Ameer Ali's son involved in Sex-for-Marks scandal

Sunday, 05 September 2010 14:35 Dan Zaremba Jihad - Infiltration

But ... it's not really about the son.

Dr Nasrul Ameer Ali, son of a prominent Australian Islamist Dr Ameer Ali, was fired from his academic position at Murdoch University for trying to get sexual favours from his female students in exchange for higher or simply "pass" marks.

MURDOCH University yesterday sacked an academic it hired last year.
At the time of hiring, the university had been oblivious to the fact that he was under investigation as a sexual predator of students at another Perth university.

 The mysterious part of the story is that Dr Ali was fired from Murdoch University for something he did at Curtin University.

Please note the remark: "the university had been oblivious to the fact that he was under investigation as a sexual predator...".

Why was the University unaware about Dr Ali's endeavours?

He (Murdoch's senior deputy vice-chancellor Gary Martin) was "very disappointed" his university was not told of the Curtin probe last year when Dr Ali became a candidate for a job in the business school. (source)

Apparently the official findings of the Corruption and Crime Commission were released only a few days ago and Curtin University was under a non-disclosure order until the findings were made official.

Corruption and Crime Commission report released yesterday delivered five opinions of serious misconduct against former Curtin academic Nasrul Ali for pressuring four female overseas students for sexual favours in return for higher marks. (source)

Here comes the juicy part of the story.

After losing his job as a lecture in finance at Curtin Business School young Dr Ali found new employment as a lecturer in finance under the wings of Dr Ali Senior at the Murdoch Business School!

Please do not tell me that his papa was not aware about his son's problems.

Of course Dr Ameer ALi knew about the investigation but for him, as for every good Muslim, the first duty is to take sides with fellow Muslims, and especially when the fellow Muslim happens to be his own son.

Even now, when approached by the media Dr Ali Senior was not apologetic about the whole issue:

His father, Dr Ameer Ali, who also works as lecturer at Murdoch University, told that the report allowed for "no natural justice".
"It's their word against him. There was no recommendations made, they just took the students' word and that was it," Dr Ali senior said.

Please note the term used by Dr Ali Senior - "natural Justice".

It is very important because for a good Muslim the term is equivalent to Sharia (the Path) and under Sharia his sonny would never be even considered guilty of anything as the Kuffar CANNOT even testify against Muslims.

Indeed, uncovered infidel "cats' meat" could not testify against Dr Ameer’s precious Muslim son. under the True Path (Sharia).

Dr Ameer Ali Senior is a darling of our home grown multicultural crowd; academics, politicians and the media.
You see, he is moderate!

He stated publicly that Muhammad the last prophet of Allah might have had some vices. (reference)

He even (Allah forbid) spoke out against the burqa! (reference)

And of course he is a learned academic, who specialises in business and finance ... and .. oh .. he's so articulate!

In a word – he is an Australian-Muslim success story!



Dr Ameer Ali is a cunning Islamist whose strategy follows the Muslim Brotherhood manual for "world dominance".

Many Australian journalists just don’t ‘get it’ as they don’t really understand how Islam works.

Dr Ali’s statements about Muhammad and the burqa are classical taqiya gambits and to make sure - totally inconsequential to those whose hearing is rightly attuned.

As an "academic" he is in fact not in "finance" business but in ISLAMIC finance business.

He is, I am afraid, yet another career Muslim employed by our gullible university authorities just to have a "domesticated", "pet" Muslim on show. His only qualifications are - being a Muslim and an ability to express himself without calling for Jihad in every second sentence.

Dr Ali should not be underestimated.

He is now in a position of power and influence (and this is what matters to him). His advice is sought by politicians, he is automatically selected to various council and government bodies and he promotes Islam tirelessly, whispering soft, kind words to politicians’ ears, - words which they want to hear.

Please remember he is the executive council member of the World Muslim League, the same League which has been named on a number of occasions in regards to the financing of terrorism.. (see this LINK ), and the testimony of Dore Gold before a US Senate hearing (LINK ).

Sometimes he lets his guard down. Like when he snapped about the "natural justice" or when he wanted Hezbollah taken off the terrorist list. (reference). This is when the true Ameer Ali, who is full of hate and disdain for the Kuffar becomes visible through his camouflage.

This why I took the opportunity to point out that the real danger to Australia comes from people like him (and his darling son) and not from people like Feiz Muhammad.

He is a true wolf in sheep's clothing.