Aussie Dhimwit of the Year - 2009

Tuesday, 19 January 2010 06:59 Wendy Larkson

The Allure of Fantasy

As readers are aware Tim Fischer earned the name Dhimwit of the year for 2009. Not everyone is a dhimwit, and not every dhimwit is a prize dhimwit, but Tim has leapt high mountains of ignorance and sped faster than speeding bullets of political correctness to earn his title of disgrace. As pointed out in previous AIM articles, Tim Fischer, deputy PM served from 1996 until 1999 under John Howard, and then retired from politics [in 1999] to pursue other interests. What were those interests? Well his interest in Middle Eastern matters had been developing for some time and he heard the alluring call of the bulldust echoing over the Arabian desert, beckoning him towards Riyadh so to speak.  As Dan Zaremba pointed out:


The turning point might have been when he was offered a position on the Advisory Board of the Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies at the Australian National University in 1994, where he helped it obtain generous funds from UAE, Iran and Turkey. .Of course, there are always strings attached, such as toning down the rhetoric on Islam and terrorism, as well as downplaying our friendship towards Israel. (source)

Well ,as the article says ‘this is where you might meet the right people, people who can recognize your many talents and put them to practical use.’ And Tim Fischer met some powerful people who lured him with business and other interests. It was more profitable than Bing Crosby’s earnings from the Road to Morocco movie. So what does it matter if you have to change you opinions and view of reality and mentally cringe to Islamic potentates?
Fischer traded in his reality monitor for some fairy tales [and a lot of Muslim money and hospitality] and in fact he should be given a Hans Christian Andersen award for fantasy with regard to his imaginative accounts of history for they have taken flight from all reality and are pure invention. Or perhaps the darker fantasy of the Brothers Grimm is more his style. Fischer made statements such as:

Israel has brutally denied Palestinian rights to statehood in a policy of escalating repression that leaves it increasing bereft of friends. In the late 1970s, it funded and supported Islamic charities, the precursors of Hamas, as a “moderate” alternative to the PLO. (source)

Why bother with facts when one is on a rhetorical roll? One cannot spoil a good fairy tale with details such as the continual throwing of thousands of rockets from Gaza to Israel, the never ending threats of suicide bombers [funny how they are all Muslims] and the moral, political and social degradation that inevitably accompanies any Islamic attempts at power.  There is only one item missing from Tim Fischer’s conversion to Islamic Clone. A fez. He should dress to suit the part and surely with his slant on things, this should not be too much trouble for him. Then he can pursue camel riding, slaughtering sheep in his backyard,  seeing how many women he can fit into the boot of a car and do stone throwing practice. Not to stone the crows but to stone some targets selected by the local mullah who might be displeased.  Fischer’s  Road to Riyadh fantasy is well under way and he outdoes the other contenders for Dhimwittery Award by the sheer strength of his resistance to the slightest shred of a fact. The sands of the desert have blown across his face and have stopped up his ears as he gazes up at the moonlight and sees camels jumping over the moon, smiling faces everywhere in Islam and thinks the qu’ran is a interesting book, even if he hasn’t read it. And so he adds to the march of folly, subtracting from the sum of human knowledge every time he opens his mouth. 

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