Aussie Dhimwit of the Month (April 2010)

Monday, 10 May 2010 21:06 Cassandra

UK election fever is in full swing, with the polls predicting a hung Parliament. No such uncertainty for our voters, who delivered a definitive win to Simon Crean.

The results were:

Number of Voters 793


Commiseration to the losers, despite their valiant effort at appeasement. Murdoch University are to be especially congratulated for managing to subvert the whole purpose of an institute of higher learning by hosting a National Symposium on Racism, premised on the foregone conclusion that Australia was racist and that Islam was the victim of such racism. The speakers (many of them Muslim) seemed to be selected for their eagerness to hector us on our racism and cultural insensitivity towards Islam. Hanifa Deen bewailed the fact that since 9/11 Muslims have been treated as 'a problem' with potential enemy status, and Professor Kev Dunn got hot under the collar about Racism (ours of course!) and Anglo cultural privilege. Dr Shakira Hussein lamented that Muslim gender norms were frequently cited as "unAustralian" and incompatible with "our values", while Yvonne Henderson decried equality of opportunity, apparently feeling that Muslims must be privileged "If you want to treat me equally, you may have to be prepared to treat me differently".


Vic Police, in a display of abject dhimmitude, took no action after a rally for Gaza in Melbourne when Muslims used a hijabbed tot to carry a banner calling for genocide of Jews, yet were diligent in rushing to ban a Crucifixion re-enactment in Geelong over Easter weekend. The police who shut the Christian event down admitted the Christians were not breaking the law, nor of course were they inciting hatred against anyone. By contrast, the Muslims were most definitely committing a very serious crime by inciting genocide. I suspect that many in Vic Police would be unhappy with this differential treatment of Christianity and Islam, but under sensitivity-trained Simon Overland, had no choice but to obey their dhimmi boss.

So let's salute the winner, Simon Crean, for promoting Sharia Finance in Australia, though he should not take all the credit. As Dave Clark points out:

"Assistant Treasurer and all round moron Nick Sherry was just over in Bahrain, Qatar and UAE grovelling to the Islamists for acceptance and promising to change Australian laws to accommodate the Sharia. Add Sherry and Chris Bowen as co-winners with Crean accepting on their behalf. It was sickening listening to Sherry (transcripts are on his website), literally promising to adapt Australia to Islam so as not to 'discriminate.' "

Crean's reckons “The big opportunity is in Islamic finance because there is a whole population out there that is based on Islamic law.”

So by that logic, we should introduce stoning to death for adultery, killing homosexuals and infidels who won't convert, and reintroduce slavery to cater for the "whole population out there that is based on Islamic law.”

A Media Release "Landmark Islamic finance publication " explains:

Trade Minister Simon Crean launched the Australian Government's first-ever comprehensive publication on Islamic finance, explaining the opportunities that booming Shariah-compliant investment and banking offers Australia's financial services sector.
Australia is well positioned to service almost 1 billion Muslims who live in the Asia-Pacific region and to tap into petrodollar liquidity.
“Islamic financing is a crucial plank in the Government's strategy to make Australia a financial hub in the Asia Pacific region,” Mr Crean said.
“There is huge potential in Islamic financing which is estimated to be worth more than A$1 trillion (US$822 billion) and has grown at 10 per cent per annum for the past decade.”
“Islamic financing is a booming sector and Australia should be part of the action.”
Key opportunities for the Islamic finance industry include:
* attracting Islamic banks to establish operations in Australia;
* Australian-based banks providing Shariah-compliant investment and financing products across the Asia Pacific and Gulf regions;
* Shariah-compliant managed funds;
* attracting investment in Australian assets and business from overseas Shariah investors.

