Thursday, 13 January 2011 18:32 Red Rose Confronting Islam - Criticism through artistic expression

When Mo met Allah in Paradise
He was 'gobsmacked' at Allah's advice.
"The Koran is a dud
So convert to Talmud
And discard the Koran's depraved vice."

"I want a new wife," whined fat Keysar Trad
" 'cause my wife's body is old, worn and sad.
I desire Number Two
To impregnate and woo,
And to produce nine more brats for Jihad."

Muslim convert, anti-Semite David Hicks
Plotted to shoot all non-Muslim heretics.
In Afghanistan
The Yanks thwarted his plan.
"But he's not guilty," screeched 'human rights' lunatics.

Islam spreads violence, death, doom and gloom
World domination through the mussulmas womb.
Obama suppliant
To Ahmadinejad's rant,
While the civilized world becomes a huge tomb.

There once was a randy old Imam
Who cavorted with sheep and a ram.
He wanted to wed
So took to his bed
A six-year old babe, bought from her Mam.

On a hot Christmas night in Lakemba
Santa's elves saw a menacing mamba.
As the dirty old sheik
screamed "It's only a fake,"
His nude member was slashed off by Santa.

His Number One wife was a Baptist.
"Not happy," cried Shaikh, a polygamist.
As she lay in their bed
He hacked off her head
That evil Islamic misogynist.

The Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran
Had a despicable, tyrannical plan.
"Go sodomise ewes
Then kill all the Jews"
Thus spoke the uncivilized barbarian.

Ayatollah Khomeini the Persian
Was an expert in using coercion.
He used the Koran
To force on Iran
All manner of excessive perversion.

The Taliban in Afghanistan spoke:
"No films and no dance, no music, no joke."
They bombed all the schools
The barbaric fools
And proved that they are...uncivilized folk.

To stop her dancing the mazurka
The sheik made his wife wear a burqa.
"I'm entombed in a crypt,"
The young lady quipped
And promptly ran off with a Ghurka.

Four wives is an old Muslim tradition
So is female genital mutilation.
A girl's wedding night
Is torture by rite
And is endorsed by Islamic perversion.