Rapid breeding - a sign of Muslim immigration success

Sunday, 27 February 2011 10:09 Dan Zaremba News & Views - News Headlines - Commentary

It is good to see that the MSM and Labor Government are supporting the idea of higher birth rate among Australian citizens.

It is also good to know that they realize the importance of a healthy, growing and YOUNG population.

The latest wave of Muslim migrants are getting jobs and starting successful businesses.

They are buying houses, often using Islamic credit, and they are having big families. And all of this explains why shopping centres and neighbourhoods are being rapidly rebuilt as this ethnic baby boom drives growth.

Muslim neighbourhoods are being transformed by rising affluence, a result that supports the claim by Immigration Minister Chris Bowen that multiculturalism in Australia is working. (source)

Except, I would not call Islam “multiculturalism” but rather extreme monoculturalism Mr Bowen.

It is also sad that while rapid population growth among Muslim is a highly desirable phenomenon , the same occurrence among non-Muslims is branded as a threat to the environment (this “humanitarian” trend can be hidden behind the following euphemisms: sustainable population growth, family planning and of course birth control). (reference1), (reference2)

It is also obvious that this new parallel community (the ummah of Arncliffe) and its “dynamic” business cater mostly for Muslim community members.

Migrants from the Middle East are the latest wave and some may appear less willing to integrate, but they are earning good money and spending it.

.... Mr Tanana works part time in the industrial bakery owned by his extended family. The business turns out 7000 to 10,000 packets of Lebanese bread every day. (source)

Well, there is a bit of a problem with the “old type” of non-Muslim Aussies but they will eventually die out or move out somewhere else.

Tensions remain in Arncliffe after youths last year vandalised the local cenotaph before Anzac Day. Police said they were looking for youths of Middle Eastern appearance, but no one was arrested. (source)

Apart from that, the area of Arncliffe is peaceful. As long as you are Muslim you do not need to fear the new owners of the "block" (most of the time).

Boyz in the hood

And who would like to pick a fight with the new management anyway?

Just some examples of Arncliffe, Rockdale, business activities

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