Australian Council Disgraces Itself

Tuesday, 21 December 2010 10:11 Wendy Larkson Jihad - Dhimmitude-Appeasement-Treason

When Greens and Labor have too much power on local or federal levels, biased, whacky things happen. As we have seen in various ways over the past few years. Take a look at this recent absurd move of Marrickville Council [in inner Sydney].

MARRICKVILLE Council has joined a global boycott of Israel over its occupation of the Palestinian territories. It is believed to be the first Australian local council to do so.The Greens and Labor-dominated council voted 10-2 to cut links with organisations that support the Israeli occupation, and ban any academic, government, sporting or cultural exchanges with Israel. (source) 

 I am not Jewish but I am utterly appalled at this decision. Israel is a tiny land surrounded by aggressive Muslim nations and as David Horowitz has pointed out repeatedly, the aim of those nations is to deny Israel the right to exist.

Marrickville Council you have got it all wrong – you have sided with the aggressors, the bullies, the friends of Hitler and those whom Hitler considered his friends in their antisemitism.

It is a nonsense to say that this move represents the community who may have voted Green just to preserve the environment and stop pollution in an inner city suburb.

The Greens councillor Cathy Peters, who put the motion at last week's meeting, said the council was representing the feelings of its multicultural community and its sister-city relationship with the West Bank city of Bethlehem. (source)

Let us hope people of many ethnic backgrounds from all over Sydney protest this and show that it does not represent the way they think – it is the reflection of a prejudiced group of tunnel visioned ideologues. The following comment is more to the point :

…Vic Alhadeff of the Jewish Board of Deputies, said the boycott was ''an exercise in rank hypocrisy that has everything to do with local politics and nothing to do with the realities of the Middle East''. (source)