Lara Bingle did not get the sheiks

Saturday, 11 December 2010 09:55 Dan Zaremba News & Views - News Headlines - Commentary

Australians love swimming and swimming competitions and so the10th FINA World Swimming Championships to be held in Dubai from 15-19 December 2010 should make us all very happy. (reference)

As always big swimming contests provide great opportunities for swimwear companies to promote their products.

I am sure that our icon company SPEEDO is  thrilled more about this great opportunity to promote their superior swimwear than all Australian swimming fans are about the fact that the championship is held in a totalitarian, Islamic cesspool (glossy maybe but still a totalitarian, Islamic cesspool).

In fact the whole "state" od Dubai is just a private property of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and so all companies all business and all decisions regarding Dubai are his and his kinfolk (and we at AIM are immensely happy for the Sheikh and his many relatives). 

Now, the good sheikh loves Australia (judging by the huge slice of Australian economy and land he bought himself into). 

He also likes a young Aussie celebrity Rachel Finch. In fact he likes her a lot and recently he personally "gobsmacked" her in his private tent during the last Emirates Melbourne Cup.

"I met the sheik himself on Cup day and 10 minutes later I had one of his assistants came up to invite me to the World Cup next year in Dubai," Finch said.
"I was gobsmacked."

Does it surprise you then that a few days ago poor Lara Bingle was dumped by Speedo and replaced by perky and sporty Rachel Finch?

Of course it does.

The sheikh would never ever even try to influence Speedo in ANY way!

What is more Speedo would never agree to replace Lara with Rachel because of some sheikh's polite request. Never.

Just a coincidence folks! Please stop the gossip!