Ramadan should be a class act

Thursday, 16 December 2010 18:20 Blue Heeler Culture-Practices - Rites

“Ramadan should be a class act” runs the attention grabbing article headline in the “Herald Sun”.

An intentional play on words invites the same in reply.

Yes, Ramadan SHOULD be “a class act” but in reality it is a period marked by gluttony, religious supremacism, social exclusion and primitive cultural practices that most Australians would have assumed – and hoped - had been left behind by our grateful migrants from the Ummah.

Ramadan makes a mockery of what Anglo Europeans understand by the word “fast”.

A Christian who fasts takes minimal sustenance over the period of his/her contemplation.

I have known Thai Buddhists who have taken no food or water for 20 days at a time. THAT is a fast! Ramadan is a sick mockery of such. 

 (I have never and would never fast, by the way. I see no point and adhering to it proves nothing to me about a person’s spirituality. Like most, I prefer to see spirituality in action rather than hear about it. The proof is in then pudding, so to speak!)

A muslim does not eat for 8 hours and then gorges himself all evening. Like all things islamic, Ramadan fasting is a show, a farce; “all hat, no cattle” as my Yankee mates say.

Far from refusing the bodily needs in order to pursue some spiritual insight or goal, a muslim hardly knows the fast has begun before he gorges himself. Having consumed several fast-breaking meals in Thailand I can attest that the last thing I needed over the next 8-10 hours was more food!

Ramadan as a spiritual exercise? It’s a sham, mere lip-service, a hypocritical acknowledgement of genuine spiritual practices that, like all things islamic, was cobbled together by Mohamed to ape those betters he saw around him.

What is this religious “best practice” Keysar wants ALL Australians to “celebrate”? What is it he wants our children to learn?

Let's take Hajj as an example.

In Protestant Christian theological circles, this sort of ritualism is known as “works based salvation”. It denies grace and places the emphasis – a false belief and a raging heresy – on man’s actions.

The implications are simple yet profound:

Man can placate God. Sin matters little and needs no expiation that you can’t manage on your own. Who needs Christ?

In other words - work, work, work, perform, perform, perform, because you don't know when Allah will be pleased with you, what pleases him or if your meager effort is up to scratch. Did you pass wind? Do not pass go, do not get 72 virgins. Blast! (Literally. That’ll get you there!)

Samuel Zwemer, known as the "Apostle to Islam," (Web Site) has this to say on Islam:

“(Islam) is not an invention, but a concoction; there is nothing novel about it except the genius of Mohammad in mixing old ingredients into a new panacea for human ills and forcing it down by means of the sword.

In those last few words lie, I suggest, Keysar Trad’s “final solution”. Muslims believe that once “the invitation to Islam” has been given – and this is just one more of Keysar’s many “invitations” - any refusal to submit to Allah is a death warrant. A devout Muslim can and, indeed, must eradicate all non-compliance. That, too, is part of Islam’s “works based” theology. God says: kill them all, who dare not believe. Has anyone noticed that muslims take this spiritual suggestion quite seriously?

What needs to be taught to our students, regarding Islam,  is the truth.

Islam is a fabulist concoction, delivered by a master plagiarist. It owes everything to its pagan roots and nothing to the revealed theology it attempts to ape. Islam is a throwback to a pre-civil time, the very dark “Dark Ages”, which civilisation left behind more than 500 years ago.

By fusing the moon god of the nomadic Arab culture with monotheism, Mohamed concocted an unholy marriage between the sacred and the profane, idolatry and monotheism. His purpose being worldly, vulgar and profane, he hoped to placate both the polytheists and the followers of the one true God of Abraham. So he could rule them!

The worship of Allah of the crescent is nothing short of polytheism – paganism - with a face-lift. What good is it that Islam calls its followers to monotheism if that monotheistic deity comes with a long list of pagan credentials?

Islam clearly has a fixation with the moon god.

Why else is the crescent moon the symbol of Islam?

Why does it adorn the flags of most Muslim countries?

Why else would it dominate the top of mosques and minarets everywhere?

Why else would the timing of the hilal [the crescent moon ] mark the start of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of fasting?

Why else would Muslims partake in animism under the guise of monotheism by kissing the stone (black stone) of the moon god?

Why else would Muslims preserve pagan customs and practices such as circumambulating a pagan temple?

