Pakistan Stoked Fire Burns Kashmir

Wednesday, 06 October 2010 04:01 Brigadier Chitranjan Sawant Jihad - War-Violence

Ms Benazir Bhutto, the slain Prime Minister of Pakistan, had written in her revised autobiographical book, Daughter of the East, that many a time the Pakistan Army generals, including Pervez Musharraf, later President of Pakistan, and Mirza Aslam Beg, former Pakistan army chief and both  Mohajirs or refugees of Indian origin, had presented her a plan to wrest Srinagar, capital of Kashmir, from India in no time if she approved of the military invasion. "What next?" that was her query. The generals assured her of a place in history of winning Kashmir and merging it with Pakistan. The generals pulled the Islamic card out and invited Ms Benazir Bhutto to celebrate merger of Kashmir with Pakistan by offering namaz in the jama masjid of Srinagar. Little did they realise that Benazir, being a woman, was not permitted to enter the portals of a mosque, what to say of offering prayers. The generals were busy building castles in the air as no ground was available to them in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Ms Bhutto said that nothing of this sort would happen as the UN Security Council would order a pull back and Pakistan would be humiliated.

The moral of the story is that the Pakistan army has been stoking fire of hatred and sedition that is burning the Kashmir valley. Of course, the discourses in mosques and teachings in madarsas also incite the common Muslim in the Kashmir valley to secede from India and join Pakistan or become independent. Independence of Kashmir is a far cry and no one, not even diehard separatists believe in its realisation. Their goal is to merge with Pakistan. Little do they realise that it was hordes of Pakistani marauders who had looted them, raped their women and burnt their artefacts in the name of Islam. An average Kashmiri is suffering from amnesia today.

Historical Himalayan Blunders

Jawaharlal Nehru is the original sinner. He wished to handle Kashmir problem himself being a Kashmiri pundit. He sidelined Sardar Patel who was the home minister and had successfully amalgamated Junagarh and later Hyderabad. Nehru had felt slighted as Muslim states had merged with India. His frail secularism felt a body blow. In return Nehru gave a body blow to India by messing up the Kashmir problem by taking it to the United Nations where the original complaint of his is still lingering. Nehru was a dreamer and was rarely in touch with the ground realities. In his misplaced enthusiasm he, under the faulty advice of Lord Mountbatten, agreed to hold a plebiscite in J&K before the merger of the State with India. The law did not require it as the Maharajah, Sir Hari Singh was competent to merge his State with India. The British were not happy about this solution and had the issue entangled in international forum. In any case, Gilgit, Chitral and the Northern Area had been offered to Pakistan by the British officers of the Maharajah’s army by inciting a revolt among the Muslim troops of the state forces and imprisoning the Hindu Dogra governor of the region. Nehru, as prime minister of India had nit even whimpered about the British complicity in ceding the Maharajah’s territory to Pakistan.

Nehru’s yes to the wily proposal of the Plebiscite was the stick with which Sheikh Abdullah would beat Nehru into submission to his sinister plans. He would frighten Nehru with the possibility of Kashmiri Muslims voting against India if the Maharajah, His Highness Sir Hari Singh was not banished from his own state that he had merged with India. On the other hand, the Nizam of Hyderabad who had waged war against India and lost, was made the Rajpramukh of his territory. He was given no punishment for his anti-Hindu and anti-India policies and pronouncements. Why? It did not suit Nehru’s secularism to punish a Muslim for his wrong doings. The Maharajah was punished under the coercion of Sheikh Abdullah to which weak-kneed Nehru succumbed time and again.

Thanks to the Indian stalwarts like Yuraj Karan Singh, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai that Sheikh Abdullah was sacked and imprisoned in 1953 and Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad was made the Prime Minister of J&K. It was Shri Bakshi who abolished the separatist policies of the wily Sheikh and brought J&K under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, the Election Commission and above all abolished a separate flag for the state. The Indian Parliament was made supreme for making laws for J&K too.He himself redesignated his post as Chief Minister and abolished the nomenclature, Prime Minister that was created by the Sheikh who dreamed to be a Sultan. Alas! The dream ship floundered on the rocks of patriotism of Indians who proved that they were true to their oath and fulfilled their pledge.

What a shame that Nehru rewarded Bakshi’s patriotism for India by having him removed from office under the fake Kamraj plan and signed an agreement with the same Sheikh who had dreamed of becoming the Sultan of Kashmir. Nehru never gave any weightage to the Jammu region or the Ladakh region as the former was Hindu dominated and the latter was Buddhist dominated. Muslims mattered alone to Nehru as they had supported him against Sardar Patel when the two were at loggerheads.

It has all along been the policy of Muslim mobs of the valley to take instructions from Pakistan and browbeat the Indian leadership with arson, violence and observing 14th August as the Independence Day with Pakistan. They invariably burnt the Indian tricolour on 15 August and hoisted black flag instead. Chief Ministers of J&K like Farouk Abdullah watched the desecration of the Indian national flag and took no action against the miscreants.

Indian Armed Forces

Three cheers to the Indian Armed Forces and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, Air Chief Marshal PV Naik, that they put their foot down on the fallacious demand of the Kashmiri Muslims to either remove the Armed Forces Special Powers Act or dilute it to the extent of making it and the armed forces a toothless tiger. The Pakistan backed plan is to lower the morale of the officers and jawans of the Indian security forces deployed in the insurgency affected areas, gradually withdraw them to the Indian side of the Madhopur bridge and open the door for the Pakistan army to walk into the valley. It is uprrising why the leaders of the National Conference and the PDP are a party to this sinister design. The present mobocracy is a part of the big Pakistan take over game plan. Pakistan wants to make a back door entry as it failed in wars against India time and again.

It is now for the Indian leadership in New Delhi to stand firm, stand united and support their armed forces. If they let down their own jawans by succumbing to pro-Pakistan pressure, they would be displaying their Achilles heel and inviting enemy to take a pot shot. Any display of misplaced sympathy for the criminal crowds and their delinquent leadership would amount to committing Harakiri. I hope old Chidambaram and his mentor Sonia Gandhi are listening and would stand firm against the enemy onslaught.

The battle has begun. If the young chief minister of J&K wishes to re-establish the authority of his govt, he should spend more time in the state instead of driving Audi cars in New Delhi. The idea of bringing in Rahul Gandhi to solve the present problems in Kashmir is preposterous. It is not a photo-opportunity where his smile is needed. It is a grave problem that has resulted from misgoverning the state both at the Srinagar level and New Delhi level. Let hard boiled politicians and seasoned armed forces officers handle and solve in the national interest without playing the vote-bank politics. No foul play please where national honour is involved. Let us fight with determination and defeat all anti-national elements. “Yudhai krit Nishchayah” so said Yogeshwar Shri Krishna motivating Arjuna to wage war that is Dharm Yudh. It is time all Indians, irrespective of caste, creed, region or religion stood united to beat the diabolic designs of Pakistan-inspired separatist-traitors.

May we be victorious !