“Multiculturalism” doesn’t work – Greg Sheridan speaks out

Saturday, 02 April 2011 06:38 Dan Zaremba News & Views - News Headlines - Commentary

There are many reasons why a journalist like Greg Sheridan may try to avoid the touchy subject of “multiculturalism” (or “monoculturalism” as we at AIM tend to see it).

But ... he does it and he obviously knows what risks he takes.

What is more Greg Sheridan spells out the cruel truth about the religion of peace:

But the only people who don't think there is a problem with Islam are those who live on some other planet. The reputation of Islam in the West is not poor because of prejudiced Western Islamophobia, still less because Western governments conduct some kind of anti-Islamic propaganda.

Instead, it is the behaviour of people claiming the justification of Islam for their actions that affects the reputation of Islam.  (source)

Obviously Sheridan is not as blunt as some of our regular writes on Islamic issues but then he writes for The Australian, the largest newspaper in this country (a newspaper, which mostly follows thePC mantra).

Let’s give Greg some support, because I think he may need it in the next couple of days or even weeks.