HALAL Food and False Idols

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Increasingly we are confronted by Halal food products whether it is in the butcher or more likely at the Supermarket or even at fast food outlets like Subway, KFC and Nandos. Even some restaurants are openly advertising Halal food. Many people believe that Halal means that the food is fresher and hormone free, and even has been blessed so it must be a good choice. Indeed most people understand that Halal is the ritually prepared food for Islam.

But what really is the background to the Halal concept?



In this article we shall consider the nature and implications of food that has been dedicated to the Muslim “God” Allah and is so called Halal or permissible for Muslims to eat.

It all starts in the slaughterhouse or abattoir where under Islamic laws, the animal must be turned to face Mecca and a Muslim slaughterman recites the words “In the name of Allah the greatest” in Arabic, before slitting the throat with a sharp knife. The gullet and windpipe are cut and possibly one or two sets of blood vessels. As the animal is unstunned and must bleed slowly to death, this is a cruel method of slaughter, but allowed under Religious exemptions by our government.

There are costs to the processing plant to obtain Halal certification and for Islamic inspectors to approve the Halal process. Other implications are that labour is discriminatory as slaughtermen must be Muslim. Many food processors don’t want the added cost of producing both Halal and non Halal so they standardise on Halal only, even though only about 2% of Australians are Muslims.

Funds paid to Islamic organizations in this way can be used to promote Islam and even fund Jihad.
The first major implication to the consumer is that there is no choice and that the added costs of Halal certification and Islamic inspectors are passed on as higher food prices, even though the majority of Australians don’t want Halal products.

What is it about Mecca?

Let us now consider what it implies to face Mecca and to do this we will be guided by the words of Walid Shoebat in his book “God’s War on Terror”. Central to Mecca is the Kaaba which houses the black stone that Muslims rub and kiss during the Hajj.

Shoebat notes that Mohammed called the Kaaba black stone “Yameen Allah” which means the right hand of Allah with which he touches his servants. It is the visible right hand of the invisible Allah! The reader will quickly conclude that the Kaaba stone is nothing short of a False Idol. But there is more.

It is a historical fact that the pre Islamic Arabs worshipped black stone. John of Damascus (676-749) who lived at the advent of Islam and who served the Caliph wrote about Muslims that “these were idolaters who reverenced the morning star and Aphrodite”. In fact John of Damascus went further and said that Islam is “a superstition among the Ishmaelites which is the forerunner of the Antichrist”. Now Aphrodite is actually Allat, the feminine root of Allah. According to the Book of Idols by Hisham al-Kalbi, the pre-Islamic Arabs believed Allat resided in the Kaaba and had an idol for her in the sanctuary. The black stone of Mecca owes its reputation to the tradition that it fell from the heavens. In an Islamic tradition authenticated by At-Tirmidhi, Al-Albani notes “Allah will raise up the black stone on the Day of Judgment, and it will have two eyes and a tongue which it talks with, and it will give witness to everyone who touched it in truth”. This is remarkably similar to the Satanic image of the Beast in Revelation 13:15 which can speak and can cause all who do not worship it to be killed.
Clearly, the Bible alludes to the Satanic nature of the Kaaba stone here.

The Satanic Nature of Allah

In the Quran 24:35-36 Allah is depicted as a shining star, like a lamp. In Isaiah 14 it describes how Satan is a star fallen from Heaven and was the Bearer of Light, like a lamp. Revelation 9:1 also remarks on the star that is fallen from Heaven. In Ezekiel 28-32 and Ezekiel 38, the nations that fight for Satan are all Islamic countries today, including Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Gaza, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan and Libya.

Tahannuth or Hajj?

Before Mohammed experienced the demonic embrace in the cave of Hira, he engaged in what was known in Arabia as Tahannuth where he would pray in seclusion for a month and then walk around the Kaaba seven times. So Ramadan and walking around the Kaaba seven times which Muslims do today during their Hajj is nothing more than a pagan ritual Mohammed brought to Islam.

Interestingly Shoebat notes an allegorical passage in the Bible in Ezekiel 31:3 which describes the circling of the Kaaba stone as Satanic. In allegorical language it reads “Behold, Satan, a beautiful angel clothed in beautiful covering, an angel with high status. Peoples and multitudes from every nation made him great, and the underworld set him up high with the multitudes running about his idol”. This is exactly what Muslims do each year when they stream around the Kaaba to have their sins forgiven by the right hand of Allah. And in Jeremiah 51:44 it states “I will punish Bel in Babylon, and the nations will not stream to him anymore”. God will destroy Islam!

Now Bel is the moon God and Babylon here is Saudi Arabia in the End Times, so Ezekiel is saying that a time is coming when Muslims will no longer stream around the Kaaba. In Revelation 17 when speaking about these End Times, it describes the “Whore of Babylon” who sits on the Beast. The Beast will hate the whore and burn it up with fire. Now this is allegorical language again. Aphrodite (Allat) was the whore or prostitute goddess whose idol is in the Kaaba, the beast is the revived Islamic Caliphate and Mecca is the spiritual controller of Islam (who sits on the Beast). From this, it means that Islam itself will destroy Mecca. Islamic eschatology agrees that both Mecca and Medina will be destroyed.

In summary then, Walid makes a strong case that:

  1. The Kaaba stone is a pagan idol, but also the right hand of Allah
  2. Streaming around the Kaaba is what the followers of Satan will do
  3. Allah is Satan, the shining star fallen from Heaven, based on all the illusions in the Bible.


Regardless of your religious persuasion or beliefs, it is unacceptable and discriminatory for our government to force us to eat meat dedicated to Allah without our knowledge.

It is also unacceptable to make people pay the higher costs for meat for a ritual that less than 2 percent of our population want.

It is unacceptable that profits from the Halal industry that most Australians don’t want, can be used to fund Jihad against Australians.

When people understand just what it means for animals to be turned to face the Kaaba and prayed over to Allah, they surely will demand to have a choice not to eat Halal meat. For Christians it is even clearer as all Christians are advised to avoid meat sacrificed to false idols. [1 Corinthians 8] This affects over 12 million Australian Christians.

We must demand truth in labelling of food from our politicians.

It is time to remind them that we elect them, not the other way around.

It is time to investigate the abattoirs, the meat wholesalers, the butchers, Supermarkets, fast food outlets and even restaurants, and demand that Halal food is separated and labelled correctly.

We need a strong campaign to oppose Halal food being used to Islamize Australia.

Please also call your local MP and ask for a meeting.


Shoebat W. “God’s War on Terror: Islam, Prophecy and the Bible”

HALAL Food Supply Chain

Editor's Addition (Courtesy of Raoul Machal)