Aussie Dhimwit of the Month (February 2010)

Thursday, 08 April 2010 20:18 Cassandra

Not surprisingly, in view of his craven Australia Day address, Peter Cosgrove was way ahead of the field. But playwright Hannie Rayson, and psychiatrist/Australian of the Year, Patrick McGorry,  must be applauded for trying hard in their own way to denigrate our Western culture and elevate Islam.

The results for February were:

Peter Cosgrove 442      77.8%
Hannie Rayson 93       16.4%
Patrick McGorry 33         5.8%



Having been given the honour of addressing the nation on this important day, Cosgrove decided to use the opportunity to disparage Australia and its citizens - all for our own good, of course!

While he admitted Aussies have a "sense of compassion, generosity, selflessness and equity when we encounter the suffering and need of our neighbours in the region",  he warned that this must be balanced against what he sees as our innate racism:

"It was only about four years ago when there was significant public disorder in the Cronulla shire, violent, alcohol-fuelled and shocking... that seemed to be an outcome of rising tension between locals and their supporters purporting to represent the amorphous majority, and an ethnic minority."

Cosgrove could have mentioned that the members of this ethnic minority were committed to racism, harassment of women on the beach and uber violence, and that the so-called amorphous majority were reacting after years of provocation. But we mustn't let honesty get in the way of appeasing Islam.

Warming to his theme of our wickedness, he couldn't resist labelling the recent attacks on Indians in Melbourne as yet another example of our racism, despite evidence to suggest many of the attackers were from ethnic, often Muslim communities. But hey, who cares about facts, when there's an opportunity to demonise Aussies!

He talked wistfully of how earlier migrants had assimilated, working hard to adopt the values and culture of Australian society. Reflecting why this hadn't happened with Muslims, instead of coming to the obvious conclusion that they CHOOSE to segregate, he blamed us for  "an ongoing estrangement between broader society and elements of our Muslim community" claiming (against all evidence) that:

"Muslims have merged into society as seamlessly as any other grouping. Mosques have been respected places of worship around Australia for many years."

Astonishingly, he attributes this estrangement,  not to Islamic supremacism which dictates they are not here to integrate into infidel society but to dominate, to our failure to prevent the Islamic community from feeling alienated and isolated from the mainstream.

So what's this Dhimwit's solution? Despite acknowledging there is a wider confrontation "between jihadists and their range of perceived enemies around the world", he urges us to try harder to " engage with the broader Islamic community and especially those who have turned away from us."(source)

Yes, do let's hold more interfaith events, give them more privileges, including separate prayer rooms and toilets on campus, throw money at them to build mega Mosques where they can preach hatred against infidels. They are sure to repay this generosity by showing their undying loyalty to us. No matter that we are the victims of Islamic thuggery, we must just try harder to appease.

It's astonishing that such a highly placed Army Officer fails to understand the first rule of war - to know your enemy. It's not difficult; just some cursory background reading will establish that throughout its history, Islam has been a violent totalitarian political ideology, whose object is to wage jihad on any non-islamic country, take it over and impose sharia, subjugating or  killing infidels who refuse to convert.

So for his obeisance to Islam, together with his denunciation of all decent Australians, Cosgrove is a most deserving February DHIMWIT.

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