Fiona – it’s over – you lost

Monday, 28 March 2011 12:40 Wendy Larkson News & Views - News Headlines - Commentary

Well guys and gals on AIM – the election is over and look what we helped to produce.

Federal Greens leader Bob Brown yesterday conceded the party had failed to win the seat of Marrickville, their chance at victory ruined by candidate and Mayor Fiona Byrne’s controversial support for a boycott on Israel. (source)

If Bob Brown himself admitted that Fional Byrne was a problem because of her and Marrickville Council’s support for a boycott of Israel, then the Greens have been mugged by reality in a very humiliating way. They thought they had Marrickville sewn up. Bob is having a bit of a think now – must be a bit of a new experience. 

Mr Brown admitted the NSW Greens would need to assess what went wrong with their campaign, particularly in the seat of Marrickville. He said there was no doubt the controversy surrounding Ms Byrne's comments and support for Israeli goods to be boycotted ruined their chances in the seat. "I think it [the call for a boycott] had an effect on it and that's my feedback from the electorate. "It [a boycott on Israel] is not national Greens policy. It will be up to NSW Greens to have a look at Marrickville." (source)

The Greens in Marrickville were so cocky and arrogant before the elections. Let them fear the voices of reason which will continue to spotlight the inanity of policies such as the BDS.

Never for a moment doubt that AIM’s action is an agent of influence in our society – highlighting injustice, being reasonable and above all persistent.