Molestation of the Mind

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When I look at the way Islam controls and manipulates its followers I always see a similarity with the mindset of murderers, sex offenders and abusers in general. I am currently reading A Self Study Course on Political Islam. I came across a chapter entitled: Molestation of the Mind. I have reprinted the chapter below. I thought the readers of this site might find it useful.

Molestation of the Mind.

The kafirs accept violence and threats from Islam without protest. This acceptance of violence is the sign of a profoundly molested psyche. The kafirs are like the battered wife and molested child of Islam.

Violent molestation can cause denial.

Islam’s explosive jihad destroyed half of Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. Now let’s look at what manifests after violent molestation. The YWCA Rape Crisis Counselor Training Manual shows the following reactions are common among victims of sexual molestation:

Disbelief: the victim has an incredibly hard time believing that the attacks took place.

The media reports very little of the jihad around the world and never connects the dots between violent events.

Fear: fear is the tool that the abuser uses to control the victim.

Islam has used fear against the kafirs since its beginning. The first person Mohammed had assassinated was a poetess who mocked him. Any public critic of Islam lives in fear. The kafir society will not protect their critic out of dhimmitude.

Fear the attacker will return.

When will the next attack occur?

Guilt: the victim finds a way to blame himself/herself.

It is our fault we have not treated Islam in the right way.

Branded: the victim does not want others to find out about the crime.

We do not teach the history of millions of Europeans taken as slaves by Islam. We do not teach the history of the jihad against Hindus, Christians or Buddhists.

Humiliation: the victim feels shamed.

The things that led to the abuse are hard to talk about. The victims of jihad in the American immigrant community do not want to talk about the brutality that made them flee to America. Survivors are not bold. They are a beaten people.

Lack of control: during the attack the victim was helpless. This helplessness extends to dealing with the problem.

Where is the person who is optimistic about what can be done to deal with political Islam?

Powerlessness: things will not get better.

Pessimism about dealing with Islam is the prevailing attitude.


The Abuser

The traits and characteristics of the abuser are well documented.

Denial: the abuser denies that the abuse ever took place.

Muslims do not acknowledge any of the crimes committed in the name of Islam. Anyone killed by jihad was killed in self-defense.

Inadequacy: Abusers are arrogant and overly self-confident.

Islam is never wrong. Muslims are the best of people according to the Koran.


The word islam means “submit”. The abuser expects submission on the part of the victim, the kafir.

Inability to understand or recognize the problem: the abuser is the last person to admit he has a problem.

Islam has never accepted any responsibility for its 1400-year history of slavery. M

Manipulation: the abuser wants to make the victim feel guilty.

Islam is presented as the victim. As an example, all of the Palestinians’ problems are caused by Israel.

Obsessed with weapons

Have you ever noticed all the swords on the Islamic flags and seals? The AK-47 rifle thrust in the air is the symbol of Islam. Christians Jews and other kafirs are classic manifestations of the abused wife and the abused child. The dhimmi is a broken person.

Source: A Self Study Course on Political Islam .

Levels 2 & 3. The book goes on to discuss the effect of Islam on each religion, which I have not included. I am happy to forward more of this if you are interested.

Thank you for your attention.