Religious Apartheid Revisited

Saturday, 18 December 2010 18:21 Persephone Racism-Apartheid - Religious Apartheid

For La Trobe University, situated in Bundoora in Melbourne’s Western suburbs, it is not enough to have separate toilets and wash rooms for Muslims, which echoes the worst form of the Jim Crow laws.L a Trobe boasts about it: religious apartheid is something La Trobe is very proud of. (reference)

Could you imagine them spending that sort of time or money on separate Buddhist or Hindu wash rooms, or setting aside a separate prayer room for Zoroastrians? Of course they wouldn’t, because La Trobe has chosen to privilege the Islamic community over all other religious groups.

La Trobe has recently spent the sum of $927,000 of Australian taxpayers’ money on yet another Islamic  prayer room. If this is an example of supporting higher education, I’d rather have the option to divest now.

The University has also taken the liberty of printing a new student lifestyle guide for Muslim students, with links to where to get halal food, where to find Islamic doctors and dentist, as well as various mosques and other assorted Islamic entities.

To conclude, La Trobe, under the guise of multiculturalism, has implemented the worst form of religious apartheid, privileging a specific group over all others. Universities are supposed to be bastions of freedom of thought and expression, but in reality this has not been the case for a long time.

Under Islam, if something is haram, it will not be tolerated and neither will ideas or other religions which deviate from the beliefs of the Islamic prophet Mohammad. Why is La Trobe supporting Islamic ideas?