Why else would their god demand of his adherents the shedding of blood?

“Keysar Trad, president of the Islamic Friendship Association of Australia, called on the Victorian Education Department to include the traditions of other religious faiths as part of the formal school curriculum.” (source)

It’s a good sign, I suppose, that all utterances from Trad are greeted with derision in our society but, given the tendency of our “elite” to flee from any possibility of being called strong people of conviction or character, or anything as worthy as, say, cultural defenders, the likelihood exists that Trad will win over some, if not all, who make “policy” for school curriculums.

"Schools have religious programs - but generally they're elective, they're not compulsory," he said.

Keysar is advocating a compulsion, of course. There would be no other reason to mention the situation of elective programs if he were not taking aim at it.

 Celebrating Ashura (lively Shia festival) - No it's not Karachi it's in New York -  2008

Make no mistake, Trad is as committed and genuine a Muslim as you will ever find. Give him his due; he is passionate about his cult and is a sterling advocate for its…. finer…. points. He practices as much of his ‘religion’ publicly as he can, under Australian law and his restless soul cannot find solace until…. the rest of us do too.

"To have an awareness of these festivals can be very enriching for all students, including people who go to secular schools."

Well, I agree with that statement, on face value, 100%. Can I up it to 1000?

In fact, I’d go so far as to say an intimate, unbiased, well-founded knowledge of islam is VITAL for all Australian students. Any “embracing” of islam after such exposure would only be proof that some people are just born stupid and no amount of education will ever come to their aid. I mean, look at Susan Carland!

"When the Premier of the state makes a statement in that manner, one can't help but feel that he is giving an official stamp to one religion to the exclusion of the other," he said.
"To be a Premier for all Victorians, I look forward to his instructions to schools to teach about the important religious festivals for all faiths."

And here’s the jackboot; the rose in the fisted glove. Trad must be Jewish. I mean….the chutzpah! The brass-necked impudence of the man!

There’s so much one could say at this juncture, so many retorts but one that springs to mind is this:

If Trad is all about embracing other cultural religious manifestations, let’s start with islamic schools teaching the Christian version of the meaning of Christmas?

If Trad could demonstrate:

…. then perhaps he might be in some position to lecture us on “embracing” and “inclusivity” and “tolerance”

Mr Trad added that Muslim people should be able to take leave from work during Eid, the three-day holiday that marks the end of Ramadan.

Three days off work. Only three? I believe that many muslim migrants would be lucky to work three days a year. In 2007 a statistic emerged which showed that Egyptian and Syrian immigrants, from ’03-’06, had a 100% unemployment rate. Three days off what, Keysar?

A word from Winston might clear the way forward, as he provides a very convincing look at islam from way back:

"How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property - either as a child, a wife, or a concubine - must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men." (Winston Churchill / 1874-1865)

Fatalistic apathy? Improvident habits? Slovenly systems of agriculture? Sluggish methods of commerce?

Three days off work seems to fit the pattern. After all, we have kufar to do the work required to keep muslims in their positions of superiority. It’s not as though Keysar is unaware of the impost, either. He spent ten years working in the Taxation Department, so if there’s any muslim in Australia who knows just how to rort and ruin our system, Keysar is, as ever….da Man!

Now, one of our/my favourites:

Sherene Hassan, vice-president of the Islamic Council of Victoria, also endorsed the incorporation of Ramadan and other religious festivals in the classroom.
"Conversations about increasing awareness of different cultures and religions are already taking place and have been happening for some time among educators," she said.
"The ICV believes this is a positive way of fostering respect between children."

Sherene, you can call them “conversations”; we call them agit-prop and subversion; we call them jihad; we call them one-way dialogue with cowards and appeasers; we call it for what it is, stealth islamisation and it’s our children you are targeting. I’d watch your step, if I was you. We don’t approve of rock-spiderism in Australia and the record of some of your contemporaries in the field of childhood education is less than convincing to a civilized person.

Sheikh Mohamadu Saleem, spokesman for the Australian National Imams' Council, gets in on the act, too

"Exposure to other cultures in a multi-racial country is a good thing, especially in schools."


We know what YOU want -

Mr Baillieu and the Victorian Education Department declined to comment when contacted by the Herald Sun.

Indeed! Just as it should be.