Im Kevin and I am here to HELP

Tuesday, 10 May 2011 10:07 Geoff Dickson

Who could forget those famous words as Kevin Rudd addressed his first Labor conference as Opposition leader in the Sydney Convention centre in 2007? "My name is Kevin, I'm from Queensland and I'm here to help,'' he quipped. He certainly did help Labor get elected but it has been all downhill since then. He helped turn a 20 billion dollar surplus into a huge deficit, he helped scare Australian business by promising an Emission Trading Scheme and he helped introduce a Resources Tax to undermine Australia’s most profitable business sector. 

 As Prime Minister, Kevin07 also helped those poor Palestinians by promising $55 million to help create a Palestinian state. As Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd helped to organize a NATO military intervention into Libya on behalf of its Arab neighbors. In fact the only people who Rudd didn’t help were the Coptic Christians who are increasingly persecuted by Egyptian Muslims, especially the Muslim Brotherhood. Many readers on this site have written passionate letters to Foreign Minister Rudd about the Coptic Christians, but unfortunately for the Copts, they belong to the wrong religion.

In this article we will show how Kevin Rudd has turned his attention now on Queensland and is determined to help Queensland submit to Allah and slide into dhimmitude.

THIRTY of the Arab world's richest business leaders will descend on Brisbane and the Gold Coast for talks about greater investment in Queensland, a move spearheaded by Kevin Rudd. Representatives of oil rich nations Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman will discuss freeing up trade ties with Australia in the two-day summit. The forum will canvass possibilities to promote Queensland's struggling tourism industry in the wealthy Arabian Gulf states, which have growing airline hubs.

It will also discuss opportunities in a range of industries, including sending more foreign students to Australian universities and investment in the Gulf region's booming banking sector.

Mr Rudd told The Courier-Mail the forum was part of his continuing push to use his foreign affairs portfolio to promote Queensland.

"It is an opportunity for Queensland businesses to expand trade and investment links; be they in agriculture, education, scientific research, banking and finance or tourism," Mr Rudd said. The delegation, which is the largest of its kind, was secured by Mr Rudd at the first Australia-Gulf Co-operation Council Foreign Ministers' Strategic Dialogue in Abu Dhabi in March.

Doesn’t it give one a warm glow to think that Kevin ‘Im here to help’ Rudd is seeking investment in our universities, Sharia Finance and of course, tourism opportunities like Burqas Paradise?

We reported previously about how the Gold Coast has embraced Kevin’s enthusiasm for all things Islamic with Ramadan rooms in five star hotels, camel races, Halal food for everyone, special toilets, washrooms and prayer rooms for our UAE guests who fully approve of the Islamization of Australia.

Watch Burqas Paradise: HERE

But not to be outdone, Queensland’s Labor Premier, Anna Bligh, is also getting into the act of gross dhimmitude.THE Bligh Government and the United Arab Emirates will jointly fund 10 category 5 cyclone shelters in Queensland. Premier Anna Bligh and UAE state minister Reem Al-Hashimy today announced the $60 million funding for shelters. Abu Dhabi is contributing $30 million as a donation to help Queensland after the summer of disasters.

"This means north Queensland will be more resilient and safer than ever before," Ms Bligh said.

The Government will now consult with communities to decide the best locations for the multi-purpose facilities which will be capable of housing up to 500 people during cyclones.

In times of natural disasters it seems everyone turns to the Middle East and specifically UAE for help. Surfers Paradise is turning itself into a Mecca for Muslims from UAE and sacrificing Australian culture and norms on the way. Kevin Rudd of course helped increase immigration from Muslim countries by relaxing our border controls and now our detention centres are overflowing and out of control.

Our Labor Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has even taken a lead from Kevin Rudd and supports a deal where Malaysia will now send us 5 ‘refugees’ for every one we send them. And we pay for everything. Dhimmitude is overflowing! It was Dr Mahathir the ex Prime Minister of Malaysia who referred to Australians as “the white trash of Asia”. Malaysia of course also provides Halal certification inspectors to make sure our meat industry conforms to Islamic norms. Makes you feel all warm and comfortable, doesn’t it?


Queensland used to lag Victoria in the dhimmitude stakes but it is quickly catching up with the help of Kevin Rudd. While Queensland can’t boast an Emirates Melbourne cup or an Etihad stadium, it can boast of Burqas Paradise as a tourist Mecca and who knows, maybe the Doomben Cup will become the Dubai Cup?

It is a grave concern that our universities are now being funded by an ideology that hates western democracy, hates our freedoms and our way of life and is open about destroying it.

We need to protect our culture and stop the gradual erosion of what identifies Australia as a unique and fun loving country. Our politicians like Julia Gillard and Chris Bowen are leading us down a dangerous path but I always have a special fear when I hear those iconic words:

“Hi. I’m Kevin and I am here to help”.


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