Aussie Dhimwit of the Month (May 2010)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010 08:15 Cassandra

Mega Dhimwit of the Millenium

First of all, commiserations to Ron Clarke and Al Age. Good dhimmis you may be, but none can compete with The Australian Curriculum Studies Association (ACSA), who are rushing to do their masters' bidding by forcing Islam into our schools.

Blue Heeler and Circe have written extensively on these mega dhimwits, (see Eeqbal Hassim - Please Leave! and ALERT: Islamic propaganda and dawa forced onto school children), so no need for me to elaborate. It only remains for me to say how humbled I am in the face of such enormous dhimmitude. ACSA are the Susan Boyle of dhimwits - a dull and dusty organisation which suddenly blazes into the world, revealing previously undreamed of heights of dhimmitude.

Learning from One Another: Bringing Muslim Perspectives into Australian Schools, by Eeqbal Hassim and Jennet Cole-Adams, is published by the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies in collaboration with the Australian Curriculum Studies Association, and promises to force us to respect Islam, by indoctrinating teachers, who in turn must indoctrinate their students.

But don't worry, Islam will show you how:

The book provides teachers with lesson plans, worksheets and information on the cultural practices and attitudes of Muslims as well as details about the Islamic world’s contributions to mathematics, philosophy and architecture. It also offers teachers very practical suggestions about how to respect Muslim cultural beliefs....

The resource will:

● provide avenues for you to introduce Islam and Muslim related content
in your classrooms

● equip you with the skills to meet the needs and expectations of
Muslim students and their parents in education

● facilitate a whole-school approach to supporting healthy relationships
and engagement with Muslim students, parents and communities

● develop an appreciation of Muslim history and cultures in Australia. (source)

Co-author Eeqbal Hassim is:

"passionate about reducing the mutual misunderstandings between Australia's Muslim minority and the predominant culture through education... "

And it seems that ACSA are equally passionate about destroying our egalitarian school system and replacing it with a repressive totalitarian brand of mind control, where Islam must be praised and celebrated.

So well done ACSA, the mega dhimwit of the Millenium!

Dear readers, this will be my last Dhimwit contribution, but please feel free to write your own article about a particular Dhimwit who you feel deserves the spotlight.

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