The Trojan Horse in Liberal Democracies

Monday, 24 January 2011 05:31 Klara Jihad - Infiltration

In the 5th century AD, a series of barbarian invasions took place all over Europe. The invaders were armed, fierce in reputation and in action. They spread all over the European continent, even to North Africa, where the city of Carthage was captured by the Vandals(*). Words like ‘Vandals’ have entered our vocabulary to qualify any anti-social behavior. Invasions are not only a question of territory; they are always related to faith and what people believe. Note that it is not about God but about doctrine.

The word ‘invasion’ is also defined as an act of encroaching and trespassing upon the rights or possessions of others. Some invasions are made legal as a matter of fact due to the weakness of the local population. Others are fought back in counter attacks. Wherever invasions are successful, it is due to deficiencies, possibly divisions, of the nation being invaded. 

 Australian history is the perfect example. A huge continent is considered uninhabited by the invaders. The local powerless minority, the Aboriginals, do not constitute a real threat to the new occupiers due to their armed superiority. Today, Australia has only 22 million inhabitants. Remember the words of Australian Prime Minister John Curtin: “Populate or perish”.

It seems the world widely agrees that a land belongs to the people that occupy it last. In the 21st century, Judeo-Christian values of the forefathers and founders of Australia are slowly disappearing, to be replaced with ideologies, political correctness, human rights, egalitarian and utopian ideals. The belief in a supernatural and unique Creator, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, is weakening as Christians and Jews slowly lose their grip on social and political issues.

Thus we are faced with an invasion of another kind. It is slow, deceiving and resembles the Trojan horse stratagem that allowed the Greeks to enter the city of Troy in Virgil's epic poem, “The Aeneid”.

Our current situation is not epic or fictional. It is a fact of life, and if you have not yet noticed it in Australia, I urge you to visit any European country to see for yourself. Our urban security is declining with an insidious and slow invasion by cultures that do not adhere to our democratic values and way of life.

In my own country, France, there are already numerous no-go urban zones where no French person, including the police in their right mind, enters. The media has stopped reporting on hundreds of cars burnt on a regular basis throughout France. Shop windows are smashed for no apparent reason. Schools and educational facilities are set on fire when police arrest some Arabo-French member of a hooligan gang. Our government’s response to such encroachment and vandalism is to give them permission to practice their faith in the streets of our cities, undisturbed and against French law.

Lack of authority and faith, lack of power is characteristic of a society of compromise. Compromises for what, I ask? Compromise for a relative and latent peace deal with hooligans? The troublemakers are mainly second generation Arabs living in France and adhering to an ideology called Islam. As a reminder, I would like to state that the Coran does not give equality to women, not in marriage, not in testimony, not in matters of inheritance, where the man gets a double share. The Coran allows Moslems to hide the truth from infidels, i.e us, Christians and Jews and any culture that does not adhere to their beliefs. Steal something and your hand is to be cut off. It is called sharia law, which is already in use in the UK and in our ‘tolerant’ western nations.

Thanks to abundant financial bribing of the Western officials by Middle East extremist Islam, we see a general consensus by governments to appease, even sympathize with the Moslem world, too weak and unable to resist their never ending demands.

There are consequences to actions although sometimes consequences appear rather late. At the end of the 70s, whilst Europe was enjoying Woodstockian free love and imagining John Lenon’s postmodernist free world, France was giving asylum to the Ayatollah Khomeini in Neauphle le Chateau, outside Paris at the expense of the French nation.

Welcome to France

Iran and the regime of Ahmedinedjad is the direct product of this ayatolian influence, which toppled the Shah of Iran and established a fundamentalist, proselytizing, violent theocratic Islam worldwide. At the end of the 19th century, Nietzche said: “God is dead.” The God of hate, the God of fear, the God of terror, the God of pride is not dead. I quote from a commentary By Emanuel A. Winston, Mid East Analyst & Commentator:

“As radical Islam moves to control the world (as they religiously vow to do), the West collapses in spirit and purpose. But first, they wish to offer the Muslims a begging appeasement by giving the Jewish Nation/State over into their hands.”

Make no mistake, the moment we give more to the new occupiers, the more they will demand. This is how some popular Australian chocolate is now branded Halal for a minority not for the majority. In France pork is not served in schools or public canteens in order to please the Moslem minority.

Gaza is no longer limited to a territory near the state of Israel, Gaza is a Trojan horse in all liberal democracies and these enclaves will continue to grow in territory and in numbers if we do not resist the ‘free entry’ policies of our compromising governments.

If you wish to obtain photos of regular riots in French cities or any links on the internet, please let me know. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Editor’s note:

* The city was captured after a brief siege in 439; Vandal leader Genseric made it his capital, and proclaimed himself the King of the Vandals.