The joys of Halal ethics

Monday, 02 May 2011 08:44 Dan Zaremba

It is not just about Halal meat and Halal slaughter.

Allowing so called Halal industry into Australian way of life means accepting superior Halal (Shariah compliant) ethics.

A butcher in Yagoona has become the latest to be caught using the toxic additive - a major ingredient of battery acid - on beef mince. 

 Toufic Elarab, the owner of Yagoona Halal Meats, was also found by NSW Food Authority inspectors to be storing meat in an unsanitised shopping trolley while beef hung on rusty hooks was allowed to rest against filthy, blood-splattered walls in a storage area. (source)

Please keep in mind that every time we buy something labelled as HALAL we actively support ethics, and laws which justify and promote raping of captive women, killing of apostates and murder of polytheists.

Hat tip to Shirl

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