Leunig, show how brave you really are

Wednesday, 11 April 2007 08:06 Cassandra

In his cartoon in The Age today (11.04.07), Leunig takes a swipe at the Christian religion. He portrays two Roman soldiers looking at a large wooden cross, with the caption reading “I suppose we can either sell it on E-bay or put it in storage until the Mufti’s been processed.” To compare the situation of the Mufti, who has been accused of funnelling money to terrorists, and has exhibited extreme views against women, Australians and non-Muslims, with the suffering of Christ, is outrageous.

This bold and fearless cartoonist delights in racist and anti-Semitic cartoons , knowing full well that, however offended the Jews might be, they will not harm him.
He also knows he is on safe ground with the Christians, who will no doubt be hurt and upset by his latest insult to their religion, but in keeping with their religious tenets, will never threaten harm or revenge.




Either Leunig is totally unaware of what Islam stands for, or in his cowardice is complicit in  Islam’s deception, or maybe both. The fact is that the Mufti’s views are as far from Christ’s teaching as it is possible to be. The Mufti’s religion is filled with hate towards non-Muslims, subjugates woman, approves of slavery and polygamy and mandates death for homosexuals and apostates. Jesus, on the other hand, preached a message of love to all humanity.

So here’s a challenge to Leunig: in the interests of treating the three main monotheistic religions equally, insult the Muslims next time. Go on, I dare you!
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