AIM Collection of Signatures in Support of Sergio Redegalli

Thursday, 20 January 2011 18:28 Editor Petitions - In Support

Dear AIM readers and supporters,

Please sign our expression of grattitude to Sergio Redegalli HERE!!

Dear Sergio,
 We want to salute you . Not only have you expressed your viewpoint in the face of hostility, but you have expressed it with courage, reason and persistence. You did not take down your sign saying ‘Say no to the burka’ but you gave reasons for your stand which moved us all. The noisy protestors did not prevent you making your point. You said this was too important an issue to ignore and the wearing of the burka strikes at the very humanity of who we are and robs us of the visual communication that comes through seeing a face. You spoke for us Sergio and we want to thank you for your stand. 


Let's give Sergio some moral boost.

Activate your bush telegraph, use your phone, your e-mail your twiter and facebook to get as many signatures as possible within a week.

Make sure you pass this message to all you friends and relatives.