Refugees make great neighbours!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011 17:02 Cassandra Jihad - Infiltration

(Hat tip to anonymous Korean Church member)

Many of its congregants are dismayed that the Uniting Church has strayed so far from Christian principles that it is virtually unrecognizable as a Church. One Uniting Church minister attracts huge audiences by throwing the Ten Commandments overboard. Barney Zwartz reports:

Cleric Francis Macnab of St Michael's Uniting Church on Collins Street, is hoping to start a new faith that moves away from an interventionist God.

"THE TEN Commandments, one of the most negative documents ever written." With that provocative claim posted high over two city streets, controversial cleric Macnab launched "a new faith for the 21st century", a faith beyond orthodox Christianity. 

 Macnab says Abraham is probably a concoction, Moses was a mass murderer and Jesus Christ just a Jewish peasant who certainly was not God. In fact, there is no God, in the usual sense of an interventionist deity - what we strive for is a presence both within and beyond us.

According to Macnab, the new faith transcends denominations and religions. It is about searching, not dogma. It seeks the good, the tender and the beautiful, and finds it in Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism, Christianity and Judaism.

He said the Ten Commandments were full of what people could not do, and were given by a patriarchal figure, Moses, who was a mass murderer. The Bible records that Moses killed 3000 Israelites who worshipped the Golden Calf.

Until 1900, people believed in heaven above, earth, and hell below. "We have given up that idea. He's no longer the God up there, an interventionist God. We can all feel a presence beyond ourselves and are trying to get in touch with the presence better than ourselves. It's trying to bring a more humanitarian understanding."

Dr Macnab has been at St Michael's, where he is minister for life, since 1971. (source)

Seems to me that if you jettison the Ten Commandments, on which much of our laws are based, you end up with a sort of mushy moral equivalence, with no good and evil. And by the way, I defy anyone to find “the tender and the beautiful” in Islam.

Others in the Uniting Church have indiscriminately embraced multiculturalism. Deepdene Uniting Church became a Cross Cultural Congregation in 2008 when they merged with the predominantly Korean congregation from South Hawthorn.

Nothing wrong with that, as Christianity is multiethnic and is particularly strong among Koreans. But my source reveals a deep unhappiness with the leadership’s politicising of Christianity and its embrace of Islam under the guise of multiculturalism.

Deepdene’s links include:

Asylum Seekers Project-Hotham Mission

St Michaels on Collins - Melbourne

Islamic Council of Victoria

So it should have come as no surprise when the local paper revealed:

REFUGEES will be moved into church accommodation, including in Balwyn and Deepdene, under a plan to remove families from detention.
Australian Red Cross will undertake a lead role in care arrangements, under the Federal Government’s plan to bring families with children and unaccompanied minors to Australia. Acting chief executive Michael Raper said the first group of vulnerable people would be settled in the community in coming weeks.
“Asylum-seekers and vulnerable migrants, many of whom have fled persecution, torture and threats of death, are undoubtedly among those most in need in our community,” Mr Raper said.
“While these asylum-seekers are still having their claims for protection assessed, Red Cross anticipates strong support from community members and volunteers, given their vulnerability, and the fact that most have suffered and survived extreme hardships to end up here.”
Hotham Mission Asylum-Seeker Project director Caz Coleman confirmed some refugees would be accommodated in Boroondara but said she could not reveal exact locations. “It’s understandable that people are asking questions but any person in the Australian community has a right to privacy. We don’t advertise people’s addresses,” Ms Coleman said.
“This group is very low-risk; they’re more likely to be compliant and well-behaved.”

Somehow, I’m not reassured by Coleman’s statement that the group are low-risk, having seen the results of other Western countries welcoming Islamic refugees. I’m also not happy that we are not allowed to know where such people will be housed, so at least we could be on our guard. I bet Coleman supported Assange on the grounds of people’s right to know, yet doesn’t seem to think ordinary Australians have the right to know about who will be imposed on their neighbourhood.

Still, political correctness dictates that we must praise all multicultural attempts, however ridiculous. One such advocate is teacher Anthony Risson, who has come up with a Shaping the Future competition, won this year by two Hartwell Primary School students, who presented a “Checker-board”, representing peace and harmony. Risson said the competition was about finding students’ attitudes about the world and that he was “impressed with the students’ understanding of current issues, and the opinions they had already developed about politics, defence and social justice.”

Hmm, I wonder where such young students could have learned such attitudes and “understanding”!

Risson was also involved in another project recently:

PEACE is the word at Hartwell Primary School. Grade five and six students took part in International Day of Peace, which was organised by the Burwood and District Inter-Church Council, and were invited to draw or write about the meaning of peace. ``Some of the children had a brilliant concept, and their work was really well done,'' said Hartwell minister Anthony Risson. (source)

And would you believe it – Risson is a Pastor at the Burwood Uniting Church!

Australians are the warmest and most hospitable people, but they must not be forced by those who are hostile to our Judeo-Christian values and culture – Uniting Church Ministers - to take in those who are hostile to our Judeo-Christian values and culture - Muslims.