Aussie Dhimwit of the Month (September 2009)

Friday, 09 October 2009 12:35 Cassandra
Tim Kisses Muslim ArseOnce again, it was a tight race, with Tim Fischer, Gary Bouma and Simon Overland all popular choices. Sadly, only one could win, and Tim just pipped the others to the post. But Gary should be commended for his sterling efforts in simultaneously diminishing academic standards (helping coordinate Monash University's discredited Global Terrorism Research Centre  - see Monash: Sex and Terror 101),  and undermining the teachings of his Church  (at a Muslim students’ conference,  he claimed providing prayer rooms, halal food etc wasn’t enough and  ‘all subject areas should be rewritten to incorporate an appreciation of the role of religions in Australian life’. Simon must also be acknowledged for his commitment to spruiking for Islam, even when Muslims break the law he is pledged to enforce. Sadly, despite its best endeavours to promote Islamic totalitarianism and vilify democratic Israel, Al Age were not even in the running. Could it be that, alongside their dismal journalistic standards, their relevance has also become minimal?

The results were as follows:

Tim Fischer: 30.8%
Gary Bouma: 27.4%
Simon Overland: 26.2%
The Age: 15.6%
Tim Fischer, unlike his hero Yasser Arafat (who he personally invited to Australia when Deputy Prime Minister), never misses an opportunity  After retiring from politics, he started attacking Israel while lamenting the sufferings of the Palestinians,  and becoming increasingly critical about American  policy in the Middle East:
"Israel has brutally denied Palestinian rights to statehood in a policy of escalating repression that leaves it increasingly bereft of friends. In the late 1970s, it funded and supported Islamic charities, the precursors of Hamas, as a “moderate” alternative to the PLO. " (source)
What could have changed him? Well, Tim had became involved in some business dealings with rich Middle East oil states. The turning point might have been when he was offered a position on the Advisory Board of the Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies at the Australian National University in 1994, where he helped it obtain generous funds from UAE, Iran and Turkey. Of course, there are always strings attached, such as toning down the rhetoric on Islam and terrorism, and downplaying our friendship towards Israel.
In Tim kisses Arafat's Hand2004 Tim was appointed chairman of Tourism Australia, where he showed tremendous interest in Middle Eastern countries, especially the UAE. Shortly afterwards, the Australian Government gave Emirates and Etihad Airlines the go-ahead to boost its services between Dubai and Australia.  (AIM: Selling Out Australia Part2 ).
Tim is  a firm friend of totalitarianism. He was the first to chair The Parliamentary Friends of Palestine, apparently finding nothing incongruous about Parliament supporting this violent anti-democratic regime.

James Jeffrey, in The Fisch of Tobruk, wrote:
JUST when you thought the CV of Bhutan booster, train enthusiast, ambassador to the Holy See and former deputy PM Tim Fischer couldn't possibly be extended, he has popped up in Tripoli as Australia's special representative at the 40th anniversary of the Libyan revolution... And he's there in suitably loud company, namely Melbourne's Rats of Tobruk Memorial Pipes and Drums band, who've been doing midnight performances before Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, King Abdullah II of Jordan and others. "They were terrific," Fischer tells Strewth. Fischer and the band will head to Tobruk  for the 70th anniversary of the start of World War II. (source)

If you thought Tim couldn't possibly get lower in rushing to celebrate with Gaddafi, there's more:
Tim Fischer has been accused by Canberra insiders of meeting the infamous Lockerbie bomber during a recent trip to Libya.
Diplomatic corridors of power are abuzz with talk that Fischer met with the convicted mass murderer Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi, who was curiously released by the UK government on health grounds but has since been air-punching his way around Tripoli at shin-digs held to celebrate his terror attack on a civilian flight over Scotland that killed 270 people. Megrahi was a Libyan intelligence officer who was convicted of 270 counts of murder due to his direct personal involvement in assembling the suitcase bomb that exploded on-board.
The Ambassador, a well-known friend of Arab dictators, was in Libya earlier this month to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of a bloody military coup that put Megrahi’s boss ColonelGaddafi in charge of the oil-rich nation.
Fischer has previously been implicated in peddling unsubstantiated allegations against Israel, including bizarre and spectacular claims that Israel deliberately attacked a US Navy ship. Few outside fanatically anti-Israel and neo-Nazi circles believe the incident was anything other than a tragic “friendly fire” error. Decades after the incident, declassified documents from the US and Israel confirmed that. Tim Fischer remains unconvinced. (source)
Tim with Gadaffi

It seems the evidence means nothing to Tim in his zeal to discredit Israel and support his jihadi mates:
FIscher was  busted by Ted Lapkin for a blatant misrepresentation of history where he alleged that an Israeli attack on the US Navy ship USS Liberty was "premeditated and deliberate" in a letter to the the Financial Review of July 14.
Lapkin wrote: "two years ago, the US National Security Agency released transcripts of Israeli Air Force radio communications intercepts that conclusively proved the incident to be a tragic case of misidentification.

During the course of the attack, two Israeli helicopters were vectored to the scene with orders to pick up survivors. But unbeknown to the Israelis, an American spy plane was monitoring the frequency being used for communication between the choppers and air traffic control.

Transcripts of the Israeli radio traffic clearly demonstrate that the Israelis were convinced that the Liberty was an Egyptian navy supply vessel.

But upon approaching the Liberty, one of the helicopter pilots identified an American flag flying over the stricken ship. The transcripts indicate that this news caused consternation at Israeli Air Force headquarters.

The tapes of Israeli radio traffic, as well as English translated transcripts, are available on the NSA's website.
They are confirmed by Marvin Nowicki, a US Navy Arabic/Hebrew linguist who was on the American spy plane that day, reaffirming the original conclusion of the 1967 US Navy court of inquiry that the attack on the USS Liberty was an unfortunate case of wartime friendly fire.

This material is both conclusive and easily accessed...By resurrecting this long discredited calumny, the only thing Fischer proves is own deep-seated bias against Israel. (source)

A few other snippets you might not be aware of:Tim Loves Islam

  • Fischer infamously alleged that Mossad agents stole Malcolm Fraser’s trousers during the notorious  episode where Mal was found with his pants down outside a seedy Memphis bar.

  • As Howard's Trade Minister, Fischer appalled many with his  unauthorised invitation to Yasser Arafat, then leader of the Palestinian Authority, for a state visit.

  • Fischer has built up tremendous credibility with Arab military backed dictatorships, funnelling many hundreds of millions of dollars to governments like Iraq through government agencies like the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation. One sweet scam that redistributed hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money to the Iraqi Baathist regime via Australian wheat exports.

  • Fischer was responsible for $522 million of taxpayers money being given to the Saddam Hussein murder regime.

  • He has been the frequent guest of Arab dictators during and after his term as a senior Coalition minister and Deputy Prime Minister. (source)

All these add up to an impeccable record of dhimmitude.  

So let's raise our glasses to Dhimwit Tim,  best friend to Islamic tyrants!

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