At the launch of Austrade's publication on Islamic finance, Crean might not have bowed in Obama fashion, but nonetheless made obeisance to Arabia a priority:

... I'd like to give a warm welcome to the visiting Islamic finance delegation from the United Arab Emirates... Islamic or Shariah-compliant finance offers significant investment opportunities for the Australian financial services industry and a competitive source of offshore capital.
As Trade Minister, I have taken a great interest in promoting the expansion of Shariah-compliant finance into Australia, as part of a push to elevate Australia's sophisticated, efficient and highly skilled financial sector to the world stage.
The competitiveness of Australia's financial services sector offers great opportunities for Islamic banks and financial institutions to do business here or export their products to Asia.
It also presents opportunities for Australian-based banks and financial institutions to develop Islamic finance products for domestic and international markets.
In 2008, I visited Malaysia where I discussed Islamic finance with representatives of Malaysia's financial sector.
After that meeting, convinced of industry's interest and the opportunities for Australia's financial services sector, I wrote to the then Assistant Treasurer, the Hon Chris Bowen, urging him to consider Islamic finance in the industry led review, the Johnson Report, which includes two recommendations on Islamic financial services.
Firstly, the Report calls for a Board of Taxation inquiry into whether Australian tax law treats Islamic finance products on an equal footing with other finance products...With several of the common Shariah-compliant products normally mandating a double transfer of ownership, the Review noted that asset transfer taxes are a significant additional burden.
Secondly, the Report proposes the removal of any regulatory barriers to the development of Islamic financial products in Australia.
Addressing areas of taxation and regulatory reform will make it easier for industry to do business. I strongly support efforts to ensure Australia has the right regulatory framework to
encourage the development of this growing sector. I also support the recommendations in the review which seek to ensure Islamic finance receives parity of treatment with conventional products.
We believe that Islamic finance can add to the depth and sophistication of our financial markets.
We also recognise that there are almost 400,000 Australian Muslims who may use Islamic financial services if they are made more accessible.
Fostering Islamic finance here will also open up new education and training opportunities for our universities and tertiary institutions which are widely recognised as centres of excellence. For example, La Trobe University launched Australia's first Master of Islamic Banking and Finance last year and many Universities now offer subjects on Islamic banking and finance as part of a commerce/accounting/finance degree.
Islamic finance also provides an alternative financing option to all consumers and investors, not just Muslims, especially to those who are interested in ethical investment.
In 2001 the UK flagged its intention to become the Islamic finance entry point into Europe. It did this ensuring Islamic based finance products were given parity of treatment with conventional products.
The UK in 2005 amended its Finance Act to exempt land tax and stamp duty. This reform sent out a strong statement to the Islamic world by creating a commercial environment which offered a range of Sharia-compliant products.
In November 2009, GE raised US$500 million through the issuance of sukuks, or Islamic bonds, the first major US company to do so.
Other companies, such as Shell and the British supermarket chain Tesco, have also tapped Islamic financial markets for funding.
I am pleased that Australia's interest in Islamic finance has been growing in recent years, with a number of Australian firms developing and launching Islamic finance products for both domestic and international markets.
The most recent example is today's launch by Westpac Institutional Bank of its Special Interbank Placement for Islamic institutions. This is another example of Australian innovation in collaboration with offshore Islamic institutional investors to create solutions specifically for investment by Islamic customers... I hope this is the first of many Islamic banking products, including for our superannuation and funds management industries.
The Forum's report recognises the great potential offered by Islamic finance.
In this regard, Austrade has an important role in bringing together the private sector, government agencies and the Islamic financial community.
I'd like to congratulate Austrade and the Dubai Export Development Corporation for organising the visiting delegation from the UAE. ..And I would like to recognise the initiative shown by the state governments of Victoria and New South Wales who have been early promoters of the opportunities offered by Islamic finance
. (source)

Sharia finance is ethical, Simon says.

We could become like the UK, Simon says.

Sharia is good for Australia, Simon Says.

Certainly, introducing Sharia a good way to ensure the collapse of our economic system, which is of course was the Muslim Brotherhood's idea when they dreamed it up! Profits from Sharia finance go to advance the jihad against us. So how is this good for Australia?

It is certainly good for Islam, and that's enough for Crean to win the coveted Dhimwit award for May.

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