Perhaps the punishment is a bit too harsh for little Iran

Thursday, 21 October 2010 04:30 Dan Zaremba News & Views - News Headlines - Commentary

Asked (allegedly) by a seven year old boy on the afternoon school bus to Marrakai, to remove her hijab, six year old Iran Ghavami responded in the way her Muslim upbringing conditioned her to respond - violence combined with humiliation of the kuffar boy.

A SIX-year-old Muslim girl has been banned from the school bus because she dacked a boy after he repeatedly told her to take off her hijab.  

 Darwin company Buslink sent a letter to Middle Point School at Fogg Dam stating that Year One student Iran Ghavami was banned for 10 days for "bullying and harassment of other passengers". (source)

Perhaps though,  it would make much more sense to penalize pappa Ghavani for forcing the girl to wear the dreadful symbol of female sexual slavery in public.

Say 10K fine to start with and a year in jail if he re-offends?

Of course Muslim males know very well how Australians respond when they see barbaric behaviour and deployment of  "hijab is my choice" is an excellent strategy to:

a) provoke our reactions/objections
b) play victim
c) gain media sympathy and support
d) enforce rules banning us from voicing our opinions on Islam in general (gaining holy cow status)

Please note - the newspaper automatically assumes that Muslim cultural conditioning is justified whereas our, western conditioning - in this case revulsion on a sight of cruelty to children - is not.

It simply doesn't bother with bringing the other side of the story either.

Has the boy done really anything at all to provoke the attack?

Remember Carnita Matthews?

After all the seven-year-old boy only reacted (if he did indeed) because he was culturally conditioned to be appalled on the sight of a girl wearing her ugly garb ...and .... being only seven he was honest about it.

Can you see what it means to have Islam in our midst?

It is we who MUST conform not THEM.

It is enforcing Sharia on the Kuffar even before any official Islamic takeover .

Respect barbarity, accept child abuse, shut up or otherwise you will be branded as Islamophobe.

And so may I ask you: What has Islam done for you today?