We Come In Peace

Saturday, 25 December 2010 12:59 Fatwah Boy Satire - Poetry

We say we come in peace... to share your lucky land
It’s not our bloody fault you missed our evil plan
First we build our mosque... to pray you understand
But of course we want to kill you
As it says in our Koran 

 Then when you scum aren’t looking
We preach our words of hate
‘Kill those Aussie pigs
Make their land a Muslim state’

Next we take the dole
And make your country pay
Keep sponging off you Aussies
Until invasion day

Amazing how you help us
With your democratic ways
We will use it all against you
Until ‘the end of days’

We infiltrate your system
Spread Islam to the young
We need to teach your children
Their mum and dad are scum

Now we’re in the Uni’s
Making our demands
You kafirs are so stupid
And will never understand

Your filthy Aussie toilets
Gives us all the poos
So now we have our own
Our special Muslim loos

Now spreading through the suburbs
Like a serpent in the sand
Pushing out the Aussies
Every, child, every woman, every man

Your policemen are so tricky
How dare they film our lies?
We could’ve called them racists
So hard to when they’re wise

And what about some judges
Who thwart our evil plans?
Our Imam didn’t tell us
Sometimes justice plays a hand

So now we’re in the system
>From banks to law and schools
Now we pull the noose
And hang you Aussie fools

Our mosques are growing fast
And we lie at every turn
Next we build our bombs
To watch you Aussies burn

Muhammad’s on the doorstep
You Aussies let us in
To infiltrate your system
Now Islam is your king

There is no room for infidels
In our new great Aussie land
So thanks so much for helping us
Roll out our master plan

(Aussie Boy)