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Saturday, 22 May 2010 08:34 Dan Zaremba

Dear readers, supporters, friends!

For the last two weeks a number of hackers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Germany, Russia  and the US have been trying to bring this website down.

AIM content was deleted twice and there have been  ongoing "denial of service" attacks  coming down with  various degrees of ferocity from, different directions.


Two days ago our host suspended our account because our attackers  continuously bombarded our site and   almost succeeded in bringing down their server and thousands of other  websites, which share the space on the server with us.


Finally, I decided to shut down our site for a day to properly secure the system.

I am positive that  this has been achieved but there are still some features on our site which hasn't been yet enabled.

Please be patient.

By the end of today (Saturday, May 21, 2010) the site will be 100% as it was before or better as I improved security (we purchased commercial software packages) and I've done a "post-mortem" on the malicious scripts as well as the methods used by the attackers to destroy the site.
Additionally I upgraded our account and in a couple of hours we'll have a dedicated IP address, which will increase the stability and hopefully  access speed.

Just one more note :

Please understand,   the site has never been in any "mortal danger" as I have been  always prepared with the latest backups as well as with additional emergency mirror websites.

And so it has been more of  a nuisance  and annoyance than any real tragedy.

Overall we haven't lost a single file and the site is better and stronger.

Of course we are not 100% secure. No website and no software is and a similar situation may happen any time in the future.

Still, will be back.


Thank you for your readership and ongoing support.


Dan Zaremba

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