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Wednesday, 13 April 2011 13:52 Geoff Dickson Jihad - Dhimmitude-Appeasement-Treason

The Police were always the bedrock of society in Britain and the famous English “bobby” is legendary. However in recent years all of that is changing. Bedfordshire Police is the territorial police force responsible for policing the ceremonial county of Bedfordshire in England, which includes the unitary authorities of Bedford, Central Bedfordshire and Luton. Its headquarters are in Kempston. The county had an estimated population of 602,500 in mid 2008, so the force is one of the smaller ones in England. The force is now divided into two divisions, one covering Bedford and Central Bedfordshire and the other covering Luton. And Luton of course, is where the English Defence League (EDL) have emerged and also is home to that brave blogger Lionheart.

In this article we will examine how policing is failing badly in its duty to protect British citizens by submitting to pressure from Muslim groups who are bent on changing Britain into Britainistan.

Police dogs are under scrutiny

It was reported years ago that Muslims were offended by Police dogs when Police were undertaking routine duties like inspecting mosques for bombs or houses that might be hiding terror suspects. The British Police sprung immediately into “dhimmitude” mode and came up with a novel solution.
Police dogs are now being fitted with booties so those muslim perceived "unclean" police dogs will not leave dog footprints and scent when used to check for bombs, etc in mosques and muslim homes. 

So it comes as no surprise that there are two sets of rules for Police now. One set for how to arrest Muslims and one set for infidels. All symbols that were once respected are now reviled.

Police banned from wearing the Union Jack flag on their uniform

Metropolitan Police officials have now banned armed cops at Heathrow Airport from wearing the tiny Union Jack flag badge on their clothing.  These Union flag badges have been worn to show support for British military troops. Approximately 70% of these armed cops have served in the Forces and/or have children or other family members currently serving in Afghanistan. Now who might you imagine would find the British flag as "offensive"?  Who might be whining and complaining about it? Should we suspect muslims and their muslim wannabee sympathizers?

 Clearly muslims have made an issue - worldwide - of crosses - or any object bearing any form of a cross (including National flags) as being offensive to them and clearly many dhimmis are tripping over each other to pander to these muslims -- here are just a few instances:

A Labour minister has sparked controversy by claiming that an alternative symbol is needed for the Red Cross because of the logo's supposed links to the Crusades.  Foreign Office minister Chris Bryant  wants to replace it with a red "crystal".

The Police are not only submitting to outrageous demands, they had to suffer abuse when the Royal Anglian Regiment returned from active duty in Iraq and were insulted by howling Muslim protesters.

Soldiers returning from Iraq march through Luton

The latest indignity at Bedfordshire

A retired policeman in Wiltshire has submitted this below about what instructions are given to officers at C.I.D. courses and at Anti-Terrorist courses in the Bedfordshire Police Force.

Bedfordshire Police’s rules regarding terrorists and dangerous criminals

If they’re non-Muslim: 

If they’re  Muslim:


Whatever happened to the premise of equality under British law?

What is happening in Britain today is farcical, even comical.

This is a wakeup call for all Australians to prevent this from happening here.

Under Section 116 of the Australian constitution, government is not allowed to pass legislation to establish any religion and under Australian law all people should receive equal treatment.

It is up to us as Australian citizens to ensure this never happens to our Police forcein Australia. 


Bedfordshire Policee

Union Jack Flags removed from Police uniforms

Police dogs to wear booties