Eid al-Adha, blood-lust and sadism towards humans and other animals

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This year, from the 16-19th of  November, Muslims celebrated the Eid al-Adha festival which marks the end of the pagan hajj and the beginning of the sadistic slaughter of animals –it is a festival of blood-lust.   And the blood-lust doesn’t stop at sheep, goats, camels, or cows, but continues to humans.   Just as Ramadan, that month of nightly pig-out, is a favourite time for violence against non-Muslims thanks to the example of Mohammad, so to do others suffer during the Eid al-Adha as even a brief look around the world reveals.

Barnabas fund reported on 16/11/2010  that Afghani Said Musa (45) father of six, a physiotherapist that worked for the Red Cross,  was arrested in May for converting to Christianity.  He is likely to be charged with apostasy and punished by death under Islamic law.  Said has been sexually tortured, beaten, had things put on his head, spat on, abused, denied sleep... Said recently managed to get a letter out of the prison.

“I am alone between 400 handlers of terrible values in the jail like a sheep”

“Please pray and immediately help me and rescue me from this jail. Otherwise, they will kill me, because I know they're very very very cruel and hard hearted!”

Said Musa’s handwritten letter (Some names have been concealed for legal and security reasons.) - To open it full size in a new window click HERE.

Yes we all know the sadism of Muslim to sheep and to non-Muslims!

If you pray then by all means pray for this man and his family and all the other non-Muslims or apostates that suffer endlessly under Islam while we pander to every Muslim desire.

Warning - Very graphic!!  -  More videos from Animals Australia

Even better, write to the Muslim appeasing and funding Ms Gillard and every other politician you know and ask why they don’t demand full equality and freedom for ALL others ALL over the ‘Islamic world.’

Said Musa is tragically one of many.  Whole communities are under attack.

In Egypt, the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, a government body, confirmed Egypt to be an Islamic state where “the citizenship rights of non-Muslims were conditional to their abiding by the Islamic identity of the State”.  In other words Copts, the indigenous people, are not really citizens and suffer the increasing violence of the Muslim mob stirred into the usual Islamic rage by any pretext they hear.   And as with dhimmis throughout the Islamic world, the whole population suffers for any claimed ‘transgression’ or ‘offence’ to Muslims.  Indeed Egypt’s indigenous Copts (6-10million) face endless discrimination, human rights violations and religious violence.

4000 Muslims celebrated the Eid al-Adha festival by torching Coptic homes and shops.  The delightful, celebratory Muslims torched 10 homes and 65 shops.  ‘In the town of Farshoot alone, about 80 percent of Coptic businesses were destroyed.’

And the pretext for this latest outrage was a RUMOUR that a Coptic male and Muslim female were in a romantic relationship!!  Of course the authorities stepped in AFTER the damage and (supposedly) arrested ‘several’ out of over 4000 (Geller,  2010)

Iraq:  In October, a Baghdad Church was attacked killing 58.  Christians worldwide are ‘legitimate targets.’

But, just days later during the pagan hajj and just before the slaughter of Eid-al-Adha, at least four people were killed and around 25 injured (November) when roadside bombs and mortar shells targeted homes and a church in six districts across central Baghdad – all of them areas that are predominantly Christian..... An interior ministry source told Reuters, "These operations, which targeted Christians, came as a continuation of the attack that targeted the church." (Barnabas report 11/11/10)

Jews were associated with Iraq for 2500 years, long before Islam but there are no Jews allowed now.  Christians also have a long association with Iraq pre-Islam but the genocide of Christians proceeds rapidly as Muslim power increases and the world says NOTHING!!

In India those dear Muslims were also active at the end of hajj.  Hazaribagh, Nov. 13: A mob of over 2,000 attacked a police outpost here today, pelting stones and torching a DSP’s jeep and police bike, to protest against alleged inaction after Muslims complained about loudspeaker use during Chhath (Hindu) celebrations yesterday during the time of Friday prayers.  Five policemen of Pelawal police outpost were injured while 13 troublemakers have been arrested.

Yes sir, what tolerant Muslims, enraged because they heard Hindu celebrations.  And this occurred despite the fact that the police invited a representative group into the police station to state their case.   A police driver was beaten up and his jeep set alight.   A police motorbike and the bike of a journalist were also torched.

