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Friday, 17 June 2011 04:22 Cassandra

Cate Blanchett cares deeply about the environment - which is why she appeared in a video campaign urging us to say ‘YES’ to the government’s proposed carbon tax.

Now we all know that carbon is totally evil, but to reinforce the point, a coal-fired power station, which looked remarkably similar to the old Battersea Power Station, decommissioned in 1983, featured in the background.

So keen is Cate on the environment, she happily endorsed the Emirates’ Australian resort:

BEFORE Carbon Cate urged us to ''say yes'' to a carbon tax, she soaked up the carbon-neutral atmosphere of the Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa in the Blue Mountains, which is billed as the world's first ''CarboNZero'' resort. A lesser-known role for Blanchett is being an anonymous reviewer of boutique hotels for the Mr & Mrs Smith guidebook…Battlers who can't afford a $25-$30-a-tonne carbon tax will never be able to laze in a double room that starts from $1560. With the joint penmanship of husband Andrew Upton, the couple wrote: ''We're plummeting through a vertiginously kaleidoscopic, William Robinson-esque landscape of eucalypts and wattles, sheared-off sandstone and coiling road … What can we say? Beautiful, and brainy, too - the world's first carbon-zero resort, which loses nothing to hair-shirtery and gains everything in a real and profound engagement with its environment.” (source)

You may remember how ecstatic reviewers were about this Emirates’ takeover of a pristine part of our Australian heritage. Even before it was built, it won an award - which is a bit like being awarded the Nobel Prize while still in the womb!

It is yet to be built, but Emirates' Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa has already collected its first accolade, which it received at the New South Wales Tourism Awards…Presented by NSW Tourism Minister, The Hon Sandra Nori MP, the Certificate of Recognition award acknowledges Emirates' contribution to raising the profile of tourism in NSW, by selecting the Blue Mountains as the location for its first conservation-based resort outside Dubai.

Tony Williams, Emirates Vice President - Resorts and Projects said: "The support of NSW Tourism is instrumental in our efforts to turn this special location into a wildlife conservancy and sanctuary that will further showcase Australia to the world."

Using the philosophy of the award-winning Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa in Dubai, the project will be one of Australia's most environmentally sympathetic developments, and will provide world-class, six star hospitality facilities and services to guests.

Mr. Williams noted: "Our plan is to protect this site and its wildlife, starting with land regeneration to reinstate native vegetation, and to create a refuge for the re-introduction and protection of many locally threatened species of native flora and fauna.

Emirates is investing Dhs. 142 million (approx. US$38.8 million) to build the luxury conservation resort in 3600 acres of freehold land in Australia's Blue Mountains - its first such hospitality development outside of the UAE. (source)

Five years on, it won another award:

Emirates’ long term commitment to sustainability and the environment through its hotels and resorts portfolio has been rewarded with one of the most prestigious global awards in the travel and tourism industry.

Emirates Hotels & Resorts was honoured with the Conservation Award at the 2010 World Travel & Tourism Council’s (WTTC)… recognising best practices in sustainable tourism development, conservation and bio-diversity protection.

Emirates Hotels & Resorts (EH&R) portfolio encompasses three major conservation projects spread across three continents: Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa in Dubai, Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa in Australia and the forthcoming Cap Ternay Resort & Spa in the Seychelles.

Hans Haensel, Divisional Senior Vice President, Emirates Destination and Leisure Management stated: “Emirates has taken environmental commitments seriously; and our resorts and their conservation work form a central focus of our corporate environmental policy.

Jean-Claude Baumgarten, President & CEO of WTTC said: "The Conservation Award is awarded to hotels and tourism organisations which have demonstrated that their tourism developments and operations have directly contributed to conservation of natural habitats, bio-diversity, and wildlife protection. Emirates Hotels and Resorts has clearly demonstrated this through its commitment to sustainable development practices which are also directly linked to the economic well-being of local people and support cultural heritage across all their properties".(source)

Funny, I didn’t realize Emirates cared so much about the environment. When I last wrote about Dubai, this concern wasn’t too much in evidence. See Dubai – Paradise for Aussies? 11 March 2009:

Saving the world from the evils of carbon  Dubai style

The $975 million Palazzo Versace hotel that Sunland is scheduled to open next year will have an artificially chilled swimming pool and a private beach where guests may not have to worry about scorching the soles of their feet. “We will suck the heat out of the sand to keep it cool enough to lie on” Abedian recently told London’s Sunday Times, explaining that he hoped to achieve this by piping iced water just beneath the surface. The newspaper also reported on a plan to use giant fans to waft a refreshing breeze over swimmers and sunbathers.

Environmentalists were appalled, pointing out that power consumption in Dubai was already off the charts. “Dubai is like a bubble world where the things that are worrying the rest of the world, like climate change, are simply ignored so that people can continue their destructive life-styles,” said Rachel Noble of Tourism Concern, a UK organisation that promotes ethical travel. Abedian, suitably chastened, claims now that “we will only do it if it is environmentally sustainable.”

Even more appalling is that such excesses go virtually without censure, while we in the free world are constantly being berated for causing catastrophic climate change with our messy carbon footprints.

How could anyone who cares about our planet set foot in Dubai or even support Emirates, when they are so profligate in their use of the world’s resources? Or do they get a free pass because we must never offend Muslims?

Why the double standard for Islamic countries? Surely if climate change is a global phenomenon, we must all do our bit, even Muslims.

So come on Cate, how about doing a video showing the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Maktoum, against a carbon blackened background?

Emirates are carrying out a massive deception on the Australian public.

Whether its ads showing smiling flight attendants pouring wine to Western travellers, sponsorhip of music or sporting events, or luxury resorts where men and women mix freely, none of these would be allowed under sharia.

The fact is: Emirates is Dubai and Dubai is Emirates.

And Emirates = Sharia.

Islam views infidels, womens and blacks as inferior. There is no equality.

Islam is happy to lie to infidels in order to spread Islam.

By allowing Emirates to buy out Australia bit by bit, we are selling our freedom and our rights to live peaceably in a tolerant pluralistic society.

Cate may enthuse about the luxury holidays she and her husband are currently enjoying, but this complicity comes at a price: Australia’s loss of freedom!

Sooner than we know it, our laws will be changed to accommodate sharia and we will become subjugated under Islam.

What’s more, theatres and cinemas will be banned. So Cate will be out of a job!

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