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Wednesday, 23 March 2011 03:44 Wendy Larkson Jihad - Infiltration

Muslims are told how to vote.

Some contradictory news reports can have people wondering what has happened. Julia Gillard who said she would not introduce a carbon tax is now going to introduce one. The same Julia, who fought conservatives all her life and was allied with leftist Socialist and union politics now declares that she is a conservative. And to cap it all off - Muslims in heavy Muslim electorates have said that they are going to vote Liberal not Labor.



Is the sky falling down? No, one can be forgiven for wondering if this is an exercise in democratic politics or of ‘group’ think. Is this flip flop politics or the emergence of an iron fist under the flip flop? For one has to ask – how do Muslim leaders know that the vote will be for Liberals [where is the reference to any polling among Muslims? ] unless there has been an order from on high to Muslims to vote Liberal. Another thing, take note that this is not a vote for Liberal policies but a ‘teach you a lesson to ignore us’ type move on the part of Muslims. The LMA [Lebanese Muslim Association] has declared how they will all vote.

The LMA has declared its backing for Liberal candidates in the safe Labor seats of Bankstown, Lakemba, Canterbury, Auburn, Liverpool and Granville, electorates where the proportion of Muslim voters is as high as 17 per cent. LMA president Samier Dandan, an IT entrepreneur and onetime member of former prime minister John Howard's Muslim reference group, says the ALP has betrayed Muslim voters by failing to deliver support or services in Sydney's southwest. (source)

While it is understandable that many in NSW feel betrayed by the Labor government’s inaction in many spheres, there is something disconcerting about the above quoted facts. One has to ask - has every woman in a burka been ‘told’ how to vote? Has every fella been told too? Where? In a mosque? Note that the equivalent statement would be that the Italian Catholics have declared they are all going to vote Liberal’ or ‘Bishop Jenson/ Cardinal Pell/ the Baptist Union/ the Buddhist Association has declared it backing for the Liberal/Labor/Greens or whatever party. Can you imagine the religious groups saying such a thing? No. Why? Because the religious groups here believe in the freedom of conscience to vote as one wills – that freedom is such a treasured right that it would be considered coercion to push a person to vote in a particular way.

True political debate concerns POLICIES and not policies only for ONE group but for the body politic, the general well being of the ENTIRE nation. Is this of central concern to the LMA?

Note the comment further on

It is the first time in an Australian election that Muslim voters have sought to flex political muscle, which is substantial in electorates where as many as one in six constituents are Islamic. (source)

Now we get to the nub of the matter. This is an attempt to ‘flex political muscle’ because that has been the aim all along. So the vote for the Liberals is just a temporary measure – just a warning to Labor to spruce up their act and start delivering to the Muslims - that is remember, less than 2% of the Australian population. They are really getting in early.