Is Irfan for gay marriage after all?

Sunday, 06 March 2011 00:55 Wendy Larkson Jihad - Deception (Taqiya)

Writing for a left wing sort of Catholic magazine Eureka Street , Irfan Yusuf finds himself in a quandary. He finds it strange that at one stage Fred Nile was in dialogue with Muslims on the issue of gay marriage. Protestant Pastor and politician Fred Nile upholds Judeo-Christian values and takes the stand that marriage is between a man and a woman. Whatever other civil partnerships people may have, he says that marriage has a unique privileged position in western society. Irfan then finds it strange that Fred has also taken the position of opposing any future push for polygamy, thus no doubt alienating his erstwhile Muslim comrades. Irfan says that now that Fred has ‘alienated’ his Muslim friends by alerting Australians to the dangers of Islam, he cannot count so easily on support for traditional marriage and opposition to gay marriage from Muslims. Irfan adds: 

 More influential in the campaign against gay marriage is the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL). Yet even they cannot help but marginalise their potential allies. The whole basis for ACL's opposition to gay marriage (their slogan is man+wife4life!) is that ... wait for it ... it will open the doors to polygamy. So claiming that God created Adam and Steve may well lead to God also creating Adam and Eve and Fatima and Shakira and Yasmin and who-knows-who-else. (source)

Irfan can’t believe that polygamy and gay marriage might be united in people’s thoughts in some way and jumps to the conclusion it is all about fear of dole bludgers.

The common thread linking polygamy to same sex marriage is a fear of dole-bludging Muslims marrying multiple wives or husbands. (source)

He has confused several issues here. One is the issue of the Judeo-Christian understanding of marriage in western society. Irfan finds the notion strange that supporting same sex marriage may lead to support for polygamy – but here he suffers from a failure of consistency. If the traditional privileged position of marriage – that is marriage between a man and a woman - is dropped – then why not introduce marriage between anyone and anyone– any line drawing would be discriminatory surely? Not only same sex partners, but polygamous ones and trios, quartets, quintets, even man, woman and elephant and whatever. There is no reason to ban any other type of marriage once you let go of the traditional Judeo-Christian one which underpins our society [even though it has lost support in the last half century].

Second, is Irfan saying that Islam does NOT support polygamy and that it is just a matter of social custom not religious faith? Irfan no doubt wants to be part of the latte sipping Eureka St set so he creates a little smokescreen:

Anecdotal evidence suggests virtually no support for polygamy among Australians who feel inclined to tick the 'Islam' box on their census forms. I am not aware of Muslims writing letters to their local MPs calling for bigamy to be decriminalised. (source)

Anecdotal evidence? But what about the holy books of Islam Irfan? Does anecdotal evidence rank higher than the holy books? When it gets to the nitty gritty, you know very well that Islam DOES allow for polygamy and hence an orthodox Jew, Christian, secular humanist may well oppose both gay marriage and polygamy. Or do opinion polls drive Islam now? You can’t have it both ways Irfan – either Islam allows polygamy or it doesn’t.

Third, there IS a real danger in having to give social security benefits to multiple partners and their children. Understandably, Australians who work and pay their taxes, do not want pay their tax dollars to such set-ups – and I am referring to Australians from multi-ethnic and multi faith backgrounds here.

But finally I would like to encourage Irfan not to rely on others coming TO Muslim groups asking for support. Don’t be so dependent on Fred Nile’s support either. Stand up for yourselves. If Muslim groups really are opposed to gay marriage, then let them stand up and say so. You don’t have to consort with strange bedfellows - Muslim groups can just come out in the open and exercise democratic free speech and say – ‘We oppose gay marriage on religious grounds’ and stand up for principles – why not have a rally in Martin Plaza about it with lots of posters, Koranic quotes and suggestive pictures of consequences of sodomy in Islam. You don’t need anyone else to support you – just do it and say it. Or are you afraid that will that lose you valuable friends among the cardboard chardonnay anti-west whinging set at Eureka St and the leftist glitterati and shock and horror – the friends you have among the gay lobbyists, who delight in polysyllabic verbal carpet bombing using terms like ‘homophobia’ and ‘Islamophobia’ in one breath. Is the gay lobby’s support too valuable for you to lose Irfan? If not, and if Muslim groups can stand for principle – I look forward to the day that they independently stand up and condemn gay marriage and show this condemnation in public.