No naked flesh at the Dandenong Oasis pool

Thursday, 16 September 2010 21:51 Dan Zaremba Jihad - Dhimmitude-Appeasement-Treason

Dress up properly or no swimming for you Kaffirs because we do not want to offend Muslims during Ramadan.

"Participants aged 10 and over must ensure their bodies are covered from waist to knee and the entire torso extending to the upper arms," a request by Dandenong City Council and the YMCA states in an exemption application to the Equal Opportunities Act. (source)

Can you see how Sharia affects lives of non-Muslims just because our governments have allowed Islam in? 

Sharia is mistakenly understood by the majority of non-Muslims as Islamic Law.
It is not , or ... rather is… but it is also much, much more.

Sharia (the Path) means full, comprehensive guidance to the Islamic/Muslim way(s) of life and behaviour.

And just in case you do not follow those prescribed regulations there is also a penal code built into it.

Just in case.

This is what Grand Mufti of Bosnia Dr Mustafa Ceric had to say about Sharia:

Shariah is the Weltenschaung (German - a comprehensive view or personal philosophy of human life and the universe) of a Muslim. But Shariah is so beautiful and has so many things. You see, this interview now, this is Shariah. Shariah tells me that I have to talk to you. That I have to communicate with you. So is that Shariah acceptable to you? So this is the Shariah I am promoting. The dialogue; the understanding; the living together and the sharing. Shariah is the ethics of sharing. (source)

Of course "beautiful" means different things to you and me and different yet again to Mustafa Ceric. Sharing space with Muslims means dhimmitude for non-Muslims according to Sharia and this means:

Do as Muslims tell you to, no questions asked, always give way to Muslims, never talk to a Muslim unless asked, never ever make Muslim angry. (*)

It is enough to recognize Islam as a mainstream religion to have Sharia imposed on us (non-Muslims) or else the Muslims complain that they cannot practise their religion.

Consider the decision made by the Dandenong City Council to ban "naked swimming" during Ramadan.

Equal opportunity for Muslims means LESS equal opportunity for you and this means that the Sharia based rules of dhimmitude are already being implemented in Australia.

And this is how Sharia creeps in. SLowly at first, then it gains momentum and then, before we know it we have to start penalizing non-Muslims for not following rules imposed on us by the Muslim PATH.

Initially such a penalty would involve just an exclusion from the council's pool.

Not a big deal you may say, but what if someone refuses to follow the rules and bares dreadful, naked flesh while inside the pool area.

Would they call security or police to escort the culprit from the pool?

Would they impose a financial fine?

Would they put a re-offending person behind bars if the fines are not paid on time?


No, not anymore.

According to the council's statistics Muslims comprise only 8% of the area's population.

Imagine what will happen when they are 15%, 20% or in the majority.

Remember also that when it comes to implementing the penal code Sharia doesn't require courts and authorities . Any devout Muslim may take justice into his own hands, just as a Muslim community may take justice into their own hands. Wait for it.

The Muslim community is very experienced in playing the game of daawa and implementing the process of Islamization of host countries.

They can always produce a "volunteer" moderate, who will speak to non-Muslims and contradict the "elders" and leaders of Islamic umma.

They are placed in this position to play the "good guy" in order to convince us that Islam is just as any other religion, it has its "extremists" but also many young and moderate members, who just happen to wear hijab by choice (like our Muslim bimbo Sherene Hassan).

They want you to think that there is nothing to worry about in Sharia.

Do not be fooled.

If in doubt look at their Islamic credentials and in all cases you will find that they are people who are Islamic nobodies, lightweights, whose attempts to speak for the Islamic community are totally inconsequential, with no value other than to deceive the Kuffar, that is you.

If you wish to learn about Sharia, please visit real Islamic sites dedicated to educate Muslims about their duties to Allah.

A tax (the kharaj) was levied on the lands left to the indigenous dhimmis.
This tax symbolized the Arabization of the land of the dhimmis, that is, its addition to the patrimony of the Arab-Islamic community. In the early period of colonization, lands given in fief were exonerated from the kharaj.
Each male dhimmi, with the theoretical exceptions of the aged, invalids, and slaves, had to pay a poll tax (the jizya), which symbolized the subjection and humiliation of the vanquished.
The dhimmis also paid double the, taxes of the Muslims. In addition, ransoms (avanias) were frequently extorted from the local Jewish and Christian communities under threat of collective sanctions, including torture and death.
Politico-economic Discrimination.
It was forbidden for dhimmis on pain of death:

The dhimmis were obliged:

It was forbidden for the dhimmis:

Furthermore, all elements of their exterior appearance were intended to:

Th dhimmis were obliged:

From Ed. Robert Spencer, The Myth of Islamic Tolerance. Prometheus Books, New Your, 2005, How Islamic Law treats non-Muslims., Dhimmi Peoples, Chapter by Bat Ye'or. pp.115-117.