If only!

Monday, 18 April 2011 14:57 Martoom Jihad - Deception (Taqiya)

In their submission to the Inquiry into Multiculturalism in Australia the Islamic Council of Victoria [1] refer to the fear and alarm that accompany discussions about Muslim integration in Australia.

They suggest that in a tolerant and multicultural society, "one should be able to observe halal, wear the burqa, and build places of worship without hindrance (subject to the law of the land) - contrary to much of what we are seeing today" [2].

Their first recommendation is that "The Committee address religious intolerance (as opposed to just racism) in educating Australians that all religious practice are (sic) permissible in Australia as long as it's not illegal or impacts on the rights of others (as Muslims have been observing)" [3].

Halal food and the wearing of the burqa have already been discussed at length on these pages, no need to go into repetitive detail. They do not merely represent yet just another custom; both are representative of cruelty and submission which stand in stark contrast to what we consider acceptable in a Western society.

But the other two remarks, having mosques and practising one's religion as long as they are not illegal, are worth going into.

In my own research for that very submission I came across the Kuraby mosque's website [4] (Kuraby is a suburb of Brisbane). On that website one page explains about their madressah (sic) for Muslim children [5]. Under the heading "Madrassah Syllabus" they tell us that the school has specifically chosen the Jamiat Syllabus from South Africa.

What's so special about the Jamiat syllabus, you might ask. Well, it has its own website [6] and one can expect that whatever is written there would naturally reflect the general ambience of what a good Muslim child should know.

There is a section "latest news" [7] in which South African Muslims are exhorted to protest against a Marriage Bill proposed by their government because it would run counter to Islamic principles and sharia law.

Some of the points made are, "(3) The final arbiter in all cases will be the secular law, not the Shariah, and not even the MMB [Muslim Marriages Bill]", "(4) The courts will be empowered to appoint any person whether male or female and whether gay or lesbian, non Muslim or Muslim to act as the 'Family Advocate.'", "(11) According to MMB men and women have equal rights", "(12) Nikah [matrimonial contract in a Muslim marriage] under the age of 18 is criminalised", "(13) A man who marries a second wife in contravention of MMB is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine of R20000.00 or a long jail sentence", "(16) An Imaam will be fined R20000,00 if he registers a valid Islamic Nikah performed in accordance with the Shariah, if it does not conform to the provisions of MMB", "(17) Any parent, Imaam, Sheikh, Moulana or elder who advises their children, students, mureeds or any Muslim in general to abstain from MMB (i.e. after it has been enacted as law) will be sentenced to a fine or a prison term of one year", "(25) While according to the Shariah, a secular court's annulment decree is invalid, i.e. it is not a valid Faskh, MMB confers this right to the secular court", "(28) The interests and welfare of the children will be decided in the light of secular laws, not in terms of the Shariah", "(34) MMB places the non- Muslim Minister of Justice in full charge of Muslim Marriages", "(35) MMB empowers the Minister to make regulations to imprison Muslims who contravene any of the insidious provisions of this haraam so-called Muslim Marriage Bill".

According to their own website the Jamait syllabus stands for an attitude that precludes gays and lesbians from government positions, denies that men and women have equal rights, shows disrespect for the official minimum age of marriage, allows multiple wives, and insists that their own religious leaders should not be subject to legal measures if they contravene the law of the country.

And that's the frame of mind which was particularly attractive to Muslim educators in Queensland. All the points listed above are in fact against the laws of our own country.

Obeying the law of the land and doing nothing illegal are indeed worthy intentions - if only!


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