The day I learned that I am a racist bigot

Friday, 20 May 2011 04:44 Rightjab Jihad - Cultural Jihad

Photos from a trip to Melbourne Immigration Museum

Or – How to instill self hatred in Australian children.

Or – The indoctrination of innocent young minds.

Or – Tax payer funded child abuse.

Or – I am white, therefore I am a racist.

These are all sentences that came to mind when I was thinking of a title for this post.


Awwww, this is good. Get that?! Good! (I’m not sure what’s wrong with a beanie and a scarf, but that wouldn’t be making a statement, now would it?)

Again. Good!


A Koran. Funny, I didn’t see any other holy books on display.

 This is bad!!! We must never, ever, think that we have the right to choose who, or how many people come to this country.

The white picket fence! 1901 hey? Ummm wasn’t every nation racist back then? I mean every single nation (and most still are), whether black, white, yellow or pink with purple spots.

I feel such guilt and self loathing.

Understand? Australia day and Anzac day = bad! It brings out all the racist rednecks!

awwwww how sweet! The good ship Xenophobia.

Lighten up! But errr do it in a politically correct way!

See up in the left hand corner? It says the white picket fence (see earlier photo). He’s one of those racist bastards, who had the gall to say that we would decide who came to our country.

Segregated swimming pools? Goodness, we’re worse than South Africa. At least they got rid of their racist policies. Ours are ongoing. Note the IS not WAS. Why, we must be a despicable nation.

Unless ….oh …. I get it, they must be talking about segregation at public pools to appease Muslims. Yes I agree, that is racist and we should put a stop to it immediately!

Poor Muslims. They are discriminated against everywhere they go. Hmmm, I wonder why?

Racist Aussies at Cronulla. Again, poor innocent Muslims.

More proof of our racism. It doesn’t mention that many of those attacks were not carried out by white Australians, but ethnic gangs.

Shhh, I should never have said that last sentence out loud (or even muttered it to my nearest and dearest), I hang my head in shame, clearly it’s proof that I am a RACIST!!!