Politicising geography

Wednesday, 29 September 2010 20:24 Cassandra Jihad - Dhimmitude-Appeasement-Treason

We’ve already seen how Islam is encroaching into our school system: Muslims, with the help of our academic elites, are Islamising the curriculum by introducing LFOA (see various articles). But is that enough? Not according to World Vision Australia’s CEO, Tim Costello, who believes the teaching of geography should be an opportunity for brainwashing our children with extremist ideology:

WHAT are we teaching our young people? What do we want them to know about the world and their place in it? What fire do we want to light in their lives?  

 The recent election highlights the need for a critical, globally aware generation with a passion to care for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable…who will ask the hard questions about climate change, asylum seekers, foreign aid and indigenous Australia...who will be informed and active citizens engaged with our democratic processes.
The draft curriculum for geography argues that: "Geography answers our questions about why places are like they are and how they are connected to other places . . . encouraging students to be thoughtful local and global citizens when making decisions that affect their lives and the lives of others."
It is a subject that deals head-on with the globally integrated world we live in and the big issues of sustainability, migration, refugees and asylum seekers, global inequalities, population and climate change … thoughtful student of geography would appreciate that people seeking asylum in Australia are fleeing some of the worst humanitarian situations you can imagine… informed, educated Australians would know that Australia takes about 13,500 refugees as part of its overall immigration intake and is not "being flooded" with asylum seekers.
Similarly, they would know that the world's poorest people are already suffering due to climate change and will continue to suffer the most with more prolonged droughts, more severe floods and storms, less food and more disease…and that without more ambitious action, the tide of displaced people seeking a place of refuge is expected to swell.
Geography is not just about reading maps and the learning of capital cities…the draft curriculum wisely recognises that "it should also include a consideration of how the knowledge gained can be applied and of what actions might be taken. It encourages an engaged, involved outlook; a desire not merely to observe the world but to change it for the better."
Our children need a great education that equips them to be global citizens in an increasingly globalised world — and our world needs engaged and well-educated Australians with a global ethic.

Nothing like promoting a totalitarian utopia! And if the uptopia isn’t too perfect, you can always blame the West or Israel. I bet students won’t be told WHY most of the poorest countries are Islamic, or if they are, the blame will be placed on our imperialism/ racism/climate change.

In 2005, Dr Farrukh Saleem wrote:

The combined annual GDP of 57 Muslim countries remains under $2 trillion. America, just by herself, produces goods and services worth $10.4 trillion; China $5.7 trillion, Japan $3.5 trillion and Germany $2.1 trillion. Even India’s GDP is estimated at over $3 trillion …Muslims are 22 percent of the world population and produce less than five percent of global GDP. Even more worrying is that the Muslim countries’ GDP is going down over time. The Arabs, it seems, are particularly worse off. According to the UN Arab Development Report: “Half of Arab women cannot read; One in five Arabs live on less than $2 per day…”
At least six of the poorest of the poor are countries with a Muslim majority.
Fifty-seven Muslim majority countries have an average of ten universities each for a total of less than 600 universities for 1.4 billion people; India has 8,407 universities, the U.S. has 5,758. Over the past 105 years, 1.4 billion Muslims have produced eight Nobel Laureates while a mere 14 million Jews have produced 167 Nobel Laureates.
Of the 1.4 billion Muslims 800 million are illiterate (6 out of 10 Muslims cannot read). In Christendom, adult literacy rate stands at 78 percent.
Muslims are poor, illiterate and weak. What went wrong?

Their poverty would have nothing to do with being ruled by sharia and keeping Muslim women largely illiterate, by any chance? Does Tim believe Australia should embrace all Muslims escaping Islamic repression, who would bring Islam with them, thereby turning our country into a third world hellhole?

I have a better idea: how about Tim engaging in a little critical thinking about why Islamic countries are so poor, urging them to reform their systems by dismantling sharia. But no, far better to blame climate change!

