Confrontation between the Beauty and the Beast

Friday, 06 May 2011 10:23 Dan Zaremba News & Views - News Headlines - Commentary

Wissam Fattal, who apparently cannot be named by the MSM for legal reasons (AIM didn’t get the court order and we are NOT MSM) had a go at the criminal judge Betty King:

"Why do you charge us as criminal? Why don't you charge yourself as criminal? You kill people for oil. You kill kids. You kill innocent people. You are criminal, we are not criminal."  

Now, we can accuse judge Betty King of not having the best of taste in the fashion department but accusing her of killing babies  is probably a little bit over the top.

He also wrongly accused Judge Betty of stealing oil (probably because in his “unintelligent” reasoning and because of his cultural background all people of affluence must own a petrol/service station).

Personally, I do not think that Wissam’s attempt to verbally abuse Justice Betty King was a good career move although she is known generally to be lenient while dealing with  violent Muslim males. (reference)

The incident was triggered by Wissam Fattal’s counsel Patrick Tehan QC who tried to reason with the judge claiming that Wissam could mean no harm because he was dim-witted.

In a pre-sentencing plea hearing, the man's lawyer, Patrick Tehan QC, had described his client as "a vulnerable, naive person", while the plot to attack Holsworthy was "an amateurish, stupid act", but at the "mid- to low-range level" of seriousness because "nothing happens".

Mr Tehan said the men had no ammunition, explosives or maps, and when his client went to Sydney and took a train to the perimeter of the Holsworthy base, where he was filmed on CCTV, he looked "like Charlie Chaplin . . . with his little bag".

Even the most progressive judge could not really buy this line of defence because in accepting stupidity as an excuse for violent crimes we’d have to set 99% of all criminals free and so Judge Betty responded disapprovingly:

"Except it's not very funny. The comedy is lacking."

The trial contines but at least in this particular case "SOMEBODY" admits that the defendant's religion might have something to do with the whole affair.

Mr Tehan said his client, who was born in Tripoli, was "a simple man with a simple faith". (source)

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