Islam's peace and tolerance: Lost in translation

Thursday, 28 June 2007 07:15 Circe Jihad - War-Violence

Islam's peace and tolerance:  Lost in translation

On the 9th of June (Heraldsun Melb) we read that a Muslim insurgent group offered Iraqi Christians the option to convert , marry their daughters to Muslim fighters (carrying out their self-improving jihad against other Iraqi's, Muslim or not!) pay the jizyah tax (levied on Jews/Christians and used for Muslims) or leave!   Remaining means certain death.  But this is not only the threat from 'insurgents', it is also the threat and practice of Sunni and Shiite groups in Iraq.  

Slaughtered Assyrian Girls
To show Assyrians  that Muslims mean business these two Assyrian Christian girls; Raphid Raad 6 and her sister Raneed 16, were shot at point blank range.

 Hindus in Bangladesh have also been given the option of conversion or death, and had their daughters raped and stolen, their homes burnt.   Remember the tortured, beheaded Christians in modern Turkey and the genocide of 1 to 1.5 million Christian Armenians.  Christian schoolgirls were beheaded in Indonesia, bombing of churches etc is frequent and in 2000/2001 many Christians were slaughtered, forced to convert and females genitally mutilated…What about Palestine where Christians suffer violence, rape, arson, vandalism and are rapidly disappearing?  In Africa Arab Muslims kill, enslave, rape and take land from black Muslims, Christians, Animists and others eg Sudan, Chad….  And those bordering Muslim countries face constant violence eg Thailand, India… Note recent riots re Salman Rushdie, don't forget those cartoons and of course those lovely placards held by Muslims in Britain promising slaughter to Jews and Britons…
The entire Islamic world, its borders and satellites in the west are bloody! 

Yet in Australia we are told Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, equality and diversity (but they kill anyone who leaves Islam!).  How long will we 'tolerate' or believe this garbage!   Clearly the words mean something different to Muslims than they mean to us!

Islam doesn't mean peace, it means SUBMIT!  Islamic peace only comes when Islam rules and others are destroyed or subjugated!
Little Bengali victim
The youngest victim from the Dhandachara village in Bangladesh 

Islamic 'tolerance' is shown when they whack you on the neck or head as you humbly pay your extra tax --the whack reminds you of their mercy in not beheading you!  After all they don't want to work so it's much better to get you to work and take your money (and your children if they want to..and anything else…).  After all, you can still practice your religion as long as you wear specially marked clothes, mark your house, don't build or repair religious buildings, don't import religious texts, don't show any sign of your religion at all including no singing…and remember, you cannot have any authority over Muslims or bear witness against them and you must give up your seat to a Muslim etc and you cannot retaliate or protest regardless of what is done to you nor can you have any 'weapons'.  Should you step out of your line of subjugation, your 'protection' is gone and you and your lot can be killed!   Yes, that's what I call real tolerance and equality (I guess it's equality for all non-Muslims, treated as scum)!

Couldn't happen here?  Why not?  The 'Islamic world' was once a diverse mix of people and religions and now it's a virtual mono-culture.  It's a testament to the strength of the human spirit that others survive at all in parts of the Islamic world.  They have been completely obliterated in some areas!  

Remember, in Islam, lying and misleading is allowed, even obligatory, if the aim is praiseworthy (promoting Islam, protecting Muslims, entrapping non-Muslims) eg Islamic text, laws -Reliance of the Traveller r8.2 (pp 744-746), r 10.3 (p748)   It's time politicians, academics, journalists and the public were made aware of Islamic taqiyya (lying) and provided with a translation of terms/words according to Islam so we are no longer fooled!