Afshan Azad assaulted by own family

Thursday, 23 December 2010 18:32 Blue Heeler Women - Abuse

It doesn’t matter how far from the slums your family has made it. It doesn’t matter how “upper class” they are. It doesn’t matter that you achieve outstanding success in a very competitive and difficult field of endeavor. Wealth, position and privilege will not help.  What matters is you are a female and a muslim.

With that awful synchronicity of fates, yours is sealed. You are not even a half person, you have no rights that exist outside of family “honor”, your “religion” brands you as a moral stain on humanity and labels you a temptress, whore and contemptible temptation to all men, you exist for procreation and exist at the whim of all muslim males, whether they be “holy men”, “morality police”, males in the community, extended members of the family or your own flesh and blood.

In fact, your own flesh and blood will very often be the worst perpetrators of “honor” related crimes against you.

You are woman; you are muslim. You have our utmost sympathy.

Harry Potter actress Afshan Azad assaulted by own family

A British court has heard a Harry Potter actress was attacked by members of her own family for dating a non-Muslim man. Afshan Azad, 22, starred as Padma Patil, one of Harry Potter’s classmates, in four of the franchise hit movies made from the books by JK Rowling.

The Daily Mail reports that the star’s father, Abul Azad, 54, and brother, Ashraf, 28, allegedly attacked her, called a her 'prostitute' and threatened to kill her after she met with a young Hindu man. Azad reportedly escaped further assault by climbing through a bedroom window.

Azad’s brother pleaded guilty to assault, and both her father and brother were found not guilty of making threats to kill.
The court was told Azad, who lives with friends in London, would not attend the Manchester trial voluntarily. She had given a statement to the lawyer representing her father and brother which read: “I dearly love my father and brother. The proceedings have caused me no end of distress and if it goes ahead, it will make things much worse for me.”

Imagine the horror; your father and dearest brother attempting to murder you because you formed as friendship with a member of a different religion. The betrayal this young girl has suffered will never be erased, no matter what overtures her family make, I’d imagine. How could you ever look any male from your family straight in the eye and say, “I trust you; I will leave my security in your hands.”

The young woman is not alone. Islam treats all women abominably.

It’s a delicious irony for me to post something from one of Australia’s most insidious islamist apologists. When a muslim is saying it, you know there’s a lot less smoke and a whole lot more fire.

Irfan Yusuf, October 18, 2005
Let's be honest. Let's not kid ourselves. Something is rotten in the state of Islam. Over 50% of our 1.2 billion-strong faith-community are women. Yet the sad reality is that Muslim women are in chains. Go to any Muslim-majority country. Go to any Muslim community anywhere across the world. You will see the Muslim woman in chains. Some chains are made of metal. Some of culture. Some of prejudice and misogyny disguised as religion.

You don't believe me? You think I am making this up? Then answer these questions.

When a family is shamed, why is she and not her male partner the one killed as part of some strategy to retain the family's honour? Why do the village elders keep sentencing her and not him to be gang-raped? Why do they throw acid in her face when she dares work as a sex worker, but not in the faces of her clients? Why is it ok for him to have girlfriends but fatal for her to have boyfriends? Why is she regarded as loose if she proposes to marry him and not vice versa? Why do they always forbid her from the mosque but never him?

Double-standards everywhere. And often expressed and enforced using violence.

Violence against women is endemic internationally. It is believed one in three women across the world experience physical or sexual violence at some stage of their lives. Almost all experience emotional violence. But in the Muslim world and in Muslim communities, the figures are even higher. And the attitudes are indicative of the figures. (source)

Yet, astonishingly, muslim women are often the most vigorous in the defence of islam, almost as thought they have divorced the reality from fact.

It is the religion of Allah that contains ALL of the conditions that pertain to women, all of the injunctions to control, demean and punish women spring from the turgid mind of Mohamed, yet women defend the core tenets of that very same faith.

Cognitive dissonance?

I am astonished and perplexed to find that this sort of behavior is so often exonerated and excused by female muslims - (reference)

They must defend the religion, I suppose, because if it were to fail, their life would assume even more pointlessness. Thus, the very edicts that condemn them are upheld by them, as they derive what little sense of self they have from their prescribed roles inside islam. The most vicious of vicious circles.

One of AIMs goals is to usher muslims into the higher freedoms we in the west take for granted and we would like to see them freed from islam’s deadly grip.

It becomes an impenetrable and dark chasm, a veritable “mission impossible” when the victims are the most vociferous defenders of the abuse. Who can reach in and free the muslim female?

In Australia, surely this is the role of legislators, social bureaucracies and parliament?

Is freedom from violence and the threat of violence not a right that all people in this nation should enjoy?

The failure - which that statistics on muslim/female violence demonstrate clearly - is a failure of government. It is immoral and an affront to all who do live under those freedoms yet have to sit mutedly – for fear of vilification and prosecution – while their fellows suffer.

In our governments obscene determination to (at least) appear to be all things to all man – in other words, to never judge and make pronouncements on those judgments – they allow the most barbaric and uncivilized behavior to flourish, protected by “rights” advocacy and legislation.

It is not anything to glory in, that we as a nation “tolerate” all things in the name of political correctness. It is a shame; a shame that tarnishes us all and a shame that must be lifted from us, lest the blood guilt mount too high to bear.

Australian politicians – look into the face of Afshan Azad; look into her heart, her soul, look at her “sisters” enduring the same abuse here in Australia….. and act! Act for decency, act for morality, act because it is the right and proper thing to do. Anything else is evil.

To end islamic violence against women – curb islam at the mosque, in the schools, in the texts. The Koran, Sunnah and Haddith ARE hate speech, they ARE incitements to violence, they ARE arcane and barbaric. Re-write the Koran for an Australian muslim population and outlaw the archaic.