A School trip to a Moderate Mosque

Friday, 01 October 2010 06:03 Geoff Dickson Jihad - Interfaith

Recently reported on this site is the attempt to rewrite history by the introduction of a school reference text called ‘Learning From One Another’. [see References] Those of us with children and/ or grandchildren in the Australian Education system should be alarmed by what is happening. There is a determined and deceptive system of Dawa underway to subvert the minds of young children and to give them a false impression that Islam is peaceful, and that Allah is the same God as Christians and Jews worship. This is incredibly dangerous as whoever controls history dictates the future to a large extent. We need to take action NOW to stop this Stealth Islamization of Australia through our school children.

In this article we will expose the LIES that are blatantly being told to our children on Field trips to what are called “moderate” mosques. From the video you will see how young minds are being manipulated and young boys even encouraged to pray beside the Muslim men WITHOUT the parent’s permission or knowledge.

 About the Moderate Mosque

The Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) is a mosque and cultural center for Muslims in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The current Imam is Basyouny Nehela. ISB offers daily, weekly and annual programs for Muslims including Arabic and English classes on religious and secular topics as well as a religious school for children and holiday programs. The society also organizes trips and summer camps for children and classes on Islam for non-Muslims. The society was founded in 1981 by Muslim students as a consolidation of Muslim Students' Associations at Harvard University, Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northeastern University, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Suffolk University, and Tufts University.

The Islamic Society of Boston was founded by Abdulrahman Alamoudi, who is currently serving 23 years in jail on terror charges. For years, its board of trustees included Yusuf al Qaradawi (Sharia Finance guru), the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who was banned by Bill Clinton from the United States in 1999.

Qaradawi now chairs the Muslim American Society’s university, which offers classes inside the mosque. Over half the mosque’s $15.5 million price tag was funded by wealthy Saudis and since it opened, several of its leaders, donors and members have been implicated in Islamic extremism.

About the School Trip

The video was taken on 25th May 2010 inside the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center – Boston’s controversial Saudi-funded mega-mosque – during a Wellesley Middle School social studies trip to the mosque, ostensibly taken to learn about the history of Islam first-hand. Yet the video reveals that the students are being blatantly mis-educated about Islam. A mosque spokesperson is seen teaching the children that in Mohammed’s 7th century Arabia women were allowed to vote, while in America women only gained that right a hundred years ago. Americans for Peace and Tolerance released a video showing 6th graders from Wellesley, MA as they rise from prostrating themselves alongside Muslim men in a prayer to Allah while on a public school field trip to the largest mosque in the Northeast. Teachers did not intervene.

 Issues raised in Video

The permission sheet given to parents claimed that children would examine the mosque architecture. They were not told it was pure Dawa and boys would be praying to Allah.

The spokeswoman claims that Allah is only true GOD. STOP right there. Allah is NOT the Christian God and this LIE should be stopped. We need the debate. Do Muslims worship the same God as Christians? Answer: NO.

The same spokesperson claims that women in the time of Mohammed had the ‘vote’ and American women only got the vote a few hundred years ago. Hence Islam is more advanced! (what planet is she on?)

Then, of course, just to show how ‘liberated’ women are in Islam, the men and boys sit in the front of the mosque with the women huddled at the back. The women are asked to leave before prayer time.

This ‘liberates’ women? Cognitive dissonance, anyone?

And what does Islam say about women in relation to prayer?

A prayer is annulled by a passing woman, a dog and a monkey. [Bukhari, 1.9.490, 493,498]
An ass, a woman and a black dog annuls a prayer. [Sunaan Nasai, 1.753]
A menstruating woman and a dog cuts off a prayer. [Sunaan Abu Dawud, 2.0703]

 And in the mosque an Imam encourages his audience to take up guns and swords. Sounds peaceful to me.

An Imam also encourages men to keep a whip on display in the house to let women know what will happen if they misbehave. Yes, Islam has surely liberated women.

What does Islam say about beating wives?

Women are your prisoners, treat them well, if necessary beat them but not severely. [Tirmidhi, 104]

Beat your wives if they commit sinful acts; women are captives of their husbands. [Sunaan ibn Majah, 3.1851]


It is obvious that the Muslim Brotherhood is impacting the American education system in a dangerous way, and Australia, as we know, is under similar attacks. We need to be vigilant and start an education programme ourselves, contacting politicians, Education Ministers and departments, schools through P&C Associations.

Rewriting history is looming as one of our greatest threats to the future of our country, because our children will be taught a pack of LIES if Islam has its way.

ACTION Required

We need an action group similar to the Peace and Tolerance group in America (link below).

We need to inform parents about any mosque that children may visit, and have a database of information that can be accessed on line (through the Education Department website).

  1. Who are the principals of the mosques and what criminal records they have.
  2. Where funding for the mosque comes from and links to terrorist organizations;
  3. Background information on the Imams who preach at the mosque;
  4. Clear guidelines should be established by the Education Department and Mosques punished / fined if they exceed these boundaries;
  5. We need concerned Australians to contact their local MP and Education ministers and P&C associations about the dangers of field trips to mosques.
  6. We need a public debate “is Allah the God of the Bible”? so Australians will learn the truth that Allah is NOT YHWY but Satan.
  7. Muslims must be banned from using the word God in relation to Allah. The Quran is Satan’s Bible.


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