Planning to do nothing, and succeeding beyond expectation

Tuesday, 04 January 2011 18:20 Blue Heeler Jihad - Dhimmitude-Appeasement-Treason

Reading Andrew Bolts’ Tuesday article “Happy Christmas, Britain”, regarding the latest arrests of would be muslim bombers in England, I followed a link he supplied to “The Guardian”. I think this article is a clarion call to all government administrators in Australia, who have anything to do with immigration, refugees and islam.

Quite simply – the “program” isn’t working, has not delivered any desired outcome and will not work in the immediate or long term future. You have made a mistake.



Turn around.

Wrong way, go back!

In a headline that comes as no surprise to anyone except government Ministers and flunkies, we see the stark truth and a dire warning to Australia that must be heeded.

WikiLeaks cables: Drive to tackle Islamists made 'little progress'

Some of the more pertinent claims and statements are full of implication for Australia, especially our ALP government, which has adopted a very similar approach to the vexing muslim issue as that followed in Britain – placation, appeasement, privileging. (Please read whole article here : (source)

1. Critical verdict on efforts to engage with Muslim communities published as police investigate UK links of Stockholm bomber.

What is particularly concerning, and damning, is that the underlying reason for this article, the Swedish bomber’s connections with British Islamism, is now redundant, so to speak. It’s been replaced in urgency by the arrests of yet another 12 British” muslims for planning terror attacks. In a matter of days……

2. Britain made "little progress" in reaching out to Muslim communities despite investing "considerable time and resources" after the 7/7 London bombings in 2005, US diplomats concluded in cables passed to the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

Obviously it is the position of us all here at AIM that the situation is exactly the same here in Australia.

We know it is also the “position” of a large majority of Australians.

All the efforts - $35,000,000 from Kevin Rudd for “Interfaith” initiatives, separate facilities such as washrooms at Universities, the co-opting of public space for islamic prayer halls, separate schools that teach islamic supremacist ideology, anti-Semitism and racism, the introduction of “islamic perspective” text books into our schools, draconian anti-vilification laws designed to protect islam from criticism or investigation, preferential immigration status, deferral to islamic “cultural practices” that fly in the face of Australian standards – all these efforts have achieved absolutely nothing. Instead, the evidence of an increasingly belligerent and apposite muslim populace grows, virtually daily.

I can only point again, at the risk of tedium, to Hizb Ut-Tahrir and the alarming fact that it can attract over a thousand muslims to its conferences. The stated aims of Hizb Ut-Tahrir are at diametric odds with any of our governments “initiatives and outcomes”.

If all that money, all that time and all that effort can only produce an “end” which sees over 1,000 disaffected and dissatisfied muslims gathering in a public meeting to call for the overthrow of Australia’s legal framework and the establishment of a cultish theocratic tyranny that sprang from the Dark Ages, then it must be obvious even to dedicated ideologists such as Gillard, Greg Combet and Martin Ferguson, that the plan has failed.

Quite simply, muslims in Australia are less likely to assimilate now than they ever were. The reason is also devilishly simple – they don’t have to.

Our government has made it abundantly clear that whatever behavior they exhibit, they will be protected and enabled.

3. A powerful critique of the government's efforts to engage with British Muslims, outlined in a cable published as police investigate the UK connections of the Stockholm suicide bomber, shows the US embassy in London concluded that both sides often appeared far apart.
"Since 7/7, HMG has invested considerable time and resources in engaging the British Muslim community," a diplomat at the US embassy in London wrote in August 2006 after the failed liquid bomb plot to blow up transatlantic airliners. "The current tensions demonstrate just how little progress has been made."

There’s no need to labor the point. The situation faced by Britain echoes redolently here. By following virtually the same methods and approaches as the British have, methods which have manifestly failed time and again, Australia is heading for the same outcomes.

I’ve said it before – Australia possesses no “magic bullet” that will save us from full-blown islam. There’s nothing miraculous taking place at immigration or airport arrival hall, where as soon as the muslim foot touches our soil they are suddenly transformed into “you beaut, ridgey-didge”, no matter how much ideologists like Gillard would like to pretend it is so.

The prevailing attitude seems to be along those immature and simplistic lines. That people will be so overcome by our “fair go” attitude and will be so embraced by the warmth of our “mateship” that they will throw off all the detritus of their 1,400 year old culture.

I’d simply ask how this miracle, this ‘transmogrification’, is to take place, when nothing that instills pride in Anglo-European Australian values is allowed to be presented to immigrants as THE EXPECTED STANDARD? Why would ‘new chums’ adhere to Australian values when they are repudiated by our elite?

4. The challenge of confronting extremists is highlighted in US embassy cables which warned of British Somalis returning to the UK after indulging in "jihadi tourism". In a cable on 2 December 2009, a diplomat at the US embassy in Nairobi wrote: "There is believed to be a certain amount of so-called 'jihadi tourism' to southern Somalia by UK citizens of Somali ethnicity. The threat from Somalia is compounded by the fact that within East Africa there is a lack of local government recognition of the terrorist threat."

