Aussie Dhimwit of the Month (July 2009)

Sunday, 02 August 2009 00:58 Cassandra

Leunig - Australian Living DisgraceAnd the winner is Michael Leunig, who  romped home with 37.8% of the votes, well ahead of Julia Gillard's 27.8%. Laurie Ferguson and the University of Sydney put up a brave fight, but with such strong contenders, could only manage 18.6% and 14% respectively.

One can only gaze in awe at an Australian cartoonist whose work featured alongside other Jew-hating offerings in Iran's 2006 Holocaust-denying competition held in response to the publication in Europe of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. If you are asking, “why blame the Jews when a Danish newspaper published the cartoons?”, I'm afraid I can't enlighten you.


Cartoon 1


Admittedly, Leunig didn't enter his masterpiece himself, but when he discovered it had been submitted and asked the organisers to withdraw his cartoon, he rushed to defend them:

“They were courteously apologising, they had been co-operative. They cared”

When interviewed by Iranian TV, Leunig happily followed their line:

Q:Why doesn’t the West exert pressure on certain regional countries which have nuclear arsenals?
A: I don’t know. I don’t understand. It is bewildering and a significant cause of despair in the world: this question of exceptionalism and two different sets of rules. This is naked, bold, arrogant hypocrisy.
I think that racism is a huge factor. Certain nations have always felt entitled by their strange sense of genetic superiority to treat other nations badly. They feel entitled to  privileges but this is just infantile greed converted into foreign policy and ideology.
It’s quite a perverse and corrupted way of thinking. It’s immoral but very common. Imperialism is very traditional - some historically imperialistic nations are very comfortable with it and think it’s normal and proper.

No prizes for guessing who he's referring to when he mentions exceptionalism, racism and imperialism! But give Leunig his due. He sticks to his guns and never resiles from his we're-the-real-terrorists stance. Only last week, he published a cartoon accusing the West of hypocrisy in fighting in Afghanistan:


Cartoon 2

And lest anyone accuse him of not showing enough support for Palestinian jihadi's, take a look at this little gem:



Cartoon 3


Leunig is incensed about:

“Israeli aircraft bombing Gaza – the tormented little punishment space of one-and-a-half million desperate and helpless Palestinian refugees, half of them children. The Palestinians were being crushed yet again in the most cynical and brutal way – and as if this was not appalling enough, the government of Israel was also trying to tell the world that this chaotic mire of blood and rubble and burnt human flesh was a legitimate and necessary procedure in the making of civilisation and a better world.”

He hates it when the West fights jihadis:

“Modern military conflict should not longer be called “warfare”. It is more like mass industrial killing than combat. It is coercive homicide posing as defence, and is radically uneven – or “asymmetrical” as the militarists like to say. In the Western calculation, it means that we do the killing and they do the dying. The children, the mothers, the elderly and the poor do the dying in particular: those not-quite-white people, born in distant unfortunate lands – they do all the wailing and the suffering.”

But Leunig doesn't just confine his passion to drawings. In January this year,  he spoke at a rally for Gaza sponsored by Australians for Palestine.  Ignoring the fact that Israel was defending itself against a genocidal enemy, he declared :"

"Our Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have asked us to abandon conscience on the issue of the Gaza massacre and to submit to the idea that this crime against humanity is somehow appropriate.”

It seems supporting a murderous group like Hamas which has pledged to kill Jews everywhere poses no problem to our righteous cartoonist.

Leunig has come a long way from his humble beginnings drawing ducks and whimsical teapots.

He has used the freedoms our democracy affords to spew hate for America, Israel and the West, at the same time rushing to support totalitarians who would destroy our freedoms.
So for all these efforts to promote the cause of moral inversion, Leunig is our Dhimwit for July!

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