Should Klingon be mandatory in all elementary schools?

Wednesday, 30 March 2011 16:51 Persephone Jihad - Cultural Jihad

A lot has been said recently about the red/green alliance (Marxist and Islamist). Sometimes they have turned on each other, like in Iran in 1979, when the Communists backed the Islamic Revolution and ultimately paid with their blood. But that shouldn’t be a problem, because in totalitarian thought the individual is worthless.

What if this alliance was successful, and only Marxism and Islamism were allowed to exist, in the form of a One World Government, under the control of possibly the United Nations? This leaves one question left unanswered: what language should this new super-state assume? If you thought English, Spanish or Arabic, you would be wrong. If you thought Klingon, you’ve been watching too many Star Trek movies. If you guessed Esperanto, you would have been correct - One World religion, One World government One World language. 

 Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran called on Muslims to learn Esperanto, and praised its use as a medium for better understanding among peoples of different religious backgrounds. After he suggested that Esperanto replace English as an international lingua franca, it began to be used in the seminaries of Qom. An Esperanto translation of the Qur'an was published by the state shortly thereafter. (source)

There is also a push by the Esperanto Association of Australia to make the language compulsory in primary schools, as well as trying to get LOTE recognition for Esperanto, which would allow those pursuing this goal access to government funding.

Currently, Esperanto is taught in one school in South Australia: (LINK)

One of the organizations firmly behind this is the left wing organization, Get Up, which is the Australian sister version of Move On.

Also, an American organization called is pushing to make Esperanto a compulsory language in all American schools.

It makes one wonder why these far left organizations are so keen to promote what is essentially a made up language. The Australian Esperanto Association already has a book out to help promote Esperanto in the classroom, as well as a video. Why would you want your child to learn French or Mandarin, when Esperanto was also an option?

If you fancy a bit of light reading in a politically correct language, maybe you’d like to have a go at this:

10.  La Nobla Korano ("The Noble Koran"). The holy book of Islam, with the Arabic original and Dr. Italo Chiussi's Esperanto translation in parallel olumns.

12. Chiussi, Italo: Je la flanko de l' Profeto ("At the Prophet's Side"). The only book in the series originally written in Esperanto, a biography of Islam's greatest (and final) prophet, Mohammed.