Who is to Blame?

Monday, 14 March 2011 13:19 Wendy Larkson Jihad - War-Violence

Today Al Jazeera has run a story about the killing of a journalist from their newspaper:

An Al Jazeera cameraman has been shot dead while working in eastern Libya. Ali Hassan Al Jabr from Qatar was one of three people travelling in a car when it was ambushed. The network has condemned the attack as a cowardly crime. (source) 

It is tragic when any person is killed by another. There is more that could be said, however, about the above report. The Al Jazeera cameraman was killed by a fellow Muslim. In Libya, Muslims are killing Muslims and Gaddafi’s Islamic faith has not prevented his engaging in a bloodbath on his Muslim brothers. And this is precisely what has not been said at all in the report - that a Muslim has killed a Muslim. There is no possibility of blaming anyone else as there are no foreign forces unless one counts the mercenaries Gaddafi has hired, whose number is unknown. However, the fact remains that without the chance to froth at the mouth about the west, the report of an atrocity committed by a Muslim on another [high profile] Muslim stays under-reported and its major feature goes unnoticed – that Islam does not prevent Muslims from killing fellow Muslims.