You may remember Tim won the November 2009 Dhimwit award, for championing Islamist causes. Tim could easily contribute to the betterment of society if he chose to, with his status and financial clout:

" …World Vision's Tim Costello receives more than $250,000 a year - four times average weekly earnings, and up 25 per cent over the past year." (source)

But Tim instead chose Islam. He embraced Australians All, Mal Fraser’s pet Islamist love-in project (see Australians All), despite many of the Muslim contingent being allied to CAIR, a Hamas front group, or The Muslim World League, named in regards to the financing of terrorism. He’s happy to endorse those whose "religion" is racist, misogynist, mandates slavery and treats non-Muslims as subjugated inferiors. Australians All claims to be concerned about “serious and dangerous divisions between the West and Islam”, aiming to promote “an inclusive, open, diverse and multicultural society, where all people — no matter their religion, race, colour or background — have an equal opportunity” But Islam doesn't accept equality, insisting that Muslims enjoy a superior position in society.

When Tim was awarded a doctorate by the Australian Catholic University, he opined :

“the right of free speech and a free press does not include the right to incite racial violence, to demonize or to denigrate a religion or a people.”

Of course not: Allah forbid we insult Muslims! Look at all the trouble when some opposed the Ground Zero mosque.

Yet freedom of speech and the press are the hallmarks of democracy, without which we would descend into a totalitarian hell, where exposing the truth about Islam is punishable by death.

Tim is described as having devoted his life to social justice, health and welfare issues. One wonders how his demonisation of Israel and promotion of Hamas, which wants to eliminate Israel and Jews everywhere, squares with his social justice principles.

From NGO Monitor Digest (Vol. 2 No. 12), August 15, 2004:

…ignoring the terrorism that was responsible for the deaths of Israeli civilians, World Vision promotes an amoral equivalence between perpetrators and victims of terror, offering no context to the loss of life. Instead, Israeli security measures are described as a "policy of sealing entries and exits to cities, villages, and towns as a form of collective punishment of the Palestinian population."

World Vision's response to Israel's security barrier displays almost no acknowledgment of its impact in preventing terror. For example, Tim Costello described the barrier as "part of the problem, not part of the solution", evoking the highly politicized and inappropriate claim that the barrier is reminiscent of the Cold War and Eastern Bloc oppression. (His comparison reflects the Palestinian propaganda effort to compare the Berlin Wall, designed to keep citizens from fleeing, with Israel's security barrier, which saves the lives of its citizens.)

His devotion to child welfare doesn't extend to Israeli child victims: if it comes down to a conflict between the quality of life and the right to life, ethics would indicate the latter should take precedence. Yet Tim ("For the children's sake, tear down this wall!" ) doesn’t appear to think this elemental moral rule applies to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

...neither the ICJ nor Costello attempt to grapple with the traditional international law criteria for judging acts that may be harmful to others, namely, necessity and proportionality to the threat....amazingly, the whole issue of terrorism was all but unmentioned by the ICJ, and almost ignored by Costello. (source)

Tim is silent on Female Genital Mutilation. Sheikyermami wrote in:

"Are you sending money to any of the 5 big aid organizations?":

"400,000 sponsored girls who are marketed by the big development organizations PLAN International, World Vision, Kindernothilfe and ChildFund do not receive protection from female genital mutilation. We have started a new campaign, at sponsoredgirl.com, to protect the girls from female genital mutilation. " (source)

Many other organisations have the decency to be concerned:

These children are marketed in order to acquire money from trustful donors. The donors pay about 30 Euros per month in the belief that the organizations do all they can for providing a better life — including health for the sponsored children. PLAN International for instance, acquires about 72 million Euros every year, just by marketing the 240,000 concerned girls.

But asked about fgm on the sponsored girls, these organizations openly and publicly claim that demanding the safe protection of the girls would be against their approaches and against their policy.

So, by failing to demand, to stipulate and to control the protection of the sponsored girls from FGM, the organizations must be considered complicit in every single crime perpetrated against a little girl in this regard. (source)

If Tim really cared about this abuse of young women, his voice should ring out loud and clear, as such a prominent person could make a difference. What is the reason for his silence? Is it fear of being thought an Islamophobe, is he too tied up with Islamic interests, or does he just not care enough about children's rights?

Whatever the answer, by his silence, he is enabling this barbaric Islamically-sanctioned practice to continue.

Tim’s concept of a global ethic and “a globally aware generation with a passion to care for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable” obviously does not extend to girl victims of fgm nor to Israeli children.

My suggestion: let’s restrict the geography curriculum to matters geographic, rather than manipulating it to embrace a totalitarian vision of some utopian Marxist or Islamic hell!