Another Wonderful Job Opportunity

Saturday, 07 May 2011 18:30 Cassandra Jihad - Dhimmitude-Appeasement-Treason

Have you been brainwashed to care passionately about ‘the other’, regardless of the fact that the aforesaid ‘other’ wants your complete subjugation and enslavement, together with the destruction of your country? Or are you simply a greedy opportunist who wants to jump on the multicultural wagon and get a share of the endless money and career prospects available for those prepared to abandon all conscience and morality?

If either of the above applies, there is a wonderful job opportunity:

Director, Centre for Cultural Diversity and Wellbeing
Campus: Footscray
Faculty of Arts, Education & Human Development

Position Description

Salary Range: An attractive remuneration package will be negotiated. 5yr fixed term.

Recruitment Unit Contact: Samana Dadash Recruitment Unit Ph No.: 9919 9463 Close Date (@ 4pm): 09/05/2011

The new Centre will…focus on the opportunities and challenges involved in the successive waves of migration, multiculturalisms, refugees and asylum seekers, and settlement patterns and issues…it will address Australian Research Priorities in “promoting good health and well being for all Australians”.
It will also be building upon research…in such areas as refugee and diaspora studies,
transnational communication, community participation, health and wellbeing studies,
workforce wellbeing, indigenous inclusion, and community safety for young people from
diverse backgrounds…and will be an important catalyst for bringing together groupings of researchers on cultural diversity and wellbeing research projects…in cooperation with other research centres at the University, such as the Institute for Diversity, Educational Access and Success (IDEAS).
Professor Michael Hamel-Green
Executive Dean,
Faculty of Arts, Education and Human Development

The Centre will focus specifically on the intersection of cultural diversity and personal,
social, environmental and economic wellbeing…and aim to better understand the nexus between cultural diversity and human wellbeing in ways that are useful at individual, regional, national and transnational levels.

The Centre’s core research program will be interdisciplinary and intercultural. It will
draw on a range of disciplines, using both theoretical and applied knowledge and skills
to investigate the ways in which various kinds of cultural, social and ethnic diversity
affect how shared social spaces and models of wellbeing are created and maintained,
and how these impacts can produce new and sometimes contested meanings. A major
distinguishing focus of the Centre’s research program will be not only on identifying and
overcoming barriers to wellbeing in the context of cultural diversity, but also on those
factors that contribute to thriving culturally diverse individuals and communities and how
best to strengthen these.

A budget of $795,000 is anticipated in 2011, expanding to $1.35 million by 2016.
In addition to a Director, key appointments include up to three other research leaders,
a senior research fellow, one or more postdoctoral fellows and up to 30 academic
associates. Appropriate administrative resourcing and support for the academic research leadership and activities of the Centre will also be provided.

Now I may not fulfill all the requirements in the position description, as I don’t have a PhD in intercultural totalitarianism.

However, I can address a few key areas –

1. “cultural diversity and human wellbeing”.

I can advise that the wellbeing of all Australians declines exponentially whenever there is an increase in ‘cultural diversity’ aka more Muslims.

2. “promoting good health and well being for all Australians”.

In order to promote well being for all Australians, there must be a halt to further Muslim immigration, and the ability of those already here to impose sharia severely curtailed.

3. “identifying and overcoming barriers to wellbeing in the context of cultural diversity”.

Easy! The barriers to wellbeing are Muslims! Overcoming barriers will be achieved by immediately halting the privileging of Muslims and disallowing any form of sharia. If any Muslims insist on pressing for sharia, they and their families should be removed pronto if not citizens, otherwise prosecuted for sedition.

Not only would I be an asset to the Department, but I would welcome a share of the $1.35 million pie. I could do with a new car and an overseas holiday.