feiz Mohammad can be heard telling Muslims that they can in no way copy the infidel. Dr Kalim Siddiqui (now deceased) who lived freely in Britain and was Director of the Muslim Institute and a founding member of the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain wrote in detail of Islam’s takeover and the need to ‘eliminate all political, economic, social, cultural and philosophical influences of the western civilisation’ Warraq 1995, p 355. Across the world Islam has destroyed not only people, but libraries, learning centres, religious buildings, villages, art and architecture belonging to others]

In the trailer park a big robot picks up and destroys caravans.

In Las Vegas one guy tries to make a deal –he’s a Lawyer.

Lawyer: confronted by martian –‘I surrender. You’re intelligent beings, let’s cut a deal. I can help you, I’m a lawyer. You want to conquer the world, you’re gonna need lawyers, right! Here you want my watch, take it, it’s a Rolex.’      Martian shoots the lawyer.

[And haven’t we seen the lawyers so ready to force Islam onto us all, to charge any who speak the truth about Islam, to constantly claim poor Muslim victims, to use every aspect of our law to progress and protect Islam. Of course they now grow their own Muslim lawyers thanks to our non-discriminatory education system so the others soon won’t be needed. Muslim lawyers are not there to maintain our laws or preserve our culture but to twist our laws and bend them to facilitate Islamic control and to attempt to gain lucrative payments in jihad litigation against any who dare to criticise Islam or even accurately quote its text. Would we tolerate Nazi lawyers and their aids pushing Nazism in Australia by a misuse of our courts where no-one ever thought something like Nazism would appear, let alone something even worse –Islam! We need a complete rethink of our laws to STOP the spread of Islam, NOT facilitate it!]

Trailer/donut boy Richie goes to the old people’s home for his granny as there is death and destruction everywhere. The old people’s home is under attack and granny is listening to music via headphones. The martians enter and the headphones fall out so the music is heard .... and when the martians hear it THEY DIE.

Martians arrive at the military command centre where the US president waits.

General Decker: ‘You think you can do anything you want , well you can’t because we are humans and we have the United states army that will fight you to the last man and we’ll never surrender. Democracy will survive. We will never, ever surrender. We will win.’

[Well not true today because as the Fort Hood massacre by a Muslim Major showed, there are Muslims in the army who will fight on the side of Islam against their host country which they tell themself belongs to allah and hence to them. Indeed Former Supreme Court Judge of Pakistan, and vice president of the Fiqh Academy, Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani stated that “if naturalization in a foreign nationality is for the purpose of rendering it mighty and to be proud of it, or to prefer it to the Muslim nationality, or to resemble its people in practical life, this is absolutely forbidden.” (Durie 2010) Hence Muslims are not here to assimilate into our society and support it, but to make our society Muslim.

Democracy has no place in Islam. Brigette Gabriel states that degrees did not protect them in Lebanon from Islamic violence, nor did being friendly and allowing the Muslims into the country in large numbers. The Muslims came, they took, they slaughtered and turned Lebanon, once the ‘Paris of the east’ into the vicious pit it is today.

The words and hopes of the general in the film count for nothing without the fire power necessary to back them up against people who glorify in killing you as a service to their terrifying leader/ allah]

The martians continue their slaughter. They are mostly robots resembling the true slaves of allah, brainwashed and ‘programmed’ to kill the kuffar as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

President: ‘Why are you doing this? Why? Isn’t the universe big enough for both of us? What is wrong with you people? We can work together –why be enemies? Because we’re different, is that why? Think of the things we could do. Think how strong we would be -- earth and mars together. There’s nothing we could not accomplish. Think about it. Why destroy when we could create? We can have it all or we can smash it all. Why can’t we work with our differences? Why can’t we work things out, little people, why can’t we all just get along?

[Isn’t this the blind, wishful, dangerous thinking of the woolly ones today who think we just need a group hug. Muslims want it all. They believe they are superior and they will get it all because allah says kill until all the religion is allah’s eg Koran sura 8.39. Sharing, equality, tolerance, individual freedom, diverse beliefs etc aren’t on their agenda. But we keep pretending they are. We continue to lie to ourselves about the reality of Islam]

Martian tears up at those nice words and holds out its hand --the president takes the hand.... which breaks off and the martian kills the president.

Trailer /donut kid Richie drives around playing music and reaches the radio station where he plays it over the airwaves and loud speakers. The martians die........

Byron from Las Vegas fights the martians --- the others take off in the plane for Tahoe.

Later, the Tahoe escapees come out to a new world –flowers, animals.... BUT, it’s a very destroyed world.

Granny and Richie get a congressional medal of honour for saving the world.

Now we have to start over and rebuild and everything....”

[Wouldn’t it be great if we stood up to Islam now so there wasn’t massive death and destruction. Some Muslims no doubt think, based on the compliance of our politicians, academics, media and some religious leaders, that we will just roll over and Islam will rule. But they will be disappointed because many Auzzies have come from the Islamic world, some as non-Muslims, others now exMuslims and they join with those here who know the evil of Islam and we will fight to the end to stop it taking over here. This fact is recognised by Muslims like the disgusting Australian-born Islamic convert , Ibrahim Siddiq-Conlon (Sharia4Australia) who claims Australia will end up under sharia and history suggests this won’t be a peaceful transition (Editor 2011). Well, there won’t be any such transition at all. As in this movie, it will be ordinary people with their ordinary pleasures, their love of freedom, creativity, individuality, equality and a diversity that respects others (which Islam is incapable of ever doing), that will stand and fight. Ordinary people will fight for this country because our leaders, like the ones in the movie, live in some gaga land where they pretend the enemy is like us and we share values, we don’t! How many Australians would revere a man who had sex with a child over many years for starters, who hit this child, who enslaved and raped and stole, who assassinated and carried out acts of extreme sadism... not any Australians that I know and hopefully there’s many more out there.

Let’s work to STOP ISLAM before it destroys.

Don’t buy anything that is halal as this results not only in sharia being applied to us but also transfers many millions of our dollars to Muslims who are paid for ‘halal’ inspections, halal ‘certification’ etc making our food more expensive to suit Muslims for we don’t want halal food.

Write endlessly to pollies telling them that Cori Bernardi had it right –Islam is the problem –look around the world and the evidence is staggering. Read Islam’s horror text and laws. Fight every incursion Muslims make. Educate your family and friends. ]


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