Muslim ‘objections’ were also made in Pasai and there was an altercation with Chhath devotees leading to 17 being injured. (Jaipuriar 2010)

In Pakistan over this time, a Christian woman, Asia Bibi, mother of 5 fights against a sentence to hang following a charge of blasphemy.  Asia was working in the fields over a year ago with Muslims when she was asked to bring drinking water but because she brought or touched the water, the Muslims refused to use it for it was ‘unclean.’   Some days later the Muslim mob arrived demanding she be killed for ‘blasphemy,’ claiming she defamed Mohammad which she denies.  She was arrested and has been in jail from June 2009!  Such laws are often used against religious minorities (Telegraph 2010). 15 months later she was sentenced to hang.  (To read of Muslim sadism to Pakistan's Christians see -'Pakistan’s Christians: death, rape, poverty, endless violence and discrimination.  5th August 2010  Circe)

And in Australia our Muslims demand their own unique political representation during the Eid al-Adha festival  (Chambers 2010) because, of course, they are not members of the Australian society the rest of us belong to, oh no, they are special and must have just their own special needs catered for.  They adhere to sharia and aren’t required to fit into our society as just one of its members although they are happy to use our system to gain power — No, these Islamic supremacists think they can dictate who will be in parliament and the tragic thing is that our political parties will prostitute themselves for the Islamic vote.  If we had moral parties who stood for ALL Australians they would BOTH ignore the demands of Muslims and choose non-Muslim, intelligent Australians who are working for Australia, not working for some bunch of invaders who come with their own political system to takeover and enforce their unacceptable practices and laws. 

More than 25,000 people attended the Lakemba mosque for the Eid festival.  About 4500 Sydney Muslims travelled to Mecca for the annual pilgrimage (Chambers 2010).   As Sennels (2010, also Streuning 2009) has shown, Muslims identify with Islam, not with their host country even when 2nd or 3rd generation and not religiously observant.  Their values come from the Islamic culture (Islamic religion) and differ markedly from western values  to the extent that Muslims are unable to assimilate into our society –and they don’t want  to, they want something completely different.

Sennel’s comments on Muslim ‘anger’ where aggression and rage is endorsed in Islam receives daily support from the endless rage displayed worldwide by ordinary Muslims on any pretext at all.

Labour has of course been the lackey of Islam for a long time particularly in the NSW Labor seats of Auburn, Lakemba, Liverpool, Bankstown and Canterbury .   Ms Gillard hands wealth to the Islamic world and in return gets 6000 illegal boat people so far this year, most of whom are Muslim.  How low will our political parties sink?

In Britain one completely covered in black, Muslim female just celebrated too much! A drunk Muslim female appeared in court charged for the second time with racial abuse.  First she abused a white couple and was spared jail but got a 6 month suspended sentence, now she has ‘hurled obscenities’ at an Asian policeman when he went to arrest her friend for shoplifting.  She used racist jibes, wiggled her backside at him and spat in his face.
"She was taken to Kentish Town police station, north London, where she hitched up her niqab and urinated on the floor.(Daily Express Reporter Nov 2010)

Yes what a great Eid festival – NOT.  No, it was terrifying sadism for the animals, butchered according to Islam often by do-it-yourself butchers keen for the thrill of the kill and the blood.  Yes, the blood runs in the street.

Some in the west pay to supposedly have an animal slaughtered overseas, Islamic style, and who knows where the money really goes!

Some even try to equate this with Christmas where animals are killed for the main meal but this is totally different as these animals are killed as usual for sale to shops, for a meal where meat would normally be eaten anyway.  There is certainly no religious requirement as in Islam where people or individuals get an animal and slit its windpipe and gullet (it is not essential to slit the blood vessels –it is only recommended to cut them on one side while camels are slaughtered by thrusting a knife into the base of the neck while the camel stands – Reliance of the Traveller Laws j17.4 -17.8 p 364-366) and allow an animal to die slowly bleeding to death while conscious.   A camel or cow can be sacrificed for a family (of 7), a sheep or goat only works for one person and is ‘superior’ to having a share in a camel  (Reliance of the Traveller Law J14.2 p 358) so imagine the number of animals killed -- the frenzy of killing, the sadism involved as ordinary people kill their own is an obscenity that should not be tolerated in the world!

Yes, this is horrifying enough but spare a thought for that other animal, the NON-MUSLIM HUMAN or APOSTATE from Islam, living in their ancestral lands that were invaded by Muslims who today continue the systematic genocide of the subjugated, dhimmi remnants.

Do we care about either Animal Rights or HUMAN RIGHTS?   Where are the world wide protests against Islam’s sadism to HUMANS??


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