Young Somalis with no allegiance, no attachment, no interest in Australia? Read HERE

“Islamic scholar Dr Herse Hilole is a Somali community leader from Sydney.
He says Islamic extremists preaching Wahhabism are seducing young Somali refugees, and he fears that some of them could be used to launch terrorist attacks in Australia.
In December last year, 25-year-old Melbourne man Ahmed Ali was killed while fighting alongside Jihadis in Somalia. At the time his family said he was merely missing and that he'd simply travelled to Mogadishu to visit family.” 

Lebanese muslim youths?
The 2006 war between Lebanon and Israel brought to light the fact that some 25,000 “Australians” live permanently in Lebanon. Hezbollah provoked a war against Israel, and upwards of 12,000 “Australians” stayed to fight against our ally.

They screamed like stuck pigs for our government (Howard’s) to cover their backs – provide exit via a flotilla of ferries – and when that was put in place, at the cost of some $25million, 12,000 of them stayed on to fight an islamist war of aggression.

Assimilated to Australia?
Were not the Lebanese muslim community far more of a ‘target’ for government ‘Australianisation’ programs than virtually any other muslim ethnic group? After all, the screeching wheel gets the most oil and the Lebs were screeching, and have been for years. Again, look at Hizb Ut-Tahrir’s honor roll and see how many Lebs are involved. Keysar Trad?

Has any of the government outreach to these people achieved any tangible result?
How much more ‘outreach’ can we stomach, or afford? (reference)

5. The cable, …, also found:
• Fears that the new government in Britain would take a "simplistic" approach to fighting terrorism. It said: "Many of the people who will form the new government have been outside of government policy circles for a long time, and they may have a simplistic point of view on CT [counter-terrorism] issues."
• Concerns were raised that a "Mumbai-style attack" could be launched in Britain.
• The "highly controversial military operations ongoing in Afghanistan" is a "massive" political issue.
• A "wave of litigation" relating to actions taken by UK citizens and residents rendered to Guantánamo Bay is having a "severe effect on what counter-terrorism tools are available to the UK authorities".
• Security for the 2012 Olympics was a big issue.

A simplistic approach? A simplistic point of view? Australia has NO POLICY for integrating muslims – or any other migrant for that matter – into our society. An immigrant who needs assistance will only ever be ushered into the maw of the Leftist, black-arm-band world view of “refugee advocates” and “human rights” activists. You cannot get a conservative viewpoint anywhere near a new arrival. You cannot teach them or their children any of the exemplary history of this nation. You cannot even inform them of our Judeo-Christian heritage, most obvious in the legal system. Instead they are actively encouraged to cling and cleave to the systems they, presumably, fled. More pertinently, in daily life, the continuation of “cultural practices” abhorrent to the people of Australia are protected and promoted by our government.

You cannot assert one value held close by Australians, lest you be guilty of intolerance and xenophobia. God forbid you may wish to discuss islam!

Assimilating are they?

Here’s the reality; “political correctness” actually means the only opinions you can expose a new arrival to…. are those opinions held dear by the Left.

Look, is it just me? Am I THAT naïve, or is it really as blindingly simple as I think?

Fred Blog must leave his islamic nation.

He is persecuted by religious bigots.

His life is in danger.

Muslims will seek his demise.

His/their religion demanded it.

Muslim scholars and clerics advocated for it.

Muslim jihadiis awaited, to carry out said demise. Eagerly.

Fred left.

OK, Fred….take a seat. Here’s our take on islam and why it is bad, for you and for us. Here’s how you can live free of its threats and perils. Here’s what a society that has never fallen victim to islam looks like and this is how it operates. Can you see yourself in this picture?

The Ministry of Making it Bleedingly Obvious – administered by people who know and love this country and are erudite and informed enough to mount a defense of all our core values. Is this rocket science? Isn’t this what refugees really need – advice on how to live with non-muslims and to derive every benefit of living without islam?

It should also be the domain of the Ministry, that those who can’t or won’t relinquish that which they fled, should be provided every assistance to find a suitable islamic nation to continue their enslavement, free of kufar influence.

Continued enslavement to islam? Hmmmm.

6. Separate cables published by WikiLeaks show that prominent British Muslims were highly critical of initiatives introduced by the British government in response to the 7/7 bombings.

The fox and the hen house. The minority were unimpressed by the majority desire. The minority wins.

This is the future of Australia. Muslims are already agitating here for changes – drastic and calamitous changes – to our Foreign policies, especially in regards to Israel and any efforts towards winning “the war on terror”, such as it is.

These people have no allegiance to Australia, no understanding of our prime motivations and, most importantly, no interest at all in learning what those might be.

WE are, after all, kufar, a detestable sub-species with no rights under islam. Who are we to tell them how to live?